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Search results

  1. dsmolken

    Psycho Bunny ties: OK for the workplace?

    Bump to say I bought one. It has a few bunnies on it, but not that many.
  2. dsmolken

    What music are you listening to lately?

    Lately I've been listening to this over and over again, making some changes in the mix, and repeating the process. But it's finally done. Now I look forward to listening to something else with a different singer over and over again, making some changes in the mix...
  3. dsmolken

    What is the origin of European suit sizing?

     Also, sometimes long is equal to the chest measurement and short is equal to a quarter of the chest measurement. So 27 is a bigger size than 100, but shorter. Fun, huh?
  4. dsmolken

    Definitive Exotic Hide Identification Thread: Post your Hippo, Turtle, Gator, Phoque (you!), etc. he

    I've only had elephant boots, but based on what the skin on those is like a jacket does sound impractical. How easy was it to, say, bend your arms at the elbows?
  5. dsmolken

    How should I dress for piano performance?

     This is very good advice, but I would do black instead of midnight blue. Whenever you end up in a group of people all wearing tuxes, all of theirs are almost certain to be black. I'm also in Eastern Europe like the OP, tuxes here are much rarer than in English-speaking countries but I've...
  6. dsmolken

    How should I dress for piano performance?

    You want something that will not stick out when you're playing in an ensemble with a few other people. That means get a very "standard" single-breasted black tuxedo, white tux shirt, black bowtie, black shoes. That will work for recitals, accompanying singers, piano trios, orchestras, playing in...
  7. dsmolken

    Cowboy Boots?

    Sure, it can be done. A lot of the more modern styles don't have pointy toes or underslung heels, which also makes them look less obviously cowboy. They also tend to have square toes, though...
  8. dsmolken

    What to wear in Dubai?

    Ah, OK, so it's not like horse races in that regard. Thanks.
  9. dsmolken

    What to wear in Dubai?

     So... what should one wear to a camel race?
  10. dsmolken

    What to wear in Dubai?

    Thanks, that's very useful. I remember reading the bit about silk ties on this forum before, but not about the check shirts. I'll be dealing mainly with IT people, not exactly sheiks, so the standards are probably not that high. I'll try to do some videoconferences with them before I go to...
  11. dsmolken

    What to wear in Dubai?

    I'm gonna be spending a week in Egypt then going on to Dubai for another. Is the advice above in this thread good and still valid almost four years later?
  12. dsmolken

    Bespoke shoes @ 330 Pounds?

     But does he weigh at least 330 pounds?
  13. dsmolken

    Fancy Chinese liquor

    I pretty much always drink with food anyway... Finally had a free evening at home and opened this up, it's got a very different taste than anything I've tried before, I'm thinking a hint of broccoli maybe? Not too fiery, but I don't imagine any of the girls I know will be interested in trying...
  14. dsmolken

    Fancy Chinese liquor

    I haven't opened it yet, but will report when I do.
  15. dsmolken

    Fancy Chinese liquor

    FWIW this is the bottle I got: The one *********** I work with here was all "if you don't like it then give it to me", haha.
  16. dsmolken

    Fancy Chinese liquor

    I followed the advice and picked up a half-liter bottle of Red Star, will get it Monday as I only had carry-on luggage and stuck it in a colleague's suitcase.
  17. dsmolken

    Fancy Chinese liquor

    Distilled sorghum? Haven't had that before, that should be definitely worth a try.
  18. dsmolken

    Fancy Chinese liquor

    Thanks. That's very helpful. I really just want to try some stuff that tastes unlike anything I can get in any other country, basically. I try to do that wherever I go. Three shots per bottle sounds like a perfect amount for something that's just to satisfy my curiosity.

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