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  1. classicalthunde

    The State of Black Tie: Your Observations

    Just one man's opinion, but not a fan of this look...lapels look far to aggressive especially considering the amount of real estate the white shirt is occupying and how tight/fitted the jacket silhouette seems. Maybe if you had 2-3 other black tie rigs this could have a place in the wardrobe as...
  2. classicalthunde

    The Watch Appreciation Thread - Part two (Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger LeCoultre,

    Mine is set to Ireland/GB time since I have family over there it helps out with the texting/phone call scheduling so I'm not bugging them too late
  3. classicalthunde

    The State of Black Tie: Your Observations

    from my notes/tracking doc its Schofield and Smith 8930 (black) or 8929 (midnight). Both are 340g, and I believe they are 1% cashmere...
  4. classicalthunde

    [NYC] Enzo Custom Suit - How's the fit?

    I was a 46/48, so I sort of understand...the good thing about SuitSupply is that even if they don't have anything in your size in stock at the store their sizing online goes up to 50 I believe and you could get it altered by them. If and when you're ready to splurge on custom again, I'd highly...
  5. classicalthunde

    [NYC] Enzo Custom Suit - How's the fit?

    Check out: The Armoury (high end) J. Press (mid tier) Suit Supply (low end) You could also mail order Spier and Mackay, order 2 nearest sizes and then choose and alter
  6. classicalthunde

    Unfunded Liabilities: a/k/a The Cloth Thread

    any idea which bunch to focus on? I'm not too well versed in linen fabrics...is ~350g per running meter a good weight if I want it to rumple rather than wrinkle?
  7. classicalthunde

    Navy Blazer Travel Tropicals – Fox Air, Standeven Explorer, Fresco III 14/15, Finmeresco, et cetera

    I have a length of this hopsack on deck for a blazer...unfortunately, I believe the mill has closed...
  8. classicalthunde

    Unfunded Liabilities: a/k/a The Cloth Thread

    they do a couple of limited runs at a time...normally somewhere between 2-3 per season
  9. classicalthunde

    Unfunded Liabilities: a/k/a The Cloth Thread

    Does the LL still offer their linen books? Is there a reference number/name for the second lighter tan one?
  10. classicalthunde

    Unfunded Liabilities: a/k/a The Cloth Thread

    Doesn't Dugdale sell them for Marling and Evans now? I wonder if you could email Dugdale and see if you could purchase a length directly. I was able to get a length directly from M&E before that transition to Dugdale, it was dirt cheap
  11. classicalthunde

    The Alden Buy, Sell, Trade (B/S/T) Thread

    I would also note that this particular thread (Alden B/S/T) is basically only for posting Alden's for sale, posting inquiries for Aldens, and discussing things like sizing, etc. There's a larger specific Alden thread here...
  12. classicalthunde

    Official: STAR WARS THREAD. These are the droids you're looking for. **WARNING MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS

    SW continuity and retcon debacles aside, I think we often malign as 'making it up as you go' as being inherently worse than having it all planned out from the get go but there are plenty of examples where writing as you go works out great (Breaking Bad) and other examples of where pre-planned...
  13. classicalthunde

    The Alden Buy, Sell, Trade (B/S/T) Thread

    I would also say a fair number of these are not stocked items and are most likely part of a pre-order and probably also not eligible for return due to that as well To be honest, all of that works out in my favor since Alden MSRP is a bit rich for my blood these days...so I don't mind being able...
  14. classicalthunde

    The Alden Buy, Sell, Trade (B/S/T) Thread

    From my understanding most of the items for sale on here have been worn a handful of times and are therefore not eligible for return. Furthermore, a lot of these shoes will show signs of wear (leather creases, scuffed soles) after a single wear session. Not fair to consumers for retailers to...
  15. classicalthunde

    Unfunded Liabilities: a/k/a The Cloth Thread

    LP used to have a great site for viewing swatches but they recently put it behind a username/password login. I don't understand why some groups make it tough to view their collection online...
  16. classicalthunde

    Unfunded Liabilities: a/k/a The Cloth Thread

    As mentioned above, 99.5% of GenPop wouldn't know, and I would bet in context that 90% of SF dudes wouldn't realize in an IRL context. Generally speaking, the three main give aways are texture (both seem to be decent here but the sport coat does have more), sheen (at least in this picture, the...
  17. classicalthunde

    Double Breasted Style.

    6 meters, holy cow!
  18. classicalthunde

    The State of Black Tie: Your Observations

    My rule of thumb is once the lights go up, the tie gets undone Sinatra-style to show the plebs that I can tie an actual bow tie...
  19. classicalthunde

    Ongoing Bespoke Projects

    oooh, maybe I'll consider this for my next commission with Divij! next one on deck is a formal-ish business style navy suit.

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