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Search results

  1. 8-Ball

    Made to Measure vs. Bespoke?

    You honestly weren't able to find a single thread or post on this topic using search? No, I wasn't able to find anything that directly answers my question (hence the thread). Perhaps you could post a link if you know of one that does?
  2. 8-Ball

    Made to Measure vs. Bespoke?

    Can someone please explain, in detail, the difference between "Made to Measure" and "Bespoke" when it comes to custom made suits and shirts?
  3. 8-Ball

    Can anyone recommend a GOOD drycleaner in central Maryland???

    As the title states, I am looking for a good drycleaner that will not damage my clothes. I mainly need the drycleaner for dress shirts and casual button up shirts in brite colors. Everywhere I've ever gone, they have damaged the buttons of my shirts or used starch even when I explicitly told...
  4. 8-Ball

    Critique this Paul Smith shoes

    I like them but I don't like the purple laces they have there.
  5. 8-Ball

    Most annoying people at the gym...

    Yeah that list doesn't even have the top 2 offenders. 1-Old crusty guy who walks around naked in the locker room unneccessarily. 2-Guys who constantly explain to huge muscle dudes that they are "doing it all wrong."
  6. 8-Ball

    Kennedy Jr's Haircut

    ^Because who in the world would want to look like a guy who stuffed Monica Lewinsky? [I'm a big fan of Clinton as a president, but I wouldn't consider a positive sex symbol...] Bro, women are nuts about Bill Clinton, albeit not to the level they are over the Kennedy's.
  7. 8-Ball

    Would you date a teenage milf?

    I have never dated a single mother before and probably won't ever. This is not to say that it couldn't possibly happen, but everything else about the girl would have to be perfect and this would cause her to lose a lot of points in my eyes, for a number of reasons. Just think it through man...
  8. 8-Ball

    Do young women prefer casual looks over dress looks?

    I'm 24. Woman my age LOVE it when I wear a suit, and often request that I wear them more often. Lol, we've all seen the way you dress and while it apparently works for you, I don't think it is proper for the average college student out there. I don't doubt that it's more appropriate in your line...
  9. 8-Ball

    Do young women prefer casual looks over dress looks?

    Here's my take, and I just turned 25 and was finishing up undergrad 3 years ago so I will take it that not a whole lot has changed since then. The majority of guys were into the AF/AE look with popped collars, distressed jeans, ect. We also had a few "suit guys" who would dress up for no...
  10. 8-Ball

    After shave and facial moisturizer

    I shave in the shower to maximize the amount of time I spend in the shower. Also, it keeps the sink much cleaner. Lastly, I have this notion that if you shave at the very end of showering, then you allow your "beard" to maximally soften to a point that's hard to attain at the sink. I then put...
  11. 8-Ball

    Iritated facial skin

    Where do you buy?
  12. 8-Ball

    Thanks for your input guys

    Get a nice-ish flask, fill it with decent-to-quality brandy. Take her to coffee, comment after a sip or two that it could use "something..." then pull out the flask and make an appropriate contribution. As you do, ask "Can I tempt you?". It helps if you're outside on a nice day, but that's just...
  13. 8-Ball

    Deodorant that wont stain shirts?

    Any deodorant with Aluminum will cause that yellow stain problem. Look for a product without it.
  14. 8-Ball

    Iritated facial skin

    Let me start by giving a brief history of the problem. I am blond haired and blue eyed with light skin. I never had this problem as a kid, but when I was about 13 I started with the acne. For years I was on all kinds of medications and treatments which dried and iritiated my skin. Now, at 25...
  15. 8-Ball

    Anyone know of a GOOD drycleaner in the Baltimore/DC area?

    Looks good, thanks for the recomendation!
  16. 8-Ball

    Single Malt Scotch

    Well I don't like the iodine taste so Islay is out of the question. I did give 2 of my favorites, but to expand upon that I would say that I like scotch that is finished in different types of wood like sherry or port wood, I like scotches with a complex range of flavors, I don't like anything...
  17. 8-Ball

    What Words Do You HATE?

    Irregardless It is not a real word and if it were, it would mean the opposite of what people want it to mean when they say it.
  18. 8-Ball

    Single Malt Scotch

    Do we have any scotch afficionados here? I have recently gotton into scotch and some of my favorites so far are Glen Morangie Port Wood Finish and Auchentoshan 3 wood. Any recommendations for what to try next? I tried Ardbeg and it makes me never want to try another Isley Scotch.
  19. 8-Ball

    Polishing - wax or cream?

    Does it depend on the leather? Which is better to use and why?

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