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Search results

  1. marc237

    Question about Side Vents on Suits and Sport Coats

    I have it on one of my BB Blazers
  2. marc237

    Book on Alexander the Great?

    Why not go to the principal sources--Arrian, Plutarch and Quintus Curtius Rufus? Paperback editions of all three should be readily available. Modern works on Alexander will mostly just be interpreting and fluffing out what is contained in those books. The Landmark book I recommended is a modern...
  3. marc237

    Book on Alexander the Great?

    A lot of the "history" is revisionist. One of the better histories written closest to the time of Alexander and well translated is the Landmark series "The Campaigns of Alexander".
  4. marc237

    ebay suits, sportcoats, and other clothing

    Who's initials are ROP? Dr. Richard Philips. Be careful of stains.
  5. marc237

    Is ordering an Amareto on-the-rocks kinda strange?

    Have the bartender add a splash of bitters.
  6. marc237

    Cool Shoes, Paraphernalia & Desiderata - Part II

    likely not an amazing deal, but damn.. nicest Zegna shoes I've ever seen Yes!!! Absolutely!!! Stunning!!!
  7. marc237

    Do we still need ESPN?

    Truth be told, I do watch the strongest man comps. I am a sucker for farmer's walks, truck pulls, and the ever popular Hercules' Pillars.
  8. marc237

    ebay suits, sportcoats, and other clothing

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...#ht_500wt_1156 Good deal? Really? Impossible to know. There are no photos of the labels and the photos of the suit are uninformative. The gorge would seem to indicate that this is a considerably older Zegna. That might be fine if you are looking for...
  9. marc237

    Married SFers: How much did your wedding cost?

    My wife and I made a very early decision to not spend a lot of money on the wedding. Neither of us had a lot of money and our parents were not well off. It seemed that depleting the savings we did have and mortgaging our future for a ceremony and party was not the way to go. We did a simple...
  10. marc237

    Doors singer pardoned by Florida governor

    I had a very vivid dream I was in a desert with an Indian chief (feathers not dot) and Jim Morrison showed up and said he appreciates the gesture. then it occured to me I must organize AcidStock(tm) You've been through the desert on a horse with no name?
  11. marc237

    White Flannel Pants

    I am with Manton. A nice fall staple when you have filled in everything else. My one caveat - once the snow falls, it is too messy in NYC for light colors.
  12. marc237

    ebay suits, sportcoats, and other clothing

    http://www.brionibangkok.com/ They got Andy's endorsement.
  13. marc237

    NYC bedbug and clothing shopping.

    Cold isn't that effective (and I have no idea about dry cleaning), they'll mostly survive being frozen. Use heat, if you want to make sure to kill 'em. A quick iron or steaming, a run through the wash on hot, or a trip through the drier will do the trick. According to the nice folk at the...
  14. marc237

    NYC bedbug and clothing shopping.

    They are everywhere. They can't be bargained with. They can't be reasoned with. They don't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And they absolutely will not stop, ever. That said, I have taken to sticking my new purchases into the freezer or having them dry cleaned before I take them into the...
  15. marc237

    ebay suits, sportcoats, and other clothing

    2 42R BB Golden Fleece suits by Martin Greenfield IIRC, and solid navy BB DB blazer cheap In the text, says 41 Long
  16. marc237

    "Jacket required" - a relic of the past?

    Something like that has to be supported bottom-up. A business will have a tough time surviving trying to enforce a dress code that is not widely supported by its patrons. True that. I have been to too many restaurants that list the policy but do not try to enforce it. I try to adhere in the...
  17. marc237

    Site Topics - Part II

    Could one of the mods please check, is new member catside just a shill for an ebay seller? NOTE: all the links s/he posts in "ebay suits, sportcoats, and other clothing" link to the ebay seller Augustusbrine. Thanks.
  18. marc237

    ebay suits, sportcoats, and other clothing

    I'm seriously considering buying this Caruso. Any idea how old it is? Gorge and lapels look somewhat 80's to me. I think it be an orphaned suit jacket.
  19. marc237

    ebay suits, sportcoats, and other clothing

    And another thing you don't see every day, a NWT Sulka (St. Andrews?) cashmere sportcoat. Size 42. BIN of $130. Listed as used, but it's still got the tags and stitching on the sleeves. UNVENTED. http://cgi.ebay.com/SULKA-SIZE-42R-M...item19bfa2236d Probably does not have sleeve buttons as...
  20. marc237

    Cool Shoes, Paraphernalia & Desiderata - Part II

    BIN is ridiculous. Also, the quality is not even close to current EG offerings. I have bought/sold a dozen pair of these. They are nice, but not that nice. I also appreciate that the seller painted the soles on used shoes.

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