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  1. gaseousclay

    Official Sales Alert thread - sales, coupon and discount codes

    How so? It could just be that they're getting a huge shipment of new FW19 stuff and need to clear out some stock.
  2. gaseousclay

    Official Sales Alert thread - sales, coupon and discount codes

    Unlikely. They're doing what most businesses do when they're trying to clear out inventory. This isn't new for them. They're getting rid of old stock to make way for the new.
  3. gaseousclay

    Todd Shelton - Official Affiliate Thread

    Don't know that I agree with this rule, unless you're going for the Kramer high water look. I trust my tailor to make these decisions for me.
  4. gaseousclay

    CANOE CLUB - Official Affiliate Thread

    I’m pretty average in the height/weight department and I had to size down to a medium in Filson’s Seattle fit. I usually wear a large for shirts, sometimes xl depending on brand. Had I gone with my usual shirt size with Filson I would’ve been swimming in it. Filson’s sizing is just huge all...
  5. gaseousclay

    CANOE CLUB - Official Affiliate Thread

    Might have to stop in at my local Filson shop and try that jacket on. Really hate that their tops are boxy and seem to be made for big people
  6. gaseousclay

    CANOE CLUB - Official Affiliate Thread

    Are the sleeve measurements from shoulder to cuff? Thanks for checking
  7. gaseousclay

    CANOE CLUB - Official Affiliate Thread

    Thanks. Could you give me measurements for size small and medium as well? The large measurements are huuuuge. I tried Filson’s size feature on their site which suggested I’m a large, and clearly I’m not.
  8. gaseousclay

    CANOE CLUB - Official Affiliate Thread

    @shopcanoeclub Could you give me measurements for the Filson Tacoma jacket size large? I’d like the p2p, sleeve length, shoulders and length (from center back). Thx
  9. gaseousclay

    CANOE CLUB - Official Affiliate Thread

    I did a quick check on other online shops and it's a mixed bag when it comes to measurements. I looked at Franklin & Poe, Berkeley Supply, and Division Road. F&P and Berkeley Supply have measurements on some stuff but not everything. Division Road posts measurements for most things from what I...
  10. gaseousclay

    CANOE CLUB - Official Affiliate Thread

    Any retailer that is selling non-US brands is subject to import duties/taxes on top of shipping. The profit margins can't be big and for a retailer to survive they have to mark their goods up accordingly. It's up to the consumer to shop smart. With that said, I think Canoe Club has a pretty...
  11. gaseousclay

    CANOE CLUB - Official Affiliate Thread

    @Adroit I agree on the measurements comment but not so much on competitive pricing. A lot of brands probably have MAP pricing (minimum advertised price), meaning that vendors can’t undercut other vendors selling the same product on the market. It also devalues a brand when everyone starts...
  12. gaseousclay

    Flannel work shirts

    The top tier flannels are about twice as much in some cases but worth it if you can afford them. I have a couple of Filson flannels that are ok and will last me awhile but the quality isn’t nearly as good as Iron Heart. I got my Filson shirts on discount and wouldn’t pay full price for their stuff
  13. gaseousclay

    CANOE CLUB - Official Affiliate Thread

    Seconded. Sites like Self Edge and Rivet and Hide put measurements up for each product. Takes the guesswork out of a purchase.
  14. gaseousclay

    With the influx of cheaper well made jeans like Gustin, Brave Star, Unbranded, etc... why spend 2 to

    Agreed. Buyers will continue to pay premiums for those extra details. Brands like Gustin serve a niche market and will continue to serve as a gateway into selvedge denim, but over time they'll lose those customers to the premium brands. Lower cost denim serves a purpose but from what i've seen...
  15. gaseousclay

    Need Supply - official Affiliate thread

    @PhillipNSCO Any chance you'll be carrying the new Reigning Champ henleys?
  16. gaseousclay

    Massdrop x Naked & Famous Ichiban selvedge Weird Guy review: pictures, thoughts, words, links

    my guess is the 4 button fly vs 5 button fly has to do with cost savings. I typically only see 5 button flys with Japanese brands, but you're also paying a premium for them. could also be that Japanese brands that use 5 button flys are also going for authenticity.
  17. gaseousclay

    Jeans Tailored or Butchered?

    His experience as a tailor makes no difference and does not apply to denim imo. I don't believe all tailors would be truthful as to whether or not they could handle a job -- your tailor probably just wanted your business. that is probably the worst waist alteration i've ever seen.
  18. gaseousclay

    Jeans Tailored or Butchered?

    those have been completely butchered. I see this a lot here but never ever take denim in for alterations to a tailor, unless you're only talking about a hem job. otherwise, always go to a denim specialist as they have the proper equipment and expertise to alter denim.

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