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  1. epa

    Double monk straps with a suit?

     Which one? The car salesman one? The +1 one? The I wanna know one? I am not sure what they have to do with me quoting the one I quoated...
  2. epa

    Double monk straps with a suit?

     I actually think that double monks often go better with suits than single monks. The only reason for which I do not wear my only double monks with suits is that they are suede double monks, and I do not wear suede with suits (all my suits are worsted wool suits). I saw a very nice dark...
  3. epa

    shoes to wear with jeans?

     Obiously you can wear pretty much everything (or anything),but I guess that the OP was asking for things that may look good. I think that the texture of a lot of denim almost calls for suede.
  4. epa

    I need new shoes. Like this style.....what else is out there like this?

    Seriously, I do not find the OP's shoes so terribly awful. They certainly do not look like quality shoes, and I would not wear them with a suit, but as casual gear, they are not too bad. I think that Bally may have things like that. Overpriced, of course, not very nice leather and probably bad...
  5. epa

    shoes to wear with jeans?

     +1. I personally like to wear suede with jeans. Suede derby laceups, or monks, or double monks (yes), and, in the cooler part of the year, brown chelseas. Or suede sneakers.
  6. epa

    Can I wear a bowtie with a "Lounge Suit"?

    For me bowtie with lounge suit is typical German: I see it quite a lot there, and a lot of people seem to pull it off quite well. But I agree with what a lot of posters have said above: it really depends on who and how you are. And maybe on where you are.
  7. epa

    Which brand are your favourite jeans?

    Zegna Sport. Nice cloths and colours, and their 307 (I think it is) model tends to fit me well. Actually, lately, I think that the only stuff I buy at Zegna is jeans.
  8. epa

    A Little Help - Crocodile Loafer Repair

    I am 49 and still feel that they look dated. And ugly.
  9. epa

    Finally, instead of a blazer...

    Most of my spring/summer sportcoats are quite casual linen blend stuff. I wanted something more "formal", yet versatile... Obviously, there was the navy blazer option. Just that I cannot help finding the navy blazer with metal buttons quite unattractive. And with horn buttons, even more so...
  10. epa

    Foulard scarves for men when? and how? to wear them...and where? to buy them...

    It seems like this guy is wearing my donegal sport coat... Is it brown? Regarding the scarf, I was thinking more in terms of these kind of open weaves, I don't know the correct term. Something more casual and spring-like.
  11. epa

    Foulard scarves for men when? and how? to wear them...and where? to buy them...

    In winter I like to protect my throat with wool and cashmere scarves, but now it is just getting too hot. But still there are chilly days when I would like to put something around my neck. I have seen these "foulard" scarves, I guess that are of silk, in any case, they are light-weight and I...
  12. epa

    Aristocrats in Waiting or Embarrasing Relatives Everyone Avoids at Family Parties?

    I think that I read somewhere that the U.K. class system was far more than lower, upper, and middle class. There was, for example, the lower upper middle class which had a hard time because they were supposed to have a certain style of living (kind of upper middle class) but couldn't afford it...
  13. epa

    gray shoes what belt

    I read "gay shoes" and got curious. I have a pair of shoes that are a bit grey and I generally choose a black belt. However, depending on the kind of grey, some blue belts may work. In any case, depending on how often I would wear the shoes, I might actually get a grey belt.
  14. epa

    Alternative to the blue blazer?

    thanks, brown might be ok too. I don't really care for brown suits... just make guys look a giant truffle IMHO, but a brown coat with blue jeans might work nicely. But then I'd have to wear brown shoes right? Brown coat, blue jeans, and black shoes just don't seem right. I agree that brown...
  15. epa

    Alternative to the blue blazer?

    It will be used in the day as well as the evening. I'm not really here to start a blue-blazer war, I just wanted to make sure that everyone posting in this thread knew that I didn't like them and that suggestions to utilize them wouldn't be constructive. There is no way I'm going to look like...
  16. epa

    Alternative to the blue blazer?

    yeah, a navy sportcoat. huge difference. get a nice navy jacket that doesnt have brass buttons. I have quite a few.....I have a great linen blend with patch pockets and white MOP buttons. +1 That is, I also have a kind of navy linen blend with patch pocket and white buttons. Very nice for...
  17. epa

    Topy rubber soles void AE repair?

    Time for you to "catch up". http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=234169 I had a look at it but it looks just like one more thread where those who like topys and those who think that topys prevent their feet from breathing argue against each other based on their personal experiences...
  18. epa

    Topy rubber soles void AE repair?

    the thing is that my experience from putting topy rubber soles on shoes is that if you keep the topys in good shape (by replacing them when they start to wear out at the edges), the sole of the shoe tends to last longer than the upper. So why worry about resoling? Or have I missed something?
  19. epa

    Are rimless glasses a bad idea?

    About a week ago I got my first pair of rimless glasses, after having used half-rimmed for some years. The frame is a Tag Heuer one, I think it is the track series that you can see on http://www.tagheuer.com/eyewear/, similar to model 7103, but with grey sidepieces. I am pretty happy with it, I...
  20. epa

    H&S Super 130s beats fresco cloths for a summer sport coat?

    Thank you. I guess that although I loved the look of the cloth, at the bottom of my heart something said that it was not really the cloth for a summer sport coat for daytime office wear. I guess that is why I started this thread. And I do not think that I will have a lot of use for it as...

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