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  1. Bokeh

    Help find me some sunglasses

    I rarely wear sunglasses, I think the last time I bought a pair was about 10 years ago and they're long gone . Since moving to Florida, I've been out to lunch many times, sitting outside squinting, eyes watter,etc.. I went to pick out a pair a few months ago, but couldn't decide what style...
  2. Bokeh

    need short term wardrobe suggestions during weight loss

    Currently about 1/3 of the way through my fatloss/fitness goal, still about another 30lbs of fat to go. My older clothes are starting to fit badly, and they are just getting tired looking from washes. I am looking to replace them now. I need to freshen up my wardrobe, but I don't want to spend...
  3. Bokeh

    Brooks Brothers Polos, whats the difference?

    I want to get 6 or so new solid polos for my everyday casual life. I'm looking to order from Brooks Brothers, but there are many different kinds to choose from Golden Fleece Performance Polo - Basic Colors - 9 colors to choose from - gold colored chest logo Golden Fleece Novelty...
  4. Bokeh

    rebuilding my social skills

    I've pretty much been in hibernation mode these past 5 years after my 2nd divorce. Now that Im re-entering the world, I realize that my social skills pretty much suck. after hearing a voicemail I left for someone a few days ago I realize I sorta mumble and slur my speech. in social situations...
  5. Bokeh

    how to turn debilitating emotions into motivation?

    /enter the mind of bokeh for the next few minutes you will enter my mind sorry for the coming rant, but I am in the process of rebuilding myself, and I am working on my mental state, while spending the next few months researching a personal style for myself. I think everything makes style...
  6. Bokeh

    Carbamide Peroxide - Teeth whitening

    I have some trays a dentist made for me a few years ago. I also have a couple tubes of 16% Carbamide peroxide, that expired a few years ago. I used about half of one tube last night, and will use the other half of the tube tonight. The other tube doesn't ooze out of the syringe, it has hardened...
  7. Bokeh

    Help Bokeh Find His Style - transformation in progress

    Hello styleforums. Sorry for the long first post; But, I hope that down the road this thread can be a styleforum.net transformation that will inspire others. I've been lurking here a while and figured its finally time to register because I am more confused about which direction to go with myself...

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