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  1. GY!BE

    Generic Man sneakers....??

    i have a pair of savants in whiskey that i have worn once. what size are you? 9.5 in vans or sperrys I dont know generic man sizing LETS SEE SOME PIX MISTER
  2. GY!BE

    Generic Man sneakers....??

    not sneakers, but i really want to pick up some generic man savants in whisky... and the chukkas are nice
  3. GY!BE

    PSA Alternative Apparell @ 99 Cent Stores In California

    Since we're on the topic of Alternative apparel I was wondering if anyone had a similar fit experience... I tried on a size small blank t, and the neck hole dipped low in the front and was loose and not flattering, the fit was boxy, shoulders fit too small and it tented horribly in the back...
  4. GY!BE

    Gucci sneakers what do you think?

    the are so much ugly
  5. GY!BE

    PSA Alternative Apparell @ 99 Cent Stores In California

    yeah because alt. apparel SUCKS where at in CA. thought... I'll still pick some up at that price haha
  6. GY!BE

    (Old) What Are You Wearing Now/Today? Part II - pictures only - no discussion

    wmmk^ IMO bowties +thrifted heavy framed glasses look too costumey, I think the look would really benefit from a nice tie rather than dealing with the 'forced chic' that a highschooler in a bowtie incurs, I like the blazer+shirt combo however
  7. GY!BE

    American Apparel vs. Alternative Apparel

    The only time I ever tried on an alt. apparel tee, it fit horribly, AA is really inconsistent with fits but I still wear aa when I wear tees
  8. GY!BE

    (Old) What Are You Wearing Now/Today? Part II - pictures only - no discussion

    everyone, dont forget to go to domindart's myspace, and then check out his dance videos on youtube (search 'brent morrison') This guy is the ultimate enigma
  9. GY!BE


  10. GY!BE

    (Old) Ask a Question, Get an Answer - please ask all quick questions here

    aks birdman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Bukc...eature=related
  11. GY!BE

    (Old) What Are You Wearing Now/Today? Part II - pictures only - no discussion

    dear sonic voodoo, are you a professional hard ass? thats the vibe i get from your photos, good stuff
  12. GY!BE

    What the hell is up with this place?

    IMHO I think there should be a function where, before someone gets to post a thread it automatically shows threads of a similar nature based on searching other thread titles and it doesn't let you post unless you ARE SURE the question hasnt already been covered secondly it should be 100 posts...
  13. GY!BE

    People who grab you by your clothing

    its one of my pet peeves when people pull on my clothes, yeah. But it doesn't happen often.
  14. GY!BE

    Jean Seperation Anxiety

    Today I had to send my SExSC06s off to have a crotch repair and to get them hemmed with a chainstitch.. and I miss them already. These jeans... were a part of me. A part of my life. From the gigantic crotch bulge to the unique back pocket fades. All me. I wore an old pair of Rag & Bones today...
  15. GY!BE

    Ande Whall Denim

    FINALLY someone posts some decent cougar fit pics, and I must say I'm really impressed. I'll Have to split part of my paycheck with ande sometime soon
  16. GY!BE

    (Old) What Are You Wearing Now/Today? Part II - pictures only - no discussion

    No I think there is too much as well. How much do you think I should take off? This is my first pair of real jeans so I don't really know what's up with the stacking. Edit: Thanks for the comments on the boots. My favorite thing I've picked up the past few months. maybe hem them up an inch...
  17. GY!BE

    (Old) What Are You Wearing Now/Today? Part II - pictures only - no discussion

    Everything is really new. In regards to pulling up the jeans, is that because they have too much stacking or do they look unnatural on my waist. Thanks for your comments. it might be partly because of the angle as well, but it looks like just a littleeee bit too much stacking, but im sure there...

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