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  1. Ezio

    How often do you actually rock a three-piece suit?

    For the majority of men, it's probably the height of formality (and it's pretty versatile if it's staple colors that you can break up and mix and match) to wear a three piece suit. How often do you personally wear them, why, and what occasions?
  2. Ezio

    Is there such a thing as a non-leather alternative to dress shoes/belts?

    We all love a good leather shoe and belt. Looks great, feels great, it is great. But there are people out there who are against the use of animal products for clothes and food. So for these people, what good quality options are there as an alternative for these more formal/dress products?
  3. Ezio

    Suit Cuts that Suit You?

    So, there's a bunch of different suit styles and cuts. There's that English/Saville style, Italian/Neapolitan style, American sack suits, big lapels, skinny lapels, cropped jackets, cuffed, uncuffed, yada yada yada. But which ones suit you? What's your fave suit style that you come back to...
  4. Ezio

    Frugality (aka no money) and Menswear

    For those of us who are in, let's say, the lower income bracket, how do you handle your desire for style, menswear pieces, suits, etc, trying to balance quality and cost, and not being able to get stuff that looks great cause sometimes... you just can't afford it? Something I've noticed over...
  5. Ezio

    The Burnt Orange Tux from Kingsman 2: Would you wear it?

    I mean, assuming you don't have to pay the $2000 that Mr Porter wants for it. Same tux on a guy who isn't Eggsy: What's your thoughts on these more "in-your-face" dinner jackets and suit styles? Personally, I love this outfit, I'm pondering getting one custom made overseas for my...
  6. Ezio

    Your experience with losing weight and suit size

    So, I'm in the middle of some substantial weight loss. I've gone down to 209 from 306 in the last few years, and my ultimate goal is to get to 180. Now, everyone's body is different and so the sizing differences from one person probably aren't the same as the next person, but generally, how...
  7. Ezio

    If you could only own one pair of suspenders/braces, what would it be?

    Like how the Navy Grenadine tie is supposedly the ultimate tie that works with every outfit, what would the braces equivalent be?
  8. Ezio

    Bottega Veneta Triple Monk Boots - Size 12 US/ Size 45 EU - Black

    Hi! This is my first listing ever, so... here goes nothing. Up for sale is a pair of pre-owned Bottega Veneta Triple Monk Boots, in Size 12 US/Size 45 EU. I've tried to take the clearest pictures I could. These are really cool boots, the leather is really nice, and there isn't too much wear...
  9. Ezio

    WTB: Matka Silk Ties (Chipp)

    I have this awesome Matka Silk tie in orange. It's made by Paul Winston/Chipp. It's my favorite. I wanna get more like this, but it gets pricey to buy them and ship them to Canada. If anyone has they want off their hands, maybe we can work something out? I'm specifically looking for a Fern...
  10. Ezio

    Switching out metal watch links for a leather band or NATO strap?

    Hi Guys, I got a really nice watch as a gift from my aunt last year, but I haven't worn it too much because I need to remove a couple links to get it to fit appropriately and I haven't gotten around to doing that, but I was wondering: Can I replace the metal links altogether with a leather band...
  11. Ezio

    How are Baxter Chelsea boots compared to RM Williams and... everybody else?

    Cause there's not a ton of info on them. They're topping out near the top of my budget. How suit worthy do these look to you guys? What's the quality? They're wholecut Chelsea boots out of Australia. Always wanted black ones.
  12. Ezio

    Trying to avoid mistakes with Indochino

    I'm thinking about ordering a grey suit from Indochino. I'm wary about ordering by just typing in my measurements. What's the best way to mitigate making mistakes and avoiding returns? How are they as of 2015 versus last couple years ago?
  13. Ezio

    Glenplaid Suits

    I came across a suit on sale over the weekend. Perfect fit, loved the color, decent price. I didn't purchase it at that time (might go back) because of a disagreement with the sales person over the price they'd listed it at. However, I was thinking... I only have a navy suit at the moment. I...
  14. Ezio

    Arthur Knight Shoes - Never heard of them.

    Just randomly came across this company: http://www.arthurknightshoes.co.uk/mens-shoes I'm in the market for some Chelsea Boots, but I'm running on a budget, and there are a couple pairs here that are possible buys, but... I've never heard of this company. Anyone have experience with them?
  15. Ezio

    Classic Menswear... on a budget

    So, what are the recommended brands and places to shop for guys who wanna look good but maybe can't justify dropping 500 bucks on C&J Boots? Or need a great suit, but can't splurge? What do you recommend spending more money on? What can you cheap out on and get away with? What are the...
  16. Ezio

    Necktie Texture

    Let's talk. Grenadine, Shantung, Wool, Silk Knit, Chambray, Cotton, Denim, even Leather. Oh so many choices. What do you love? Hate? Thickness? Location? Cost? Let's talk texture. Canada's now in a recession, making it tougher to justify getting grenadine and shantung ties :/
  17. Ezio

    Garza Fina vs Garza Grossa - What's the One for you?

    Which one to rule them all?
  18. Ezio

    What's the perfect tie width for you?

    I'm considering getting some 3.25" ties. To date, all of mine are 3". 3" is perfect as far as I can tell, but then again, my lapels are the same width, so I don't like them looking wonky. What's your perfect width?
  19. Ezio

    Are the heads on Suitsupply models poorly photoshopped on?

    Cause they look so weird. Like sweaty mannequins. Some of them don't even look the right size compared to their bodies, not even considering the same expression constantly. So odd. They got cash. They can photoshop those handsome likely European bro heads better.
  20. Ezio

    Blind buying suits online without fucking up

    So, I think Suitsupply has some cool looking suits. But, there's no Suitsupply store in Vancouver. So I'm considering buying a suit from Suitsupply from the Suitsupply website. But I have no idea if I can buy it and not fuck this up. The last suit I bought from TipTop fits pretty great...

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