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  1. abc123


    I was in Guatemala in 2008 for a short visit. Guatemala City is pretty crappy - didn't spend any real time there, besides using the airport. Antigua is a wonderful city (about a 30 minute cab ride from the airport), and felt perfectly safe walking around even after midnight. Lake Atitlan...
  2. abc123

    Travel: Top 5 Favorite places you've been and still want to visit

    Tough question. Top 5 I've visited are 1) Cape Town/Western Cape of SA 2) Antigua (Guatemala) 3) Amsterdam 4) Nairobi (and surrounding areas) 5) Paris Only places I've really disliked are Caracas and San Salvador. Top 5 I want to go to: 1) Vienna/Salzburg (doing this fall) 2) Addis Ababa...
  3. abc123

    Management Consulting Discussion

    He would be an excellent candidate for McKinsey but he might want to stress his problem solving on his resume. McKinsey likes APDs or advanced professional degrees. They find that mixing these with MBA students creates a team with a variety of perspectives. This is also true for BCG and likely...
  4. abc123

    Management Consulting Discussion

    Good discussion. Would appreciate any insight about my situation - I'm nearing 3 years in financial consulting (big name firm, valuation and restructuring work), which has given me a good background in finance, modeling, etc. Also am wrapping up a masters in econ (focusing primarily on...
  5. abc123

    How to make a pitch to your MD?

    If it is set up ahead of time as a "pitch", then I absolutely think you should build a ppt deck, however brief, highlighting the important information you hope will stick with him. Have it properly bound and covered as well. If it were me, this would confirm your professionalism and...
  6. abc123

    Moving to Columbia, MD. What can I expect?

    Columbia...ugh. My sister in law lives there, so my wife and I visit every so often (from DC). Its not that there is anything wrong with the place - its clean, comfortably middle class, etc - there just really isn't anything there. If you don't mind the life of the suburbs, I'm sure you'll...
  7. abc123

    Washington DC Restaurant Week 2009

    Going to Cafe Atlantico, at the wife's request. Anyone been there? I like Mei N Yu, the food isn't out of the world, but the decor is neat. 1789 is excellent, probably my favorite restaurant in DC. I think Oceanaire is fantastic, but its the kind of place I only go to on business lunches. Their...
  8. abc123

    is Baltimore, MD as bad as they say?

    The bad parts are as bad as people say they are, but there are plenty of nice areas far removed from the Wire-type happenings. The Inner Harbor area has really been revitalized in recent years, and is quite nice.
  9. abc123

    Billable Hours, How I loathe thee.

    I did billable consulting for a couple of years, pretty stock projects for the same client over 20+ years at that point, so a grasp of the costs were pretty solid. Switched to a flat fee, and everyone loved it. Finally you could work at a legit pace, by the time you got good, the projects were...
  10. abc123

    Buying a Car - Discount to Expect?

    5k is the general rule of thumb in markup on used vehicles. Just like everyone has stated prior, car stealerships are hurting right now BIGTIME! Unless you are paying cash, why not get something new and take advantage of very low financing rates on NEW? #2 Why are you dead set on a Volvo? I hope...
  11. abc123

    Buying a Car - Discount to Expect?

    So say the price listed is $19K, would a good starting offer be 14K? 15K? Over 25% off the listed price sounds almost absurdly low, but I have zero experience with cars. Obviously I expect to negotiate a bit and want to start as low as possible, but I also want to have a idea of what the type of...
  12. abc123

    Buying a Car - Discount to Expect?

    This is my first time buying a car (my wife and I have always driven hand me downs from our parents), and I'd appreciate some advice. I've pretty much narrowed it down to getting a certified pre-owned volvo (probably a S40 or S60 - less than 30k miles), as I like the styling and the price is...
  13. abc123

    Denver--how is it?

    Colorado is fantastic, Denver is alright. I have family in Boulder and a ski house in Breckenridge, so I've spent a lot of time in and around Denver. If you love outdoors stuff (hiking in the summer, skiiing in the winter), you'll be in heaven, otherwise, I don't really see a reason to visit...
  14. abc123

    Alden compared to Allen Edmonds

    I own several AEs, but the bulk of my weekly work shoe rotation consists of Alden cordos (as well as C&J/EGs). I don't think the quality, in terms of how long they will last you, is very different. That said, I greatly, greatly prefer Alden, and don't see myself buying any more pairs of AE...
  15. abc123

    D.C.-What's it like?

    Thanks for this (and thanks to everyone else who has responded). Do most young professionals actually live within the D.C. city limits? Or do many live in VA/MD? Both really. A lot live in DC, but many are in nova also - the Rosslyn, Courthouse, Clarendon, Va Square, and Ballston areas are...
  16. abc123

    D.C.-What's it like?

    I'm told that rent in Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle and Capitol Hill is around $1200 for a single, maybe a little less for a studio. Does this sound about right? I would imagine a lot of younger folks that live in D.C. have roommates. It all depends. I'm paying 2k for a 1 bedroom (nice building...
  17. abc123

    D.C.-What's it like?

    DC is great. I think it strikes a nice balance between having great jobs and access to interesting and unique things to do, and not being too big and overwhelming. I grew up on the MD side, went to school in the city, and just moved to the VA side, just outside the city. I like the Georgetown...
  18. abc123

    Cigar Shell Care

    It does scuff, but all you really ever need to do to get it looking new again is to wipe down with a damp cloth, and buff with a horsehair brush for a few minutes. I put a tiny bit of wax on my shells every six months or so - if done too frequently, it builds up in the creases and is hard to...
  19. abc123

    Fighting the Terrorists: Considering an All-Alden Shoe Collection

    As someone who pretty much exclusively wears Alden (and Polo branded C&J shells), I'll give my opinion. First though, a disclaimer: I don't like super sleek shoes like JLs, and prefer a more subtle styling. Buying Aldens will never get you a replacement for Lobbs, and trying to achieve this...

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