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  1. Milhouse

    Jos A Bank - Buy 1 get TWO free

    I've walked into a JAB a few times, and their stuff always reminds me of used car salesmen. Everything just has this really horrible look to it.
  2. Milhouse

    So, what SHOULD I do to make a living?

    Unfortunately, "right now" as in get the hell out of bed and come down here right now. Official translation = "job security"
  3. Milhouse

    So, what SHOULD I do to make a living?

    In the US, with the way things are going these days, I would say a safe bet is any career that requires a physical presence. Bonus points if it appeals to the fact that people are consuming less now then before. Computer programmer? No. . . easily outsourced Radiologist? No. . . easily...
  4. Milhouse

    Should I buy the Gripmaster?

    My grip has never been the limiting factor for the olympic lifts, nor deadlifts. Those things are fine for working grip unless you are in a grip focused sport (rock climbing, a lot of martial arts, wrestling, shooting sports, etc). Then you need additional grip work above and beyond what those...
  5. Milhouse

    F'ed in Houston Airport- SOL??? What to do for 9-12hrs?????

    I had a flight where we boarded, and then the pilot comes on and says "we have to wait while one of my cockpit monitors gets changed. I'm not sure why it isn't working". . . Naturally I missed my connection, and the airline said "oh, that was because of weather" which means they don't have to...
  6. Milhouse

    Should I buy the Gripmaster?

    A barbell is a hell of a lot more useful. With a good barbell, you can do finger curls, which are essentially similar to the motion of the gripmaster. Plus the barbell is used for all kinds of other lifts. You could use dumbells instead if you wanted. Also, get a big freaking hammer and do...
  7. Milhouse

    Freakishly Small Wrists

    I just measured my wrist. 8.5" Problems I have: wristwatches need to have a very large face to look ok on my arms Shirts never come in a size such that the cuff can easily accommodate my wrist and my watch. Generally, the cuff has to be buttoned above my watch and it can't slide easily over my...
  8. Milhouse

    F#*king ex-gf

    3. Get with her best friend. Simple. Elegant. Perfect. This is the best advice you can get. I'll add a bit more. . . once you are pounding her best friend regularly, ask your ex if she'd like to have a threesome. You never know.
  9. Milhouse

    Stop Using "Sick" and "Epic" in 2010

    That would be epic if people would quit saying "sick" all the time.
  10. Milhouse

    Looking for an appropriate 'Digestif' for after dinner

    amaretto limoncello port wine or something like jaegermeister or another herbal liqueur
  11. Milhouse

    Recent Food Purchases

    Nah dawg, this is for a baller Bordelaise sauce. Hmm, the joke didn't come through, but that's ok. How do you make bordelaise?
  12. Milhouse

    Does anyone besides Glenn Beck actually own gold?

    I have an uncle who keeps money buried in his back yard. He also used to keep his money in an empty ice cream container in his deep freeze. He can't comprehend the concept of FDIC. yeah, uh. . . wow, what crazy ideas. . . yeah who would keep money in their yard! crazy. . .
  13. Milhouse

    Recent Food Purchases

    3# of marrow bones. You like eating that much marrow?
  14. Milhouse

    Asking for a Raise

    LLC is going to depend on the state, but most are really simple if you are actually a sole proprietor. You file a basic articles of organization with your secretary of state. This will cost $100 or so and can probably be done via a website. Generally, in this case, you'd be taxed once. . ...
  15. Milhouse

    Brittany Murphy Dead

    Might the problem with autopsy be that it's harder to make the deceased look presentable for a service? Any doubts about how important people consider appearance should be dispelled by the effort spent prettying up dead bodies.
  16. Milhouse

    I don't understand torrents.

    HAHAHA hilarious thread the rule of thumb i go by with torrents is that they sometimes work, and they sometimes dont you can go more advanced than that, but good luck figuring out how to open your ports (hahaha) or (god forbid) actually reading this guy's terribly dull analogy: I noticed how...
  17. Milhouse

    A Question of Scruples, Prime Rib Edition

    I generally just ask "how much is this?" and see if they think it is a mistake.
  18. Milhouse

    23" monitor, now what?

    I think you can run three monitors with current technology. The ATI Radeon 5xxx series video cards feature something called Eyefinity, which permits you to run three monitors independently. Personally I think most people will opt for multiples of three when it comes to multi-monitor setups...
  19. Milhouse

    Tips and etiquette for proposing?

    The most formal and most romantic possible way to propose is to take her to Universal Studios and pop the question right when Jaws comes out of the water.
  20. Milhouse

    23" monitor, now what?

    I don't know dude. So far I've had to move my eyes and mouse a lot more, whereas I could see everything in the 19" without having to refocus much. The way I often think about it is dividing the screen real estate into two areas. . . Functional and Reference I need to DO something, like work...

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