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  1. ArteEtLabore14

    Zen - BBC TV detective show

    can anyone help out an old, technology-challenged man? i'd be happy to pay for dvd if someone could burn one. Torrenting is very easy, I only starting doing it a few months ago. http://www.wikihow.com/Download-Torrents I recommend Tixati as your BitTorrent client: http://www.tixati.com/ And...
  2. ArteEtLabore14

    What are you reading?

    People need to get over Wheel of Time. Most overrated fantasy series of all time.
  3. ArteEtLabore14

    Zen - BBC TV detective show

    He does not seem like much of a detective from any of the episodes in the series. He just hangs around looking cool and everything falls into his lap: women, money, solutions.... That's how it works in real life, didn't you know?
  4. ArteEtLabore14


    More accurately it is the most overrated movie of the last decade. The plot was clichÃd/ played out, but wasn't completely terrible. In 2d, the movie is pretty terrible. In 3d the impressive visuals made it a very solid popcorn flick. It was somewhat fun to watch, but not a very strong movie...
  5. ArteEtLabore14

    What are you reading?

    Working on the Prey series by John Sandford. They should really make them into a movie or an HBO series.
  6. ArteEtLabore14

    If you had 500k, what business would you start ?

    it's that cheap? If you go low enough, yes.
  7. ArteEtLabore14

    If you had 500k, what business would you start ?

    - Purchase or start a football club in the lower divisions of England or Ireland - Self publish I suspect bankruptcy would come a-knocking rather quickly.
  8. ArteEtLabore14


    Avatar was the worst movie of the past decade. Even if you didn't enjoy the film this is perhaps the grossest overstatement ever.
  9. ArteEtLabore14


    Just saw Avatar for the first time and it was awesome. That is all.
  10. ArteEtLabore14

    TV Help

    I got my dad that same exact Samsung Plasma for his birthday last year. I have to say it's a fantastic set. Sure it isn't as sharp as my Samsung 1080p 120hz and the screen is quite reflective, but the colors reproduction is superb and the motion is good. I think it would work very well for...
  11. ArteEtLabore14

    English Premier League 2010-11 Fantasy Football

    Edin Dzeko (City) is available now, and word is he'll start vs Wolves this weekend. I'm gonna be an early adopter and captain him up. He's a goal-scoring machine, even with horrible service - imagine what he'll do with Silva, Barry, Milner, etc. supporting him. Risky move, will be interesting...
  12. ArteEtLabore14

    TV Help

    Also, the warranty for the Samsung is 1 year, but the warranty for the refurb Vizio is only 3 months.
  13. ArteEtLabore14

    TV Help

    I'm in the market for a new television, probably going with a 42". It will be in my basement where there is no natural light, so I've been considering a plasma. Right now I'm looking at this Samsung Plasma, 720p, for $480. http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-PN42C4...5026450&sr=8-4 But also this...
  14. ArteEtLabore14

    Zen - BBC TV detective show

    and back on topic, the pilot for this was actually pretty good, albeit a bit lengthy. I'll continue watching as Rufus Sewell is a big draw and the show has potential. All the episodes will be this long as they each cover one of Didbin's books. Overall I think the show is pretty good, but I...
  15. ArteEtLabore14

    Zen - BBC TV detective show

    Of course not. Its a BBC show so they've got to have Brit actors. In a British TV show, yes. I was kidding, but I think it's funny.
  16. ArteEtLabore14

    Zen - BBC TV detective show

    Is it common for Italian police departments and the Italian government to be dominated by Brits?
  17. ArteEtLabore14

    The Game

    Is this the show that was on UPN/The CW about football players in a quasi-NFL league and their wives/girlfriends?
  18. ArteEtLabore14

    Zen - BBC TV detective show

    ignorant much? Ehh. Not really. It's a bit of an over generalization, but it's still a valid point.
  19. ArteEtLabore14


    I've read that quinoa is some sort of superfood. How accurate is this? Who eats it, what do you make with it, and do they carry it at most supermarkets?
  20. ArteEtLabore14

    Sherlock (TV Series)

    Search Sherlock then sort by seeder (click on the SE). The first 3 eps are right at the top. Thanks! Got the first two, but the link for the third was malfunctioning.

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