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Search results

  1. esoxm

    Home Made Sausage, Cured, and Smoked Meats

    Varies cook to cook but typically start them at 10p/midnight if I want to be comfortably done ahead of a normal 6/7p dinner time if guests are coming - that usually leaves me some buffer but not always if I’m going all the way at 225. So somewhere around 16-18 hours?
  2. esoxm

    Home Made Sausage, Cured, and Smoked Meats

    First time trying a hot and fast brisket cook (out of necessity, the traeger threw an error code and shut off overnight sometime soon after I started it before going to bed). Cooked at 300 starting at 7am, wrapped at 180 at noon, hit 205 at 2:45, let it rest in a cooler for a couple hours until...
  3. esoxm

    Home Made Sausage, Cured, and Smoked Meats

    Smoked al pastor is great. For a quick and easy version I use this as a base recipe - but then for the cook do an hour at 185 in the sheet pan then remove the pan crank the traeger to 375 and put the thighs directly on the grill to crisp up for 30. Also usually do an extra pineapple quartered...
  4. esoxm


    3 cuts of wagyu, done 3 ways. Ribs smoked, one strip and ribeye reverse seared after an hour of smoke, one strip and ribeye seared on the induction burner’s “turbo” setting.
  5. esoxm

    The Official Wine Thread

    I really wish okanagan stuff was more accessible in the US - have always been really impressed when I get my hands on it. Will be buying this again - pretty serious QPR at $20. It’s a Grenache heavy gsm from cotes-catalanes
  6. esoxm

    What TV Series Are You Streaming Lately?

    The White Gold recommendations were great - always loved the inbetweeners (found the first season of that on an inflight entertainment system and spent most of a red eye dying laughing). While I’m on the British comedy kick I’m also working through the new season of stath lets flats...
  7. esoxm

    Things you just don't get

    Etsy SF ads are the best - although wish the discount was better on the AK
  8. esoxm

    Home Made Sausage, Cured, and Smoked Meats

    Wagyu brisket, burnt ends made with the leftovers a few days later and rendered tallow from the trim.
  9. esoxm

    The Watch Appreciation Thread - Part two (Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger LeCoultre,

    Find a good example of a seamaster 2254.50? The one I had (before losing it in a break in) was always mentally set aside as one I wouldn't mind gifting to a kid at the right time.
  10. esoxm

    Cool furniture, design objects and desiderata

    +1 on the SNOO. I was highly skeptical but wasn't going to override the better half on it - she was right (usually is).
  11. esoxm

    OFFICIAL THREAD: General Cookery and Discussion

    Other than stuff from my local butcher shop - my go to is Nature's Rancher steakhouse cut(wholefoods stocks it most places). Like the very thick cut on it - gives you flexibility to get both crunch and a little chew in the same bite. Also makes a great bloody mary garnish - hit it with a mix...
  12. esoxm

    Home Made Sausage, Cured, and Smoked Meats

    Simple wet brine, heavily rinsed after soaking, dried over night in the fridge before smoking, rubbed compound herb butter under and over the skin before firing, basted every hour or so during the cook. Last 1.5 hours of the cook I bumped the heat from 225 to 350 to help get it to temp in time...
  13. esoxm

    The Home Ownership Thread

    This article really proves out that any discussion of real estate needs actual local perspective - it talks about the MA market and back back bay specifically falling off a cliff, while using stats for the 02119 zip??? Last time I checked that’s Roxbury - wildly wildly different market than the...
  14. esoxm

    Home Made Sausage, Cured, and Smoked Meats

    10 hours of smoke (blend of hickory, cherry and apple), 36 hour brine, one of the better birds I’ve done.
  15. esoxm

    Talking stocks, trading, and investing in general

    Varies by what your shopping for - but my experience with watches has been that VAT inclusive pricing in Europe tends to approximate msrp's in the US (obviously ex VAT) based on prevailing fx rates when brands set prices for the year. Definitely a good deal if you can get your hands on what you...
  16. esoxm

    Home Made Sausage, Cured, and Smoked Meats

    Finished product from the weekend. Hard to beat beef ribs
  17. esoxm

    Cool furniture, design objects and desiderata

    Anyone buy pool furniture (lounges) lately and have recs? In the northeast near the water - so weather / salt resistance and ability to stack for storage during the winter are priorities. We have a set of fermob luxemborg garden lounges that will likely end up at the pool so have been...
  18. esoxm

    Cars We Drive!

    Depending on what your timing is - ordering a custom spec jeep is probably one of the better deals that can be had right now. Picking up a new wrangler I ordered in March this weekend and getting it for ~10% off MSRP (or basically what I'd be spending for comparable late model used with 30-50k...
  19. esoxm


    I’ve never understood the obsession with zero gradient - would always prefer a thick almost crunchy crust and the texture variation that comes with it on a ribeye vs a uniform slice of prime rib or the sous vide stuff you get served at higher end places that act like they have stars. I’ve...

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