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Search results

  1. Sam Hober

    Help with bespoke wedding suit

    Good advice Skip the 3 piece suit unless you are certain taht you will wear it in the future...
  2. Sam Hober

    I’m a college student who wants a fine suit. What should I do?

    "Of course everyone has a slightly different internal calculus when it comes to cost and value. What is too expensice for one could be cheap for another. How I usually try to solve these decisions is some version of the below: 1. Can you can reasonably afford or save up for the item? 2. Will it...
  3. Sam Hober

    Linen boxer shorts

    Concordia, I think you found a great linen business - I love dealing with small family businesses like this. From there website: Our linen comes from Normandy and is woven by expert hands in Italy. We propose a timeless, masculine aesthetic paired with a soft hand for comfort and versatility...
  4. Sam Hober

    Linen boxer shorts

    Thank you - OK, I understand. Side notes: The flax that most Irish linen is made from is not from Ireland and hasn't been for a long time. The Belgian flax and the Western French flax is the best. I understand completely what you are saying about the weight and feeling. The Italian fabric...
  5. Sam Hober

    Linen boxer shorts

    Concordia, I am curious what are your thoughts about Italian linen? I think they get the actual linen from Belgium or Western France where the best linen is grown. Then they weave and or finish the fabric.
  6. Sam Hober

    Your opinions please on Grenadine ties!

    Florian, You are welcome. Regarding ties and formality a lot has do do with your personal feelings and preferences. As an example I would not hesitate to wear a black grenadine to a funeral or anywhere. As for the rolled edges that is a personal preference - so if you wear ties with rolled...
  7. Sam Hober

    Your opinions please on Grenadine ties!

    Florian2, Good questions. 1) You are correct - Grenadine ties go with everything. 2) Capelli makes good custom made ties. 3) The two basic weaves are are both beautiful and elegant. Go with your first thought/preference. Note Prometeo and Piccola are very similar. You can wear both with...
  8. Sam Hober

    Possible to alter shoulder pads?

    Chris, A great post clear and easy to understand for something that in real life will take some skill to get correct...
  9. Sam Hober

    Advice for shoes for wide feet

    A great thread. I have wide feet and New Balance has running shoes with a SL-2 last which fit well. their hiking boots do not have the same last as they are another brand that they own Dunham. I have tried there Extra wide 6E boots and they are not perfect but not bad. Also not expensive less...
  10. Sam Hober

    Tie Width Wimp

    Paul, Tie widths can change over time due to fashion, but the best dressed men wear ties that are the width, length and construction that they prefer without being much concerned about fashion. As an example very large men look better with wider ties. Very thin men tend to look better with...
  11. Sam Hober

    Custom suit help for beginner

    If possible find somewhere close to you and be sure to take your time...
  12. Sam Hober

    The School Fees We Pay - Mistakes We Make Finding Our Taste

    Great post, very practical! I also have some wool socks which are comfortable but still like cotton.
  13. Sam Hober

    Possible to Remove Interlining in Silk Tie Without Ruining It?

    Making a new tie unlined or lined his usually more expensive than remaking a tie. Although id expensive shipping is involved and or custom duties then the remade tie could be more expensive. Normally I only suggest remaking a tie when it was a gift or you really love the fabric... But it can...
  14. Sam Hober

    Tie storage options?

    You can simple hang on thick plastic or wood hangers in your closet - this is what I do. Do not use thin metal dry cleaner hangers as they can crease your ties. Do very now and then move the tie's position on the hanger a bit - again to avoid creases.
  15. Sam Hober

    Fabric waterproofing?

    A quick shot of water replant spray will not make the fabric water proof but may be what you are looking for - note check on a spot first that no one sees to confirm it doesn't make the fabric look bad.
  16. Sam Hober

    Quintessential Knit Ties: Comprehensive Discussion & Appreciation

    Hi Dimitris, Actually I have never visited their website before - but just now I took a look at their ties - some designs are nice and they have many knit ties. What confuses me is their high prices for ready made ties. I think everyone who sells ties makes more money than we do... But we...
  17. Sam Hober

    The School Fees We Pay - Mistakes We Make Finding Our Taste

    I was given a gift of beautiful hand woven silk and got the idea of making a jacket - turned out I had never before worn a silk jacket before for a reason - they are too bright for my style. Ending up giving it away... It was a beautiful jacket and fit perfectly but was just not for me. As a...
  18. Sam Hober

    Quintessential Knit Ties: Comprehensive Discussion & Appreciation

    Dimitris, "the width of that particular portion of the tie which is responsible for the bulkiness of the knot (where the grosgrain is added) is perhaps an issue to be discussed among others." Before COVID I stopped talking to knit tie makers as we don't have plans to reset ties and we can't...
  19. Sam Hober

    Quintessential Knit Ties: Comprehensive Discussion & Appreciation

    Dimitris, Thank you for your kind words! I am certain all will end well - not completely sure about the smoothly part - smiling...

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