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Search results

  1. Wesley Bills

    Is an olive green 3 piece suit and a lavender shirt okay for business?

    I love my lavender shirt with my three piece olive suit and cordovan shoes, but I work in a bank and I'm not sure if this is acceptable. What do you think? I'm a teller but plan on moving up soon. Everything is OK for business depending on which side you stand.\\ If you are the boss, then it...
  2. Wesley Bills

    Buying a suit online.. HELP!

    I can't really tell if they are fake just looking at the pictures. I hope someone else can, you have a lot of specialists on here they will surely soon come to your rescue.
  3. Wesley Bills

    What Were You Wearing as a Child When Dressed Up?

    Christmas in the late 80's. You very well dress for a guy in the 80's.
  4. Wesley Bills

    Beard: Some Questions

    It might be added that some people think having a beard is less touble Well :- you can shave every day in 5 min. -- OR -- shave neck and cheeks in 5 mn. every 2 days then spend half hour or more once a week trimming ( generally more ) Roger That seems like a lot of work to me.
  5. Wesley Bills

    Recent non-Sartorialist Looks

    Kudos, I think these looks awesome. That is the kind of look I need to have. But the thing is that doesn't look cheap and I am not rich either.
  6. Wesley Bills

    My Magazine

    Looks like another blog to me. Well it is a blog. Nobody said it wasn't. But the content looks OK. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Wesley Bills

    Shoe Damage Report & Shoe P0rn Central - Part II

    Holy... Are they made from glass? No they are made from gold.
  8. Wesley Bills

    Creepy Sartorial Images

    David Arquette had a similar pinstipe done in his name. Jack Taylor in Beverly Hills made it. And I guess he can now sit in the island where he is as a nobody reading over the name on the suit till I sue him for all the crimes he committed while in office including making a personalized suit.
  9. Wesley Bills

    Suggestions for a dark brown captoe bal

    The Alfred Sargent Chatham might be another option, although I haven't been able to find my size yet. Any other suggestions. No sorry I can't help you but I hope some other people here can. Don't worry soon they will rush to your rescue.
  10. Wesley Bills

    PSA: Peal & Co suede shoes and chelseas

    Thank you . . . i have been waiting for those suede captoes for a while! Yeah, are they still available?
  11. Wesley Bills

    What Were You Wearing as a Child When Dressed Up?

    Nicely done. You were the Easter egg security guard. Easter egg security eh! Good one. +100
  12. Wesley Bills

    What do you see as best value tie brand?

    Anything you like and buy and wear happily is a good value for the money. So in that case no brand is and all brand is depending on what you buy and like.
  13. Wesley Bills

    Unfunded Liabilities: a/k/a The Cloth Thread

    Sweet! Nice belly on them lapels. You're not afraid to go wide! I also like the rounded corners on the flap pockets. Hope it fits well! Yeah those look really sharp!
  14. Wesley Bills

    has anyone bought the Antonio Maurizi at Gilt

    I bought a pair of their Tartan boots and wasnt too impressed for the $230 I paid. Its a nice boot but you cant compare it to the Trickers Stow. The retail on Gilt is like $500 but it total bs. The sole was a cheaper rubber thats supposed to imitate the dainite soles found on Trickers and C&J...
  15. Wesley Bills

    Name of Italian shirt store in NYC

    Thanks to the thread starter And thanks for all the answers. I was there, and the shirts look awesomely nice. In fact at that price I plan on even starting my own business with them as my distributor. OK just joking with that last line but I think they have some really nice stuffs
  16. Wesley Bills

    Looking for a cotton, stone colored casual slim suit, can anyone direct me to one?

    I am trying to find a casual, cotton suit in a stone color, but cannot find one that comes close to fitting. I did locate a Calvin Klein in the right color, but the fit through the middle was full and balloon like. Personally I am 5'8 155 lbs, slim and fit. Can anyone point me towards a brand...
  17. Wesley Bills

    Indochino suits?

    yeah im interested in more reviews Then continue reading. And yes their suits aren't bad at all. They have some pretty nice stuffs and for that price, yiu can ask better.
  18. Wesley Bills

    Moderntailor first time shirt critique

    i'm going out later...you no like? Oh!!! good luck with that. But how about we all stick to the topic of this thread.
  19. Wesley Bills

    Poor man's watch thread

    An Omega is not a poor man's watch. And I feel somehow offended that you call it one given that I own an Omega that I love and cherish very much.
  20. Wesley Bills

    RL Polo?

    IMO a heck of a lot of money just to be showing a pony logo. Mostly way overpriced 'Made in China' stuff. If one can get PRL at 75% discount, it's probably value for money. What are you doing in the People's Republic?

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