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  1. Benzito

    How to pack for 2 months in Europe...

    Take fewer shirts / sweatshirts than you think you'll need. Buy them there, get a souvenir, kill two birds with one stone.
  2. Benzito

    HP Touchpad - WebOS

    What bugs still need to be worked out? I can't stand constant re-boots when things crash, but I can't find anything indicating how often that would be.
  3. Benzito

    Shoe polish to fix scratches on leather sofa

    For light scratches (maybe "scuffs" would be a better description), you can buy a bar of Ivory soap and gently rub it into the blemishes. Use a small bit of water. Then get a good cleaner / conditioner and try to buff the scratch out. Don't try this on suede.
  4. Benzito

    What Movies Are You Watching Lately

    Netflix sucks and is getting worse, but I watched The Lincoln Lawyer the other night and it was pretty good. It reminded me very much of a made-for-TV movie because of the cinematography and some of the soundtrack choices, but it was a pretty entertaining download. This is true as much as I...
  5. Benzito

    Questions about "The Godfather"

    Michael kept everyone at a distance. Which is odd, since he said Don Vito told him to keep his friends close, but his enemies closer. The only person he let in was that Silician chick he married. And even she ditched him (with a little help from the car bomb). Michael Corleone is a total...
  6. Benzito

    Formula 1 - F1 - Current Season Discussion

    How much do you think Petrov will bring in with new sponsorship? Enough to get Caterham out of last place?
  7. Benzito

    2017 MLB Season Thread

     As of last year, anyway, I think Coco Crisp was highest salary at $6 M a year, so this new guy (with no major league experience) will burst that bubble. By the way, Coco Crisp wasn't born with that name, was he? I don't know if that'd be worse than changing it to "CoCo" as an adult like...
  8. Benzito

    Formula 1 - F1 - Current Season Discussion

     At least they aren't installing safety cages. Pretty soon the cars will look like NASCAR or DTM. Still, they look much better than the new Indy body styles. Yuck.
  9. Benzito


    Thanks to you all, I wasted $1.20 at Redbox to watch this. It was just okay, nothing worth a 153 post threak. ;)
  10. Benzito

    Formula 1 - F1 - Current Season Discussion

     A lot of folks have purportedly already booked their travel and lodging in Austin. Either that or the bulk of the 29,000 hotel rooms haven't yet been opened up for reservations via the various websites. Those that are listed seem to be two to three times higher than any other time of...
  11. Benzito

    2012 College Football Thread

    Man, I thought Bama's offense stunk (yes, maybe the Tiger defense had something to do with it), but what does that say about LSU? No touchdowns and only six points in 8 quarters of football plus OT?
  12. Benzito

    Cars We Drive!

     It looks like you are Tebowing in your avatar (upper right). True believer.
  13. Benzito

    NFL 2011/2012 Discussion

     God inspired your genius. +1
  14. Benzito

    Favorite documentaries?

    Another vote for Dear Zachary. Should be on Netflix. I think Netflix also still has Art of the Steal available. Interesting story about the Barnes Foundation art collection getting taken over by outside philanthropic groups in Philadelphia.
  15. Benzito

    HP Touchpad - WebOS

    I haven't employed the scientific method or anything, but it seems that my TP charges a little slower on the Touchstone if I have it in the case. I had to chuck a no-name leatherette case because half the time the TP wouldn't register as "charging" on the stand. I have the HP case now and it...
  16. Benzito

    Law Schools - Where and Why?

     Unless you are going to a GREAT school (T14 is the common standard, duh) with national reputation and prestige, I can't see why you'd skip Hastings, Davis, or Irvine (You can get in there? Good on you!) if your long term plans are to stay in California. Heck, do you really think WU will...
  17. Benzito

    2012 College Football Thread

     With all the butt-love for the SEC this year, the hypothetical undefeated Big East team (and who would that have been . . . ) would be happy to get an invite to the Music City Bowl to play against Arkansas Academy of Typewriter Repair. Look how many good one and two loss teams got matched...
  18. Benzito

    Law Schools - Where and Why?

     I'll give this a very close (-1), although I think you do make a good point about spending $$$ and going to a school that will allows no opportunity to earn $$$,$$$,$$$ when you get out. But to the other guy's point, you can go to a non-T14 school and be successful in a law career...
  19. Benzito

    2012 College Football Thread

     Does anyone care to challenge my predictions?
  20. Benzito

    2012 College Football Thread

     Wouldn't it be great if the Big East loses its automatic bid (I'm sorry, but adding BSU and Houston doesn't balance who they lost . . . and who they lost weren't really that good anyway) and the Mountain West picks up the new AQ? I don't think the welcome mat will still be there when the...

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