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    Enzo Bonafe Handmade Shoes.

    My first pair of EB's! Inspired (OK, copied) by I think a member on here who has a great boot collection. Ordered through Gaurav who runs shopmehra (https://www.shopmehra.com/). Can highly recommend dealing with Gaurav - super helpful and great attention to detail. On 804 last and with...
  2. G

    Enzo Bonafe Handmade Shoes.

    A lovely solid but smart looking boot. Shame I've got an MTO in progress already elsewhere.
  3. G

    Enzo Bonafe Handmade Shoes.

    Everyone, I'm interested in a MTO Enzo Bonafe inspired by this boot. I really would like the welt cut close to the boot and so thinking no storm welt, leather sole, vibram protector. My thinking is that these should make the welt cutting how I'd like it. Are they connected in that way? I...
  4. G

    Enzo Bonafe Handmade Shoes.

    Hi Thomas, I've an interest in a pair of Enzo Bonafe boots being made and with the 804 last, do you find it too elongated? The photos make it look so, but maybe just a consequence of a wide angle lens. How do they look from eye height looking downwards? Cheers Graham
  5. G

    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    Quick question....first ever "better quality" shoes were this pair of meermin loafers. Honestly, I have worn them 6 times (realised I am just not a loafer type), including at two evening parties (so imagine dancing). Would you expect the leather soles to look like this already? Would you...
  6. G

    Boots Boots Boots - For Boot Guys Only

  7. G

    Boots Boots Boots - For Boot Guys Only

    Hi, Do you mind if I ask which last? Soller? Thanks, Graham
  8. G

    Enzo Bonafe Handmade Shoes.

    Thanks for the knowledge guys! Graham
  9. G

    Enzo Bonafe Handmade Shoes.

    Hi Stephenaf2003, Can I ask you a question about Bonafe boots and welt width, the amount of welt visible over the shoe? Your boots just posted, the loafers posted by Jamesbond1 in the post above on April13th, your Russian grain bourbon shell boots before that all have a welt cut close to the...
  10. G

    Made in Spain Footwear, including TLB Mallorca, Cobbler Union, Yanko, Norman Vilalta, etc

    Folks, I was thinking of having a pair of Artista 140 boots (sort of like the EG Galway) made in dark brown suede on Goya last. Few questions: 1) Would the combination of boot type, suede and slimness of the Goya last be a contradiction and make the boot less versatile? 2) In the past I've...
  11. G

    Gaziano & Girling Appreciation & Shoe Appreciation Thread (including reviews, purchases, pictures)

    Hello everyone, Mind if I ask a sizing question? I'm interested in buying a used,in excellent condition Arran chukka...size 8E (UK), MH71 last. No access to try them on. I have a high instep and narrow heels. Own the following (all UK sizes) - with fit comments: Zonkey Boot, Classic last...
  12. G

    Made in Spain Footwear, including TLB Mallorca, Cobbler Union, Yanko, Norman Vilalta, etc

    Just wanted to share my experience with TLB Mallorca....a great experience! I saw that TLB Mallorca some time back made a saddle derby shoe for Yeossal, a Singaporean outfitter, and Yeossal had none in my size. This shoe is not in the current offering from TLB. I reached out to Toni to ask if...
  13. G

    Made in Spain Footwear, including TLB Mallorca, Cobbler Union, Yanko, Norman Vilalta, etc

    Folks, I'm after some leather and other advice regarding my first MTO, with TLB. I want a derby shoe (Oliver or Goya last) that fits in a "smart casual" rather than formal category. So, with some brogue patterns. I will wear with chino's, flannel, wool trousers and occasionally denim. I...
  14. G

    Enzo Bonafe Handmade Shoes.

    Hello all, I'm thinking of a boot MTO and wonder if anyone has images of a boot (e.g 3824, "jumper") in the 74945 last not by itself but when work with trousers, in profile/side-on? The last seems to have a bulge above the mid-foot and just wondering how that translates to how they look when...
  15. G

    The Official Carmina Sizing Thread

    Hi Guys, I'm interested in derby boot and own no Carmina. Looking for advice on fit of rain, soller, robert lasts and any others suited to my foot shape. I have a narrow heel, high arch/instep and foot is widest at the ball of the foot. I own... Zonkey Boot, Chukka boot, 7E ...Best fit, not...
  16. G

    Enzo Bonafe Handmade Shoes.

    Many thanks for your input! Totally understand how leather can vary batch to batch, year to year. Is it a certain shade of "Betis"? I have seen recent MTO's that use "Betis Castagna" but not this red-brown shade. Has Skoaktiebolaget been involved in any recent MTO's with this colour of...
  17. G

    Enzo Bonafe Handmade Shoes.

    I'm compiling a mental "wish list" of shoes that may be purchased over the coming years and I wonder if the Enzo Bonafe aficionados in this forum could tell me what leather the shoe is under "norvegese" on the EB homepage (https://www.enzobonafe.com/) - it's reproduced a lot darker here than on...
  18. G

    Boots Boots Boots - For Boot Guys Only

    Everyone, I'm intrigued by some rough-out boots. These made by George Cleverley (and everything I've read means they're really made by someone else for George Cleverley)...
  19. G

    Carlos Santos Shoes - Feedback & Appreciation

    Hi All, I wonder if anyone has bought these field boots via Mehra, in Vancouver? Is the lighter suede a good choice bearing in mind these would be used by me in Winter? More versatile to get a dark brown suede? I mainly wear darker trousers in winter and have some lovely pebble-grained...
  20. G

    St. Crispin's Appreciation Thread

    "BColl_Has_Too_Many_Shoes "..... Many thanks for your considered reply. I agree with you on extreme contrasts, guess I am just smitten with the shoes I linked to! I have some snuff suede split toe derby's, so going to see how they look with the lighter winter trousers. I always viewed...

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