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Search results

  1. NewYorkBuck

    The State of Black Tie: Your Observations

    I wore a morning suit for my wedding last year. Wish I had more occasion to wear it since.....
  2. NewYorkBuck

    80 degrees too hot for a lightweight gray wool suit?

    The Hollywood icons of the 40s and 50s used to wear 12+ oz suits in the dead of summer, and while they probably weren't cool as cucumbers, they looked spectacular doing so. So yes, a lightweight grey is fine for 80 degrees.
  3. NewYorkBuck

    How many shirts do you own?

    Prob somewhere around 60
  4. NewYorkBuck

    Stuff Styleforvm overrates

    Pantherella socks - are more expensive, last less long, and look no better than anything from Gold Toe. Derek Rose nightwear. See no difference between anything they put out vs something from JC Penney, yet they charge 20 times the amount. Zimmerli underwear. Same deal. Many multiples the...
  5. NewYorkBuck

    Which clothing brand impresses the ladies the most?

    In my experience, the brand that will attract the ladies is anything by Self Confidence. It can be from either their bold or subdued lines......
  6. NewYorkBuck

    What Movies Are You Watching Lately

     These are great movies, if you are a 9 year old boy.......
  7. NewYorkBuck

    Do you wear an undershirt? Why?

     Glad someone finally said it.....
  8. NewYorkBuck

    Do you wear an undershirt? Why?

     Yes. Undershirts are underwear for your upper body, boxers are underwear for your lower body.
  9. NewYorkBuck

    NYC Summer Suit material

    For me, the weave has been more important in keeping cool. I have some quite lightweight worsteds that are so tightly woven that they are very hot.
  10. NewYorkBuck

    Can I wear a khaki, linen, 3 piece suit/tux to high school prom?

    The "boring" black tux exists in its current state for a reason. Its simple, elegant, masculine, and in its simple white and black colors doesnt distract from what the woman is wearing. These days, you dont get many opportunities to wear one and look as good as it can make you look. IMO, dont...
  11. NewYorkBuck

    Things That Are Bothering You, Got You All Hibbeldy-Jibbeldy, or just downright pissed, RIGHT NOW!

     "Manly man SF shtick?" Is that the latest pre-teen code phrase for being an idiot? Seriously, do us all a favor and stick to discussions more in line with your intellectual pay grade - like whining about bread. You seem to be pretty good at that at least. After all, it doesn't involve...
  12. NewYorkBuck

    Reasons why New York Sucks

    Being a business owner in NYC, I can tell you without fear of contradiction the biggest reason NY sucks for me is the amount of governmental intrusion/regulation. I can tell you that at least 60% of my day is dealing with some law/regulation/compliance issue, and Im being conservative. Not...
  13. NewYorkBuck

    What to wear over suit in 50-60 degree weather?

    I think 50-60 degree weather is perfect suit-only weather. If you like, make it a heavier suit w a heavier shirt, but save wind and rain, you'll be fine.
  14. NewYorkBuck

    Official 2012 College Football Season Thread

    The Urban Meyer Era at Ohio State begins with a loud statement.
  15. NewYorkBuck

    Most overpriced bespoke suits, Kiton or Brioni?

    Paying them that much for a bespoke = more money than brains.
  16. NewYorkBuck

    Excuses to wear a suit

    Good question. First, even if you dont "need" a suit to to work, doesnt mean you cant wear one. I own my own business, so I can wear whatever I want. Im in a suit 4 of 5 days. Outside of that, church/temple is a good venue to wear one. Anytime you go out at night on the weekend. Dinner...
  17. NewYorkBuck

    use of suit bag for moth protection

    I just washed a sweater and low and behold, moth holes..... My MO now is all sweaters get washed and put into a cedar chest. ALL of my wool suits get dry cleaned and put into bags. I try to get the breathable ones, but if I run out, they go into plastic ones. I dont really buy the "wool...
  18. NewYorkBuck

    What goes with "olive"?

    Popeye? :rimshot:
  19. NewYorkBuck

    www.ehaberdasher.com - affiliate page

     Ben - any update on those 1cm longer Benjamin shirts? Thx!

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