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  1. Sfroide3

    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    To give you an idea, my feets got some toe spread (everything too slick on the toe box is a no go). When I say not good it means the size is right but there is pressure points on the toe box which makes it a bad last for me. I hope it can help you. Carmina Simpson UK9 (too tight on the pinky)...
  2. Sfroide3

    Trying to find an equivalent to these trousers from Pini Parma

    Spier and Mackay does some higher rise pants with inverted pleat and side adjusters.
  3. Sfroide3

    Looking for something similar to this hooded leather jacket

    Find his instagram and ask him !
  4. Sfroide3

    What different styles are a possibility for me? Advice would be appreciated!

    I don't think Sibera is the most fashion forward place on earth ... If you plan to loose weight I would always advice to go to 2nd hand stores. You will be able to buy nice jeans (Levi's, Wrangler, etc) for about 10-15$. You definitely don't need 5 pairs of jeans, 3 is fine considering you won't...
  5. Sfroide3

    Alterations advice on suit alterations - How to lengthen the sleeve??

    Only solution would be to add a fifth button to reduce that gap.
  6. Sfroide3

    Need help, Fabric for new suit

    I never tried the nfw. Here is what I found online: https://luxire.com/blogs/news/tropical-wool-comparison-minnis-fresco-vs-dugdale-nfw-vs-smith-finmeresco-vs-h-s-crispaire
  7. Sfroide3

    Advice on general outfit

    The jacket is not your size. You got a big colar gap. A lot of tension on biceps. Pants fit is fine in my opinion. I wouldn't wear clip on belt suspenders it is very childish. The combination of greys is a classic but i wouldn't do a black shirt... ever. Now it all depends on how much time and...
  8. Sfroide3

    Opinions Wanted - Magnanni Loafer

    At full price it's not worth the money. On sale it is.
  9. Sfroide3

    Need help, Fabric for new suit

    You got it right. Even if it doesn't make a crazy big difference, heavier fabrics are way warmer. The most important thing to assess is where and when you will wear your suit. Do you drive from home to your work ? Metro ? On site parking ? Do you have lunch outside ? Etc. If you spend time...
  10. Sfroide3

    First quality dress shoes

    I can not agree more than everything that was said. Also remember that if you use paypal, you can ask a refund on the return shipping cost up to 25usd (max 10 times per year). It is extremely useful when buying new shoes. The best quality for the price is probably going to be Meermin and Carlos...
  11. Sfroide3

    New Shoes: Creases in Leather

    Might also be that shoes are too big or a too high instep.
  12. Sfroide3

    Shoe fit

    Short answer: snug but not painful (identify pressure points). Some lasts are more comfortable than others. If your shoes are too big: it's not good for creases and in the end your shoes life expentancy, it's dangerous because you got no support from the shoes (you can injure yourself, ankle...
  13. Sfroide3

    24 year old learning to dress

    Levi's has the advantage of cuts compared to any other brand. I personnaly used to wear 511 when I was heavier even though it's a slim cut. I lost weight and now wear the 502 regular taper. It gives me enough room in the thighs. Best bang for your bucks when it comes to shoes in my opinion...
  14. Sfroide3

    Advice on pair of 1st pair of Derby - Di Bianco / Crockett & Jones Gaziano GIrling / Carmina

    I wouldn't recommend a black pair of shoes with such a casual outfit. To anyone that is into classic men style it would look odd to wear a sportcoat with black oxfords. What you are actually wearing for business is actually very very casual according to classic men style. A medium brown or dark...
  15. Sfroide3

    Carlos Santos Field Boot GMTO

    Pretty much the same just non pebbled. https://www.thenobleshoe.com/collections/all/products/carlos-santos-field-boot-in-dark-brown-suede-brown-calf
  16. Sfroide3

    SPIER & MACKAY - Official Affiliate Thread

    Very disappointed with the buying experience. I have been looking at some trousers for a few days. There is no stock. Many many items are sold out but still listed on the website. When you sort by fit and size it still shows you items that are not in stock in your size and fit which make the...
  17. Sfroide3

    Grey Flannel Suit - cuffs or no?

    I never said to do 1/8 inch cuffs or 2ft cuffs either ... Ofc you gotta stay within reasonable limits.
  18. Sfroide3

    Advice, First pair high quality dress shoes

    For a 500usd budget it's better to buy two pairs at 250 usd than one at 500usd. Your shoes need to rest between wear especially if you are going to wear them for hours. The leather needs to dry - that is why we add shoe trees and let the shoes rest of at least a day between wears. If it is your...
  19. Sfroide3

    Cobbler Union - Bespoke-Inspired, Small-Batch, Luxury Men's Shoes - Official Affiliate Thread

    The pair I have is the lighter color that I bought this year. About meermin. I would say it's a totally different approach. Quality is definitely cheaper. I had to reglue the heel after 3-4 wears. It's not a storm welt. But stitching density is the same so that's very positive. The sole is way...
  20. Sfroide3

    Suit and trainers/sneakers

    In sum, there is only two options: 1. You follow the rules of the hosts 2. You follow your own rules of style As long as you can live with it ...

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