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  1. JLibourel

    What If Canada Invaded America?

    Canada invading the USA? Well, if I were a betting man, I'd give pretty good odds on the invaders' being repulsed!
  2. JLibourel

    Wearing shoes bigger than your size (weird?)

    There is nothing hard and fast about shoe sizes. What fits you well can vary according to the last and other factors. If the shoes "fit very well" and are "super comfortable," then they are "your" size! Enjoy them and don't fret about it.
  3. JLibourel

    Dark Blue suit with what color of vest -waistcoat-?

    Since you're a business major, I am assuming this is something you would want for the job interviews and a first job. I would second the advice that you eschew the vest and put the money toward a good gray suit. In most places, I fear, a three-piece suit looks a bit affected, old-fashioned and...
  4. JLibourel

    Who still wears a suit to work?

    I wore coat and tie (rarely suit and tie) most of the time on my last job (editor of the recently defunct Gun World magazine). No one else in the company did. I am sure it was regarded as eccentric, but I don't believe I suffered any negative consequences from doing so. However, I have been...
  5. JLibourel

    Indian Mace Training

    Does anyone else here use the Indian "gada" mace as a training tool? I purchased a 10- and a 15-pounder from Onnit during their most recent Black Friday sale. I am incorporating the former in my workouts almost every other day. The heavier one I still find rather too ponderous, and it remains...
  6. JLibourel


    ^Getting a kettlebell is a good idea. It's a wonderful fitness tool, especially for training at home. However, you will probably end up purchasing several as you progress with them
  7. JLibourel

    Finding Bigfoot

    I saw in the paper the other day that in one poll 16% of Americans polled believe Bigfoot is a real animal, up from a meagre 11.4% two years ago. I should have thought the passage of time would have diminished belief in the creatures' being real, but evidently this hasn't been the case. I...
  8. JLibourel

    Finding Bigfoot

    Hey! Hey! It's Bigfoot Day! Well, it is August 27, 2018--exactly 60 years after Jerry Crew found the giant tracks beside his bulldozer in Bluff Creek, whereupon the legend of Bigfoot was born. I remember all the public interest in BF that fall as if it were yesterday. As a lad I was initially...
  9. JLibourel

    lefty's random dog thread.

    There was a guy who had a couple of PBGVs in my neighborhood some years back. I don't think I've ever seen a clumber on the the street, however.
  10. JLibourel

    Will i ever grow more?

    ^My apologies if I seemed to imply that there is anything "indecent" about being shorter than 5'9". Lots of great men have been shorter than that. I just finished reading a book about William Walker--the "gray eyed Man of Destiny--who led forces of the wildest, toughest gunfighters in California...
  11. JLibourel

    Will i ever grow more?

    Take heart, a lot of guys shoot up in their late teens. My stepson certainly did. Even if you're 5'9", that's still a decent height for a man. Most men want to be tall or taller, but I believe over 6'4" height starts to become a handicap in fitting in cars and beds and buying good-fitting...
  12. JLibourel

    Dress code: "Noble House" ??!

    There is a Hong Kong tailoring firm Noble House that does tours. I thought perhaps that that was what was being referred to when I saw the title to this thread. I know nothing about the operation other than that it exists.
  13. JLibourel

    Formality Scale of Hats

    As long as this thread has been revived, I'll just throw in a pet peeve of mine: Why the hell are beaver felt hats so expensive? Raw beaver pelts are dirt cheap these days, selling for about $11 apiece. It can't take too many to provide the felt for a hat, so why is there such an upcharge?
  14. JLibourel

    How best to prevent (and fix) rugged/jagged collar on t-shirts

    ^Discarded T-shirts can be most useful: They make excellent dust/cleaning/polishing rags. They are also good for applying shoe polish. I am sure other uses can be found for them as well.
  15. JLibourel

    Need Allen Edmonds rec

    That's very generous of A-E. Why don't you go on their website? At the moment they have a plethora of shoes on clearance, nearly all of them within the $325 limit. Just choose whatever you think best meets your tastes and needs.
  16. JLibourel

    Red Shawl Collar Velvet Jacket

    I'm inclined to think that jacket would be appropriate only if you have a string of girls you've turned out to work the streets for you!
  17. JLibourel

    How best to prevent (and fix) rugged/jagged collar on t-shirts

    All my undershirts are J.C. Penney premium-weight V-necks. Far from hand washing or cold washing them, I just throw them in the washing machine with my other stuff, wash 'em in hot water, throw 'em in the dryer. No problems so far!
  18. JLibourel

    How best to prevent (and fix) rugged/jagged collar on t-shirts

    What kind of T-shirts are you buying? I don't wear T-shirts much except as underwear, but I don't have this problem even after years of use. Perhaps there is something amiss in the way you are laundering them.
  19. JLibourel

    To dress like a psychologist...

    My wife was married to a Ph.D. psychologist. She also had a counseling background. They ran a lucrative practice specializing in vocational rehabilitation of injured workers, for which the state provided very generous benefits in those days. I believe she has told me that he typically wore...
  20. JLibourel

    Button Down vs Semi Spread Collar For Dates/Going out

    I would respectfully disagree with the recommendations favoring the semi-spread collar over the button down for tie-less wear. In my opinion, the button-down is by far the best shirt style for wear sans tie. A straight/point collar works okay. Wearing a spread or semi-spread collar without a tie...

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