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  1. simian

    Best budget MTM/RTW tailor in London (under £1000)

    Whitcomb and Shaftesbury operate at a higher price point - closer to £2,000 than £1,000 for suits. I suggest taking a look at Christopher Childs - he takes your measurements and gets the suits done from an Italian house (don't know which one). High quality in fit and finish, price just a bit...
  2. simian

    French Tailoring Thread (e.g. Camps de Luca, Cifonelli, Smalto and etc.)

    I suggest going through the instagram of @SeamasterLux . Lots of pics. I tried them on his recommendation.
  3. simian

    French Tailoring Thread (e.g. Camps de Luca, Cifonelli, Smalto and etc.)

    Sorry for the late reply. I have made several items from Stark and Sons in the last one year (the latest was just before the summer holidays). Two suits, one blazer and trousers, one sport coat and trousers. My impression is very positive in terms of the both what they make and the quality...
  4. simian

    Gaziano & Girling Appreciation & Shoe Appreciation Thread (including reviews, purchases, pictures)

    I agree completely. The folks at the store are very professional, and have always done the right thing by me. That said, I've never had a problem buying from the website (including the flash sale), so the experiences others have had are surprising. There should be no compromises at G&G's price...
  5. simian

    Gaziano & Girling Appreciation & Shoe Appreciation Thread (including reviews, purchases, pictures)

    The post got me thinking about the number of pairs of shoes that a G&G afficianado should have. I was discussing this with Neus and she said that it should be 20. I have 10 and am struggling to wear them all (with all the others that I have). So, here's the question (two questions, I guess): how...
  6. simian

    english shoes quality heirachy

    This is entirely my experience as well, so I could not agree more. A couple of observations - Between AS and C&J: I think AS's shoes are better made. But I find their limited range to be frustrating. - I'm really impressed with my pair of Loake shoes. I'd easily rate them - a pair of 1880 (or...
  7. simian

    Gaziano & Girling Appreciation & Shoe Appreciation Thread (including reviews, purchases, pictures)

    I received a pair of Warwick decos today and could not be happier. And I still can't believe it was 50% off (well not quite once you include the shoe trees, but still). Re the various points made above. I called them yesterday, and they were extremely courteous. At the last minute - after I...
  8. simian

    Northampton factory shops

    I didn't keep any notes, the visits were not really planned, they just happened. It occurred to me when visiting the EG shop this week that I could perhaps find a way of sharing my experiences. So, I can't answer your question with much more precision than the numbers above. Here's what I...
  9. simian

    Northampton factory shops

    There are quite a few posts on factory shops here. My wife and I have been visiting some of the shops in the past weeks and thought I would share my experiences. I live about and hour-and-some from that area, and visited one shop at a time. We tried to make a day our of the visit - looking up...
  10. simian

    [POLL] GG I GMTO narrowing.

    Stopped by the London store, got sized for the Deco last, and signed up for a pair of Gable and a pair of Caldwell. I look forward to receiving them.
  11. simian

    [Poll] Gaziano Girling I GMTO Model

    Can we please move forward with a revised / shorter list? I for one would be quite interested in the Gable leather sole and/or Caldwell leather sole.
  12. simian

    [Poll] Gaziano Girling I GMTO Model

    Two questions regarding the GMTO The choice seems to have narrowed to six options. What will be available for GMTO: only the option with the largest number of votes, or any option that crosses a threshold of 10 votes? I'm not sure of my fit in the Deco last. If the Caldwell becomes available for...
  13. simian

    Good Natured Advice Thread (improving a business wardrobe)

    Around $ 25-50, I'd imagine. I've done quite a few of similar alterations (actually, taking the waist in) with Manuel's Custom Tailors, Stevens Creek Blvd., just down the road from Valley Fair. Does a good job and is very responsive to requests.
  14. simian

    John Smedley

    I stopped by the factory store recently and came off with quite a haul of v-neck, vest, etc. All of the merino wool, around 50% off or thereabouts. My wife OTOH was less pleased with her purchases. I thought the products in wool were very good (and excellent fit for a slim guy like me); the...
  15. simian

    Shopping in Paris

    Sales ("soldes") do happen twice a year, and are not that impressive, certainly not compared to what one gets in the US stores. There is generally not much of a sales culture in France. What you can hope for is this: develop a relationship with owner(s) of smaller boutiques (at least in...
  16. simian

    Europe trip

    Slight quibble on the Arthur & Fox recommendation. From 2001 onward, they constituted my go-to store. Almost everything I bought until 2012 has been very well made and well worth the money. Several items I've bought since 2013 have had quality issues such as bad stitching, buttonholes that...
  17. simian

    Good Natured Advice Thread (improving a business wardrobe)

    I recently bought this tie from Henry Carter. I'm trying to think outside navy suit, burgundy shoes. Suggestions about pairing - suit, shirt - would be much appreciated.
  18. simian

    Frui Tie SF Group Buy (interest check)

    Sorry to hear that. I'm grateful that at least the UK folks got our orders. Thanks for that, and thanks for organizing the buy.
  19. simian

    An Interview with B&Tailor

    My impression was that more than the costs, the time makes it prohibitive. They seemed fairly stretched in the 10 days I was there, and my sense was that they have all the business they can handle. Unless they expand in a meaningful way, it's difficult to see how they can visit UK/US on a...
  20. simian

    Alterations tailor San Francisco/East Bay/North Bay

    Manuel's custom tailoring - Stevens Creek Blvd, down the road from Valley Fair. He's altered several pairs of trousers and one SC of mine. Decent results, a bit unreliable in delivery dates.

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