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Search results

  1. Midnight

    Dress shirts wont fit

    What are the brands and cuts of the slim fit shirts and regular shirts you are buying? If you give us more information we should be able to give better advice.
  2. Midnight

    The Definitive Guide to Slim Fit Shirts

    The short answer is I don't know. I would guess, like you, that it's a milder version of the non-iron treatment. Looking through their site, almost everything I could find that was 100% cotton was easy iron finish or similar wording.
  3. Midnight

    The Definitive Guide to Slim Fit Shirts

    Thanks. I'll send you a DM in about a year.
  4. Midnight

    Ralph lauren sizing

    My guess is that that the S stands for Small and the P for Petit, which is small in French.
  5. Midnight

    The Definitive Guide to Slim Fit Shirts

    Great, informative post and impressive range of shirts. Can I ask what you do with your shirts when you are finished with them? I run the shirtdetective site and it would be useful to have your old shirts so I could start including them in my sizing database. (I’d pay for postage). Completely...
  6. Midnight

    Dress Shirt Similar to Brooks Brothers Milano

    Hi, I run the Shirtdetective website, so sorry it couldn't help you. I would have suggested the Paul Fredrick Extra Slim Fit, but there aren't many of those left. I'm afraid there aren't many options. Do you need to wear a tie? If not you could try downsizing to a 14.5 inch collar, then a...
  7. Midnight

    Charles Tyrwhitt Reviews and Fitting

    My opinion: I would go for the Slim Fit. That gives you 3.5 inches on the chest, which is still pretty tight. 4 inches is a tighter fit, while 5 is more normal. The Extra Slim is 41.5 inch, that would be too tight. If you are looking for something tighter around the waist have a look at the...
  8. Midnight

    Kamakura Shirts - Madison Ave Store

    I only know the sizing of Ludlow, so can't compare to the rest. Comparing the Ludlow Slim (15.5 inch collar) with the Kamakura 15.4 inch collars on the Tokyo Slim Fit Manhattan and Tokyo Slim Fit then I suggest you go for the Tokyo Slim Fit Manhattan: The Tokyo Slim Fit Manhattan is about 2...
  9. Midnight

    Kamakura Shirts - Madison Ave Store

    Two questions: is 20" inch chest a typo? Do you wear the J Crew Crosby or Ludlow fit?
  10. Midnight

    Kamakura Shirts - Madison Ave Store

    In term In terms of sizing they are the same measurement through the chest and about 0.5-1 inch slimmer through the waist.
  11. Midnight

    Shirt Shopping Trouble - Odd Neck Size / Arm Length Combination

    The Thomas Pink Slim Fit comes in a 15inch collar with a 36 inch sleeve length (the 36 is their longer sleeve version) http://www.thomaspink.com/Men/content/fcp-content
  12. Midnight

    Dress shirts for people with small waists and large chests?

    I agree with the responses above. With that size of a difference between a chest and waist size you will struggle to find anything off the rack that will fit well. For example, Thomas Pink do an athletic fit, which is designed for men who workout, but the difference between the chest and waist...
  13. Midnight

    OTR Dress Shirt that is similar to Charles Tyrwhitt?

    The 15.5 inch CT ESF is 41.25 inches across the chest. If you want to move up to a 16 inch collar then you might try the TM Lewin Superfitted, which has a chest garment measurement of 43. It doesn't do a 34 inch sleeve though, but does do 35. The Nordstrom guide, which gives information for...
  14. Midnight

    Awkward size question

    There are a few different options you could try: Charles Tyrwhitt Slim fit does a 17 collar and 37 sleeve length. Chest is 50 and waist is 46.75 Charles Tyrwhitt Extra Slim fit does a 17 collar and 37 sleeve length. Chest is 47.25 and waist is 44.25 If you want to go even slimmer on the waist...
  15. Midnight

    Who makes dress shirts in earth tones for a slim build?

    Hi, generic questions like this are unlikely to elicit much of a response. You are more likely to get a response if you ask a more detailed question which gives members more detail on what you are looking for. For example: What do you mean by good? Are you talking about quality or price...
  16. Midnight

    Where can I find OTR dress shirts with 31" sleeves?

    Just done some quick research and I can't find any brands that do a 31 inch sleeve. 32 is the shortest I can find, supplied by Charles Tyrwhitt and Brooks Brothers.
  17. Midnight

    Charles Tyrwhitt Reviews and Fitting

    Go for the 16/32 as that fits on you the sleeve and neck. As for the cut, that depends on your own style preferences. The slim fit garment size is 43 inches on the waist and the classic is 46.75. With five inches between your waist size and the slim fit garment size you should be fine. If the...
  18. Midnight

    Slim White Wedding Shirt for Someone with Athletic build?

    16 or 16.5 in the collar and 32/33 in the sleeve length means that you have, compared to the average guy, short arms. That restricts your choices. Off the rack, one option would be the Charles Tyrwhitt Extra Slim fit, which you could get in a 33 inch sleeve and 16.5 collar. If you want it...
  19. Midnight

    Best dress shirts for everyday office wear

    These kinds of questions are very difficult to answer without more information. For me it's not so much about brands, but about what fits you well. I would suggest you take some measurements of your collar size, arm length, chest and waist size and then do some research to see which brands and...
  20. Midnight

    Charles Tyrwhitt Reviews and Fitting

     You're right. The smaller ESF collar sizes are substantially smaller on the chest and waist now.

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