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  1. sho'nuff

    Local orange county new clothing sale all half off.

    Haven't been here in awhile so if I'm breaking any rules please close thread. All my leftover stuff (sz 34 pants 42 jacket 16 neck 32 jeans) half off anything from my old clearance thread (should be in archive) Please only local no delivery meet at public place. I need to get rid of everything...
  2. sho'nuff

    ok, how do you divide household labor and does it cause strife?

     boy i know how this feels. it is tremendous stress. but when it is all done and tucked away you feel free as a bird.
  3. sho'nuff

    ok, how do you divide household labor and does it cause strife?

    my wife and i both work, same amount of hours, i suppose her job has more labor associated to it, as im in IT, and she is in art/design and moving stuff around and painting, etc. she comes home before i do and will do all the cooking. cleaning usually she does in the kitchen as well. i could...
  4. sho'nuff

    What's the deal with this guy in the bathroom? (Public Bathroom Etiquette)

    It would clearly tell him if it had been used in his absence - when the door is opened it will fall to the floor, most people probably do not pick it up from the floor, and certainly wouldn't replace it. How this benefits him, beyond some kind of fetish, I am not sure. Perhaps he only likes to...
  5. sho'nuff

    Why didn't anyone tell me HE washers suck?

    im curious as well. i just got receipt of a brand new HE washer (GE) and i have a couple of questions are they supposed to be just flopping around inside without any water? the clothes are wet yes. but then it sort of drains out then tumbles for a minute or two, sprays more water, drains...
  6. sho'nuff

    I sold my car, but the buyer is upset...

    so what finally happened in this issue?
  7. sho'nuff

    US measurement system,i don't get it.

    I love the metric system. but I have no fucking clue as to instantly know what 86kilos weighs, or 200kilometers is how far. The only stuff I really have a grasp on is temperature in Celsius (but only body temperature ranges) and Millimeters and liters. This is just because of medical...
  8. sho'nuff

    What was your big break?

    Hey, I'm new to the forum. I've been lurking for a while from time to time and thought this would be a good place to post this. First let me tell you about myself. I'm a recent grad, went to a great school for mechanical engineering, I got lucky. Discovered alcohol and women - never looked...
  9. sho'nuff

    Did I get a pay raise but not notified?

    hi i just found out that my trash can in my cubicle didnt get emptied out last night. does anyone know why this happened?
  10. sho'nuff

    Need help (girl of my dreams)

    yeah. op seems like a nice guy but if her or anybody she knows comes across this (or if i were her friend and saw this) , it would be strongly recommended to cease communication/any relationship with op
  11. sho'nuff

    Need help (girl of my dreams)

    classic iphone/facebook generation. trying to get a date, so instead of calling the girl directly and just keep trying to pursue her/court her the normal social human way, they instead text and if dont get a response , start an internet thread on a public forum asking for advice and posting...
  12. sho'nuff

    The little horrors in life

    I have a fairly irrational fear. Every time I get off an elevator I'm always afraid that I'm going to drop my keys and they will fall through the small crack between the floor and the elevator and fall to the bottom of the elevator shaft. So I always keep my keys in my pocket or have a death...
  13. sho'nuff

    Who do you absolutely trust?

    wife, parents, brother in law, (but not my own brother nor my parents in law. brother is very conditional and parents in law while their intent is pure, they are VERY mistake prone)
  14. sho'nuff

    I sold my car, but the buyer is upset...

    dam. i got to read that next! is it fail-hilarious or just funny haha!?
  15. sho'nuff

    Let's see your weight loss

    Any cutting tips? I'm off to a slow start. I can bulk really well (with little fat gain), but I suck at cutting properly. basically it is a careful diet and a ton of cardio. just that simple. i was down to about 1 hour of cardio 5-6 times a week, which i sustained for over 6-7 months till now...
  16. sho'nuff

    The little horrors in life

    this thread is so laugh
  17. sho'nuff

    Let's see your weight loss

    i got decently cut up this year. trying to maintain it.. here's a pic for encouragement to others. i was a fatty last year just fyi.
  18. sho'nuff

    I'm a scumbag--ask ebay

    Been doing ebay since 2004 and selling for the past couple years. Nothing heavy, very much a hobby thing (fewer than 100 transactions as a seller, all told). Now, I find out that I suck. Ebay has sent me a message saying that I am below their standards, therefore, they will be putting a hold on...
  19. sho'nuff

    NBA 2016-2017 Season Thread

    what is this sh*t??? failure
  20. sho'nuff

    Scent/Fragrance of the Day thread

    annick goutal duel. i just got a sample of this. i love this unique scent too bad it is almost has no presence at all.

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