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  1. L

    Saint Laurent Paris - Official Thread.

    I think I really need to ask : can we(I?) talk about alternatives to SLP? or strictly only about authenic SLP pieces? thank you!
  2. L

    Saint Laurent Paris - Official Thread.

    I really have to ask this question : "is it the original wyatt chelsea boots?" it is so different from today's, or even past years' design! (what I feel is, the heel is obvious higher than nowadays', even maybe 2014 design) it's really kinda like Jacno boots, the first batch's heels is obvious...
  3. L

    The official CELINE thread

    that already looks so good........ but I really want to ask : will you ever want to get even more "slimmer" (or thinner? or more skinny?) to have a perfect Hedi look? all these Hedi's Celine male models, these clothes look roomy when they are wearing them...... am I the only one who notice this...
  4. L

    Saint Laurent Paris - Official Thread.

    somehow I didn't know what is happening here if, and only if, it is not allowed to talk about knockoff here, I say sorry to all but, Hedi himself has already introduced 85mm heel boots I don't see why people(especially people in this thread), will "dislike" that kind of ziggy boots by John...
  5. L

    Saint Laurent Paris - Official Thread.

    if u can't tell the difference, why bother to know?
  6. L

    Saint Laurent Paris - Official Thread.

    did anyone see or even put it on yourselves..... that ziggy boots last year? I am not buying it(it's so damn expensive!) but I do buy something very similar and will wear it out tomorrow night on some crowded places do anyone at least have some "feedback" to me? oh yeah, it's all black faux...
  7. L

    Saint Laurent Paris - Official Thread.

    well, still talking about the "alternative" thing......... I may find 2 possible "alternatives" 1. sendra 7216...
  8. L

    Saint Laurent Paris - Official Thread.

    thanks first! but actually I don't quite feel the heel is "that much" different most obvious difference I think would be the sloppy shaft
  9. L

    Saint Laurent Paris - Official Thread.

    I have a question that want to know for a long time does lukas boots have a 40mm heel? or a 50mm heel? according to pic on this link...
  10. L

    Styleforum User reports and questions on technical issues

    thanks god that I am not the only one! I did think it's my browser or pc problem!
  11. L

    The official CELINE thread

    (to robertoditali) If I were you, I definitely won't buy these jackets these are not for us these are for guys/boys around 100lbs weight there's really no way to buy a 2000 usd jacket (maybe over?) that will look funny on us NO WAY
  12. L

    Truly High-End Chelsea Boot Options?

    at least u may provide the style u want?
  13. L

    wondering if jeans stacking are exclusive for thin guys....?

    here is a very very very good example https://akings.com/blogs/stories/what-are-stacked-jeans
  14. L

    wondering if jeans stacking are exclusive for thin guys....?

    I do have a really big calf and what I wears...it's usually wyatt styled boots (at least about 15 cm above the ankle, that kind of boots) if wear with other shoes, jeans stacking will not be a problem because what I wear will be straight leg jeans but for skinny jeans......opps!!!! I found no...
  15. L

    Problems with shoulder line in bespoke suita

    sorry if I seems offending, I don't mean to it looks like some people are making fun with you I haven't seen curved suit shoulder in my entire life some are thicker, some are thinner but really not curved hope u don't mind I say these words
  16. L

    Problems with shoulder line in bespoke suita

    I hope u know or remember no padding === informal jacket either more or LESS, a formal suit jacket must have padding or seems to have
  17. L

    I really don't understand my body, it measures 34-35, but I usually buy 32" jeans

    but, excuse me..... do we really use suspenders with jeans??????:eek:
  18. L

    Saint Laurent Paris - Official Thread.

    thanks so now I know it should be a few cm but not a few inches I did always leave 3-4 inch at least or even 5-6 inches when it's not hemmed

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