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  1. Europe's Finest

    Justin's beard

    What's up?. I was thinkin' about gettin' a beard like Justin Timberlake. It has been stylish for a while now to wear a beard and I feel like I'm ready to jump on the train... the only problem is that I'm not gettin' that much of a beard yet. I'm 18 years old and my 'beard' looks more like...
  2. Europe's Finest

    Brown or black belt?

    Which belt goes better with a pair of light Chinos, a black or a brown one? Of course, I would wear my shoes in the same color, so you have to consider that. And I might wear it with light and dark blue shirts and other bright sommer colors. I personally prefer the black combination because to...
  3. Europe's Finest

    How often do you go to the barber/hair-stylist?

    It would be great if everybody could reply. I would like to see if you guys have the same manners when it comes to hair and barbers. ~THX~
  4. Europe's Finest

    White polo shirts...

    I always liked plain, white polo shirts for summer and I'm about to buy me some more next week. But before I do that I wanted to hear your opinion. I would wear them with a loose pair of jeans ad white sneakers. Do y'all think that would look good? Or do you recommend other colors? Does it look...
  5. Europe's Finest

    Fashion vs. style

    For a few days this statement is flying around in our Styling-Forum and I would love to talk more about it. I want everybody's great and explicit opinion on this matter. Where is the difference between Fashion and Style? When is somebody stylish/fashionable? Define "stylish"? And so...
  6. Europe's Finest

    How long should chinos be?

    I just bought some really nice pants of Zegna Chinos. The only problem is that they are a little bit too long, so I need to cut their lenght. About how long should pants be? (...how are they supposed to lay on your shoes, etc...)
  7. Europe's Finest

    The last advice...

    In three days I'm going "Sommer-Shopping" in Orlando, therefore I wanted to ask you guys for the latest trends when it comes to sommer-fashion. Designers? Colors? Cuts? Etc.? ~THX~
  8. Europe's Finest


    I need to but some new Chinos for summer. Therefore I need some advice from you guys: Which brand? Which color? Which ones look trendy, classic, etc.? Which ones have good quality? Thanx, for taking your time to help me.
  9. Europe's Finest

    Shoppin' in orlando!

    I'm going to ORLANDO on the 7th - 10th of April. I hope that somebody can tell me where I can find the best locations to shop. I'm looking for Gant / BOSS / La Coste / Polo / etc.... I truly appreciate any help. Thanx.
  10. Europe's Finest

    +++ sneakers +++

    The whole week I'm wearin fine leather shoes, but on casual days I like to wear comfortable sneakers. I personally prefer Reeboks, they are classic and fit very good to a relaxed pair of jeans. I think Sneakers from Prada are too colorful, too "stylish" for Sneakers. I would like...
  11. Europe's Finest

    Damn.....pimples again!!!

    From time to time I'm getting little pimples on my face...can anybody tell me what helps against those awful things?. Does it really help to drink a lot of water, to get a lot of sleep, and to stop eating candy??? PLEASE H E L P ...
  12. Europe's Finest

    Good night!?

    I usually sleep for about 4 to 6 hours, but it seems like that is not enough for my body and my health. It's hard for me to go to bed earlier because I've a lot of work to do, but it's also hard to do my work because I'm always tired. What should I do? How much sleep do I need? Does sleep help...

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