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Search results

  1. augustin

    Cashmere Silk Blends?

    And which names do you like?
  2. augustin

    Trip to Vienna and Budapest to buy Shoes

    Well, I know Maftei and Abbaschule do not accept credit card. I was trying to look for atms but I gave up. I figured the local banks would charge me a high commission for drawing Euros. Oh, and the VAT claim in the airport was disappointing. They took a high commission from me and I really dont...
  3. augustin

    Manhattan Sales Alert!!

    While strolling down Madison Ave. today, I discovered in the Allen-Edmonds shop across from Brooks a sale on discontinued (soon to be discontinued?) lines. All sale shoes between 135-195. They are eliminating some junk, some nicer shoes. Disappearing models include the Evanston, Easton, and...
  4. augustin

    How should new loafers fit?

    Length has to be right. In other dimensions, my experience is that tight heels will loosen up, and also the arch. Less so pressure on the outside of the foot. On the other hand, if this is your first pair of good shoes, then you'll find that the sole of a goodyear-welted shoe is stiffer than...
  5. augustin

    Top American Boot Manufacturers

    Trask used to make beautiful buffalo leather boots. Sadly, not any more.
  6. augustin

    Does anyone make top-quality MTM sweaters?

    My wife knits and, from what I understand, yarn that knitters like to knit with isn't necessarily what makes for a high-quality garment. Even pricier yarn is spun inconsistently so that there are frequent knots and loose spots. Just something to think about in the balance. Also, I don't think...
  7. augustin

    Need new boots. Where to go in NYC?

    Check your size and the look at T&A, buy some trees and cream or polish if you feel guilty, then order your conistons from plal --- in the 400s earlier this year.
  8. augustin

    Does anyone make top-quality MTM sweaters?

    Some years ago I wanted to replace a rich and beautiful cardigan I had bought in the 70s Enquired here about MTM and got no help :>( so I went to a few local yarn and knit shops and asked around. I found several people who took in work by commission. I looked at some pics, talked with a...
  9. augustin

    Opinions on these boots for New England winter?

    I don't like shearling linings. AHard to keep them clean.
  10. augustin

    Official Lost Valubles and Bad Luck Thread

    For years I have loved the Gravati peccary chukka that Berens sells, the Fosse. But 800 was just too much. While cruising the web yestarday, I found them marked down to 400 --- but out of any size I could possibly wear, and they're not reordering. %&#@!>
  11. augustin

    The Ethicist: EBay Return

    The problem with sending it back is that, from what we know of the mail, it may never arrive. If the OP contacts the seller, they might agree on an entirely different course of action; so don't just up and send it.
  12. augustin

    Nice Notebooks/Jotters

    I know I'll take it for this, but sometimes technological change is good. I want a notebook that does hypertext, and there is one: http://www.tiddlywiki.com/, on a smartphone. Now if only I had the thumbtyping skills of my kids. If you insist on paper, then waterproofing is a requirement for me...
  13. augustin

    PSA: Crockett & Jones Belgrave handgrades $325

    I ordered Roseberrys, size 9 1/2. They came Friday. There is a handwritten sticker on the outside which covers the UK size on the box, that says 9 1/2. The size on the box underneath is 9. The shoes were in good shape except for a small scuff mark on the size. The Roseberrys are a deep...
  14. augustin

    FYI: Shipton and Heneage Sale

    Shipton and Heneage, http://www.shiptonandheneage.co.uk/erol.html, seems to have a lot on sale at 30-40% off. Some say they are made by Alfred Sargent. Much of it looks a little clunky, but the Carlton calf boot, for instance, looked good.
  15. augustin

    Allen Edmonds Park Aves

    Thanks, Grimslade! 3662 is the 'style number' of one of the shell shoes that has no pic and no description. Pay your money and take your chances, I guess.
  16. augustin

    Allen Edmonds Park Aves

    That's a good, if obvious, idea (that hadn't occurred to me). I'll try to walk over at lunch. We eagerly await your report. And what exactly are those 3662's?
  17. augustin

    Allen Edmonds Park Aves

    Has anyone actually walked over to teamshoeseaport to see what's there (192 Front, I think)? Is it just a back office or is there a walk-in retail operation?
  18. augustin

    Heavier shirting fabrics

    For me, not the upper left. I agree with Cantabrigian that the blue could be fun.
  19. augustin

    Moths ate my cashmere tie!!

    Cedar has to be fresh to work. Get some chips at the lumber yard. Throw them away in the spring. The tie's a good chance for you to learn how to reweave. Then when your favorite cashmere sweater develops the swiss cheese pattern...
  20. augustin

    New style Red Wing boots (possible new 875 colors)

    What is the 'Horween Chromexcel leather' with which the 1910D is made (according to cultism.com)?

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