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  1. gaseousclay

    Sneaker repair shops

    Does anyone know of any decent online sneaker repair shops that have good reputations like B. Nelson? I have a couple pair of sneakers that I'd like to have resoled. The tread on one pair is worn down completely and the tread on the other pair is cracked. I'd like to get a little more life out...
  2. gaseousclay

    women's wallet in CXL or shell cordovan

    so my wife lost her wallet yesterday and i'd like to get her a replacement, preferably in a shade of red. are there any leather makers out there that make a nice, affordable women's wallet? It could be either in chromexcel or shell cordovan. thanks!
  3. gaseousclay

    Persol 2747's: opinions?

    I'm thinking of picking up the 2747 persols but wanted your opinions before I take the plunge. I tried on both the 54mm & 57mm and the 57mm suited my face shape, but they felt big and had some wiggle room. Can these be adjusted to make a tighter fit? I don't want to go down to the 54mm because...
  4. gaseousclay

    skyvalet sale

    damn, it didn't take long for their selection of EG's to run out of sizes. had my eye on the Beaulieu for awhile and saw they were marked down to $875, but alas my size is out of stock. oddly enough, I signed up for their email list and didn't get anything in my mailbox regarding this sale -- I...
  5. gaseousclay

    starting your own shoe haberdashery

    I’m curious if those of you with established businesses can answer a few questions for me with regard to starting your own shoe store. I can understand if you don’t wish to reveal any trade secrets but I think it would be helpful to those of us that have an interest in such things. To my...
  6. gaseousclay

    Do you expect compliments when dressing up?

    I had a thought the other day when trying to decide on my next pair of dress shoes, do men expect compliments from women (and other men) when we dress up, or do you do it for your own sartorial edification? I think it's a given that most of us feel a sense of pride and confidence when we wear a...
  7. gaseousclay

    Edward Green 888 last: more elongated?

    can any of you EG owners give me an idea of how their 888 last fits compared to other lasts from English shoemakers? I was checking out skyvalet (or was it Leffot) and they have their sizing listed as UK8.5/US9D. I wear a 9D on the Alden Hampton last and a UK8F on the Alfred Sargent 724 last...
  8. gaseousclay

    split-toe blucher recommendations needed

    I decided that I eventually want invest in a pair of split-toe bluchers for those less formal occasions. I really like the Carmina split-toe taylor as sold by epaulet.com but i'm curious what other options there are in the world of men's dress shoes? My budget is in the $500-600 range and while...
  9. gaseousclay

    Saks Fifth Avenue brand dress shoes

    any ideas as to the quality of the Saks Fifth Ave brand dress shoes? I saw a pair of brown brogue bluchers at an outlet today and they looked decent enough. they were marked down to $118. are their dress shoes made by any of the well known shoe makers out there like John Lobb, EG, AS, etc?
  10. gaseousclay

    shadesemporium.com - legit?

    anyone ever ordered sunglasses from this site before? if so, what was your experience? I ask because they sell sunglasses for well below the MSRP of other competitors, so naturally I think something is rotten in Denmark.
  11. gaseousclay

    Ray Ban Caravan

    does anyone know if Ray Ban makes this exact color of the Caravan anymore? What about the sizing? I'm afraid that the 55mm might be too big for my face, so I was curious if any of you have the 55mm and what your thoughts are. I ended up cancelling my order with opticsplanet because they didn't...
  12. gaseousclay

    Spiewak military jacket

    Does Spiewak still carry this style of jacket by chance? I saw a navy one via Evo.com but their sizes are kinda big and wanted a size medium. Any other companies out there make a similar jacket?
  13. gaseousclay

    Santonelli ties

    I think this is the company. anyway, saw a bunch of their ties at Nordstrom Rack - handwoven ties made in Italy. are they any good quality-wise?
  14. gaseousclay

    fashion faux pas: wearing a suit without the jacket

    is this considered a sartorial no-no when going out? i've made dinner reservations for my wife and I and I was going to wear my suit. however, because it's so hot out I didn't plan on wearing the suit jacket and only the pants, dress shoes, dress shirt and tie. yay or nay?
  15. gaseousclay


    so what's the general consensus on DKNY clothing? I've checked out their suits and dress shirts and have only ever purchased their ties. are their suits worth buying? how do they compare when put alongside other OTR brands like Hugo Boss? could someone else explain the fit of their suits for me...
  16. gaseousclay

    Hugo Boss ties: made in Italy

    does anyone have an opinion on HB ties that are made in Italy? I took advantage of Macy's sale yesterday because their HB ties were 50% off - I especially liked the mauve/lavender/silver floral motif of the HB tie I purchased. however, I noticed it's of a thicker material than your standard silk...
  17. gaseousclay

    Duluth, MN - any good haberdasheries here?

    the wife and I are going on vacation at the end of the week and we're gonna spend a few days in Duluth. However, I haven't spent enough time there to determine whether or not it actually has any worthy clothiers I should investigate. any ideas?
  18. gaseousclay

    Off 5th - Saks outlet store

    can anyone rate the selection of men's wear of the Off 5th outlet, say, compared to Nordstrom Rack? What are the prices like? What suit brands do they generally carry? not that i'm expecting to find a pair of John Lobbs at a steep discount but it would be nice. is their shoe selection decent?
  19. gaseousclay

    colorviper on ecrater

    http://colorviper.ecrater.com/ anyone ever order from this company? are they legit?
  20. gaseousclay

    Sunglasses ID: Al Pacino

    anyone have any ideas what kind of sunglasses Al Pacino is wearing in Carlito's Way? they look similar to a style I saw at Banana Republic

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