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Search results

  1. wilson brother

    I don't want to use that N word

    Hey Guys- I'm still dating my African American girlfriend . Well man, she keeps on telling me that I should use that N word that ends with A because I'm with her and would help me fit in with her friends better . I tried to explain that I'm not comfortable because of slavery and segregation...
  2. wilson brother

    Robo bopping

    Hey guys- Last night at Santos Party House I made up a new dancing style called robo bopping . Damn my **** was so hot on the dance floor you could of burned yourself . Usually the crowd just makes a circle and claps but last night all the peeps were going straight out cannibal when I started...
  3. wilson brother

    Last night I wrote a hit folky song

    Hey Guys- I just wanted to share with you the folky song that I just finished writing and I'm sure it's going to be a hit single . Last night I hummed it to Andrew WK and he said he can imagine it with harmonized vocals just like Crosby Still's Nash and Young and maybe the last part as a rap ...
  4. wilson brother

    I wrote this song from a tender heart

    http://www.metrolyrics.com/sound-of-...ics-gomez.html Hey man- What kind of cracker changes my lyrics without permission ? That feels like censorship for my soul to change my song from grooving to so damn lameass . -Danny Wilson (the Guy)
  5. wilson brother

    I wrote this song from a tender heart

    Hey guys- I've been thinking a lot about that girl back home and my heart is starting to feel like a piece of grinded beef but hey man but it's still beating inside of me . Well, tonight after smoking some Jamaican Booty Sweat I wrote this song expressing just how I feel . I hope one day to...
  6. wilson brother

    I'm going to party balls out gonzo style this weekend

    how do I get to the santos paaarty house? Just get behind Mantos and follow the rhythm . -Danny Wilson (the Guy)
  7. wilson brother

    I'm going to party balls out gonzo style this weekend

    Hey guys- **** all this suffering in the world I've had it up to here (right below my chin) with all the cosmic stress coming down on my shoulders not to mention my girl always wanting to keep me chained to the bed post . Well son this weekend I'm going to party like a motherfucking pimp if...
  8. wilson brother

    Security wouldn't let me into the store

    Hey man- Maybe it was your breath because when you pronounced Patek it probably pushed a lot of air from your mouth to his nostrils . -Danny Wilson (the Guy)
  9. wilson brother

    I NEED HELP!! Chest-acne leftover disaster

    Hey man- Don't be such a wussy just scrub that nasty **** with a steel wool and don't clog the forum like you did your pores . -Danny Wilson(the Guy)
  10. wilson brother

    Learning new slang

    Hey guys- I'm learning a lot of new slang from this old Gumby tv show. **** is rough in life so maybe you too could learn some slang that will help you communicate better and not be such broke ass mothers
  11. wilson brother

    Welcome ToThe Jungle is my theme song

    +1, watch your filthy Dutch mouth. Watch my butt as I drop the nasty on your head dickwad . -Danny Wilson (the Guy)
  12. wilson brother

    Welcome ToThe Jungle is my theme song

    motorhead "ace of spades" Hey man- Today I was bopping really hard to Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap . -Danny Wilson (the Guy)
  13. wilson brother

    Welcome ToThe Jungle is my theme song

    Don't you talk **** on Jimmy Buffet. Jimmy Buffet is for cracker assed ******s who don't have soul . -Danny Wilson (the Guy)
  14. wilson brother

    Welcome ToThe Jungle is my theme song

    What happened to the Beach Boys? I'm always loving the Beach Boys but when I roll and rumble I need something a little more thumping but when I'm alone thinking in my room I'll always be listening to In My Room . -Danny Wilson (the Guy)
  15. wilson brother

    Welcome ToThe Jungle is my theme song

    Hey guy- Tonight when I was enjoying some brewskies at the bar Welcome To The Jungle by Guns and Roses came on the jukebox . When I was groovin my neck to it the bartender said that this must be my song and I said damn straight it was . I know many of you guys prefer the cracker music of Jimmy...
  16. wilson brother

    question for the under 25 set

    Hey man- I believe in taking a stand but I think I guy like you needs to see a head shrink for teaching that violence to children . Do you want to build society on aggression? -Danny Wilson (the Guy)
  17. wilson brother

    A Street person just tried to rob me!

    Hey- maybe that guy really needed your help ? -Danny Wilson (the Guy)
  18. wilson brother

    Tonight I had biscotti from my girl's Nonna

    thats it, YOU ARE MARRIED. what? Did I stutter son ?
  19. wilson brother

    Tonight I had biscotti from my girl's Nonna

    Hey guys- Tonight I went over to my new girl's Nonna's house and had her fresh biscotti cookies . I was really enjoying them but almost broke my tooth on a hard corner. Nonna told me I should dunk that part in my soy milk like she does with her coffee. My girl's family is Italian and I can...
  20. wilson brother

    Recent Sartorialist Looks

    he's married. you're a (more of a) douchebag. **** off. Why are your panties always so bunched ? If he's a married guy he should post his girl's photo here so we can criticize with disrespect how she looks . -Danny Wilson (the Guy)

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