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Search results

  1. privateer

    LBM 1911 Quality Question

    I recently purchased an LBM jacket (56% linen, 44% cotton) from Yoox and noticed that there was a noticeable "pilling" on the shoulder. Upon further inspection there were many several other small ones that weren't really noticeable until I started looking for them. The larger one almost looks...
  2. privateer

    WTB: Persol 714 Brown w PhP or P

    I've currently got a pair of 649s and they just aren't doing it for me. The fit of the 714s is (ironically) slightly better. I'm looking for a pair of 714s with a brown frame and PhP or P lenses in brown. I'm flexible to other color combinations so long as the lenses are polarized or...
  3. privateer

    IC: Allen Edmonds Shoes and BELTS MEGA THREAD Sale!!! Carlyle, University, Mora 2.0, McTavish, Neumo

    Can I receive prices for: Park Avenues, Black, 10.5D Wide Basic - Walnut, 32 Bombay Basic - Walnut, 32 Shell Cordovan, Walnut, 32
  4. privateer

    WTB: Saddleback Leather Briefcase

    I'm looking to buy a Saddleback Leather Briefcase. Ideally, the Classic Briefcase. However, I'm open to some of their other designs. If you have one, please let me know, I've been looking for a while! Price I'm willing to pay is negotiable depending on the model of the bag and the condition its in.
  5. privateer

    Dinner Recs in Chicago

     Lilly's is my favorite BBQ in the city. The taste and menu has changed a bit since it opened in August last year, but its still very good. I don't really eat pork very often but the pulled pork is phenominal there.
  6. privateer

    Recommendations on Hiking boot: Style/Performance

    The most important recommendation is to try every one of the boots on and see how they fit your feet. Also, your boot should match your style of hiking. If you go ultra-lite, don't get clunky boots. If you are hiking very rough terrain or have weak ankles, don't get running shoes. I'm picking...
  7. privateer

    Dinner Recs in Chicago

    For brunch I'd recommend checking out Burchwood Kitchen to add to the list, and for a cheap lunch, Sultan's is my favorite falafel and shawarma in the city!
  8. privateer

    Dinner Recs in Chicago

     I'm glad you kept posting here, because your vitriol makes you hard to take seriously. To whomever asked about reservations or is looking: Longman is fantastic the neighborhood is fine. I've been there a ton, through many menu changes, and I think the drinks and menu have always been good...
  9. privateer

    Dinner Recs in Chicago

    Easy there tiger - I'm not saying Blackbird isn't my favorite restaurant in the city. However, I have to say - Girl and the Goat - it was good, but everyone talks it up bigger than it was. I think its somewhat overhyped. If we are keeping things in a similar price range to Blackbird: I really...
  10. privateer

    Dinner Recs in Chicago

    Go to Blackbird. I've enjoyed every meal I've had there. Personally, I like Avec better but its more of a personal preference on atmosphere and menu. The menu is fantastic at Blackbird, I just liked the laid back surroundings etc at Avec. That being said, unless you order pricey wine you won't...
  11. privateer

    Leather breaking in on shoes

    Lucky for you I searched, but the first several pages that came back didn't appear what I needed to be. I understand the frustration if you're a frequent poster at seeing questions recurring, thanks for posting. Its happened on all my shoes in the past, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't...
  12. privateer

    Leather breaking in on shoes

    Hi Guys - I have a beautiful new pair of shoes that I've worn about 6 times now (long days). The left foot is breaking in above the toe with what I'll call lots of very tiny creases in the leather, and its not noticeable from the distance. The right foot on the other hand has larger creases...
  13. privateer

    Interview on Thursday.. Forgot to send thank you email..

    I think sending a written thank you is not going to be effective. Mail isn't checked as often and takes time to arrive. I know I've received follow-up from an interview sooner than the mail had been delivered before. Send a thank you email, the sooner the better, but better late than never!
  14. privateer

    Game of Thrones BOOK Thread: Spoil Away.

    Jon is Lyanna and Rhaegar's son. Lyanna died in childbirth to him. I'm not sure if Lyanna was really brutally raped (as alleged by Robert) or whether she willingly (at some point) had sex with Rhaegar. Stannis isn't Azor Ahai. I'm thinking this might be Jon since he will be the light that turns...
  15. privateer

    Waist size generalizations

  16. privateer

    Can I wear a light stone suit with white Ferragamos in Chicago pm in mid-May?

    Chicagoan here - I'm not the greatest fashion man, but dressed like that, 90% of the time you're going to look like a douche or be at a douchey bar/club. Suits aren't big most places here. If you really are going to a place where you need to rock a suit, I'd avoid those loafers but thats just me.
  17. privateer

    Workout while injured

    RE: Bench press You can keep your 2 sets. What I would recommend it doing incline bench first, and then flat bench. I would do barbell for a while and switch it up and do dumbell for a while. It is important to include dumbell to help work on your stabilizer muscles.
  18. privateer

    Camping on/near the Kern River in Cali

    What are you guys looking to do? Go hiking? Party? Camp in a campground? Backpack?
  19. privateer

    Backpacking in Colombia next month

    I noticed you are backpacking, what trails are you hiking on? Have you brought the correct gear for the weather conditions?
  20. privateer

    Where to stay in Istanbul?

    You have to give us an idea of what kind of hotel. Not a Hyatt is a ****** answer. You want to stay at the Ritz, or you prefer a hostel? Neither of those is on the Hyatt level.

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