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  1. lestyr3

    Is it really worth it to buy expensive shoes?

    Interesting. Your question cuts to the heart of what we're doing on this site. We can talk about improvements in comfort, and our differing experiences in that. We can talk about leather quality - personally, once you start hitting the AE etc level is where the leather takes shines better and...
  2. lestyr3

    Motorcycle Boots for a Business Casual Look

    I think it depends on what type of leather goes into the boots. I have a pair of Frye motorcycle (technically they're engineer) boots in oiled leather which I wear to the office with more matte trousers. If the rest of the outfit is more rugged, they could work fantastic. I say "rugged"...
  3. lestyr3

    What should I wear with this sports coat?

    In cooler weather - which is when this jacket works best anyway - try flannel (light-grey is great, grey with brown specks is best). Or cords. I could see a nice bottle-green corduroy going well with that jacket.
  4. lestyr3

    What should I wear with this sports coat?

    The tie can be optional. Try a pocket square instead. Just plop it unobtrusively, and don't get a loud color, but almost any color should work (try something with a pattern with multiple colors - it gives you many options - like something made by Drakes).
  5. lestyr3

    I need help finding a quality dress shoe

    Actually, the first "proper" dress shoe I ever bought was a walnut AE Strand, at a Nordstrom salesman's urging. While I still have it a decade later, it's had nowhere near the amount of usage I expected. While I agree with Scrumble that the light brown one looks great in the abstract, it...
  6. lestyr3

    What should I wear with this sports coat?

    Here's a suggestion: Light blue shirt. Tie with matte texture (wool or a non-shiny silk), and/or most pocket squares (white linen is a missed opportunity here). Trousers in gray or tan. Derbies, monks, chukka boots, or most things in brown.
  7. lestyr3

    Suit for skinny guy, $700USD and under with alterations

    I was in a pretty similar situation to you once. It was so liberating to - for the first time in my life - have clothes that fit me. Here's what I did, when I didn't know much and I didn't have much time: 1. Figure out using the Strellson and a tape measure what your shoulder measurement is...
  8. lestyr3

    I need help finding a quality dress shoe

    Are you sure about light brown? Darker brown is generally more versatile, which may be important if you're a shoe noob and don't have a large collection. In your position, I'd start with a dark brown brogue, maybe with a tiny bit of burgundy to it. (An Allen Edmonds McAllister, say). Then...
  9. lestyr3

    How to look like a super villain at work

    If what you are looking for is to be seen as more assertive, I suggest picking up the book "A$$hole" by Martin Kihn. Funny memoir of his attempt to do that. (Short version of his advice: Keep it under control, but have the ability to turn it on)
  10. lestyr3

    I want to wear more 'professional' clothing, what are some quality brands.

    When it comes to t-shirts, I use Sunspel almost exclusively. You may have to wait for sales if you can't afford $90, but they are amazing.
  11. lestyr3

    Winter Apparel

    You don't need to go for one of the 5-layer looks. I don't have the patience for that sort of thing, even in my Minnesota winters. So if you live someplace cold, start with a proper down jacket for when things get really boombastic. You can also go far with a decent overcoat, as long as...
  12. lestyr3

    Magnanni Wholecuts vs Carlos Santos

    I'd worry less about creasing (see #2) and more about the following: 1. Fit: Magnanni makes their stuff long and skinny. That aesthetic is not for everybody. More importantly, that fit is not for everybody, particularly if you have wide feet. I don't know Santos as well, but it looks like a...
  13. lestyr3

    does this outfit look odd with the tan colored loafers?

    That's a good use of tan shoes, actually. (I say that because there are many bad ones) I think belt matching is one area of sartorial practice where you can relax. The reason we talk about it at all is a grand objective of menswear: You want people to see the whole of your body. You don't...
  14. lestyr3

    BNWT Epaulet Linen Walts 33

    Could you give measurements please?
  15. lestyr3

    Turning 40 and need makeover... badly

    A couple thoughts (besides seconding everything ThomGault says). Look, take these please as suggestions, not commandments: 1. If you're blond, stop wearing so much black. And if you're over 40, stop regularly wearing cargo pants, ripped jeans, or sandals. Those things do not flatter who you...
  16. lestyr3

    Too dated?

    Sure, I'm a pretty similar build myself. It does limit the number of 38-to-40 jackets I can buy. If you're interested in brand suggestions that do a good job with fit for me, I've had good luck lately with Sartoria Partenopea.
  17. lestyr3

    Too dated?

    Are you shopping mainly Italian? That is kind of an Italian thing, having a high button point. Though IME it's less of a problem for 3-roll-2 than 2 button. The biggest way to avoid things being dated is to never follow any trend with too much zeal. Watch the proportions - lapels at a...
  18. lestyr3

    The Official Carmina Sizing Thread

    I'm considering a Rain last wholecut. For comparison, a Vass F-last 42 and AE 9.5D fit me perfectly. Should I go with an 8.5, or an 8?
  19. lestyr3

    Suede Oxfords with jeans

    You're on the right track. They (#101198) won't be crappy with jeans, but one suggestion if you haven't bought them already. Consider getting something with one of these features: 1. Broguing 2. Open lacing (i.e. derby rather than oxford in strictest sense) or even monk strap With these...
  20. lestyr3

    Formal shade of blue

    I think this is formal enough for any occasion that requires a suit. I totally hear what you're saying about finding a warmer shade of blue - I've gone through the same process myself, as my complexion gets washed out massively by blacks and very dark blues (see attached picture ;) )...

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