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  1. Brinbro

    Wings + Horns Reversible Terry Hoodie Size Large

    Yo, this is the reversible terry (thermal + loop terry) - even better/warmer than tiger fleece, but not tiger fleece.
  2. Brinbro

    Left Field Indigo Selvedge Canvas Jeans [32] DROP

    PRICE DROP4/17/15 Grail, but too small. Brand new, never worn. Left Field ISC jeans in a 32. Some info form the LF site: 12 oz. Cone Mills White Oak red line selvedge duck canvas 100% cotton Indigo yarn dyed warp and weft American made Universal hardware American made bandana pocket bags...
  3. Brinbro

    Wings + Horns, Various Items, S - M [Price Drop]

    PRICE DROPS --- W+H Wool Fleece Cardigan, Size Medium, $90 shipped Warm, Mr. Rogers style cardigan. Worn just a few times I'm not sure I pull the look off. Made with an awesome looking wool "fleece." W+H Zip-Flannel, Wine, Size Medium $38 shipped Riri zippered flannel, wine color, buttons...
  4. Brinbro

    Odyn Vovk Leather Jacket, Medium [Price Drop]

    Odyn Vovk Goatskin Leather Jacket, Black, Size M Made/Designed in Los Angeles and fits slim. One of the original leathers from OV. Asymmetrical riri zipper, extended neck, slash riri zipper pocket on the chest. Lined with cotton and oh-so-supple. Worn 20 - 25 times, so it has some signs of...
  5. Brinbro

    Reigning Champ Hoodie [Price Drop]

    Reigning Champ Tiger Terry Hoodie, White/Black, Size M PRICE DROP 4/17/15 Brand new. Not too thick, not too thin. Probably best for spring, summer, and early fall. This looks exactly like the tiger fleece but without the fleece (it's a loop terry inside). Looking for $75 shipped. Better...
  6. Brinbro

    FS: Momotaro "Going to Battle" 0705SP [32] [Bigger Price Drop]

    Brand new, I have the dustbag and purchase sheet from Momotaro - will include denim coin purse if requested (and if I can find it). These were purchased from their Japanese store directly in Kojima. Unfortunately, I was going to hem them and then wear them, but in the year and a half since they...
  7. Brinbro

    FS: Reigning Champ Printed Poly Jacket [S]

    https://shopacrimony.com/products/reigning-champ-navy-printed-poly-hooded-jacket This jacket is the previous season's run. Worn sparingly because it's waaaayy too small for me. The jacket is packable, which is awesome. The color really stands out in person, it's a bright electric blue when it...
  8. Brinbro

    FS: Wings + Horns / More [[Drops]]

    Sorry, not sure of the model I'd have to take a look when I get home and see if I can figure it out.
  9. Brinbro

    FS: Wings + Horns / More [[Drops]]

    2/10 PRICE DROPS - PROBABLY WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN. THANKS FOR LOOKING! UPDATED WITH THE BELOW TWO ITEMS W+H Wool Blend Vest | sz M More of an interest check. Worn 10 times or so, still looks brand new. Fits like a W+H medium, or just a little slimmer. $240 shipped W+H Olive Button Down | Sz S...
  10. Brinbro

    FS: Wings + Horns Pants [30]

    Wings + Horns Olive 5-Pocket Pants size 30 BNWT from this past season and measure the same as the tan ones: 15.5" waist and 7" leg opening. $70 shipped
  11. Brinbro

    Need Supply - official Affiliate thread

    Any code for February? Might be making a purchase soon. Also, do you have a policy for holding product? Thanks!
  12. Brinbro

    wings+horns F/W 2012

    Yeah, their oxfords have gained an entire size across the seasons...I have to size down now.
  13. Brinbro

    wings+horns F/W 2012

    It sucks? I'm slowly fading out W+H and only buy select sale items/ebay/yoox - looking into buying more made in america products like Taylor Stitch at much more reasonable prices without the "fashunz" mark up. I owned the leather varsity up there, it was nice, but the raglan shoulders looked...
  14. Brinbro

    The WAYWT Discussion Thread

    Had this jacket a year, wore it for the first time yesterday, so I took a pic. Wings + Horns x 4 and TBC
  15. Brinbro

    FS: Wings + Horns Navy Overdye Buttondown [M]

    Pre-owned - price is reflected. Still looks pretty much how I bought it, has been sitting on my couch waiting to be photographed so it's collected some dust, could probably use a wash. The shirt's scrunched aesthetic was present when I bought it (as evidenced by the placket). It has a VERY...
  16. Brinbro

    WTB: W+H Nep Dungaree Shirt [M]

    Looking to buy this shirt in a medium. Will pay according to wear, etc. just pm me and we can discuss that! Photo here, but I think if you're selling you know what it looks like :) https://s3.amazonaws.com/assets.svpply.com/large/364964.jpg?1339851524
  17. Brinbro

    wings+horns spring/summer 2013

    Why make a denim jacket that looks like every generic denim jacket out there and probably costs $400+? Whatever happened to their research line? Ugh... at least the DDW stuff looks nice but I'm sure that will cost a fortune.
  18. Brinbro

    FS: Rag & Bone Field Parka [Big Price Drop]

    Rag & Bone Field Parka | sz 36 | Fits a size small or medium. Bone, off-white colored parka from Rag & Bone made in the U.S.A. My favorite jacket, so awesome I bought a second in the grey wool. Not keen on selling this, but my favorite outerwear recently popped up on Yoox so I'm hoping to grab...
  19. Brinbro

    FS: Wings + Horns / Naked & Famous [Price Drop]

    Naked & Famous Nep Denim, sz 31 | Now $55 shipped [Final Drop, 12/12/12] Brand new, worn once for a short period of time, but the leg opening is too big for my shoes and I've lost over 10 lbs. Slim fit. Measurements here...

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