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  1. jml90

    Looking for western shirts

    I'm looking for some western shirts specifically in styles like these Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  2. jml90

    Where to find Contrast stitching t shirts (pics inside)

    Title says it all looking for t's similar to this
  3. jml90

    Motorcycle vest

    I'm looking for a black motorcycle vest. It's a zip up and looks like a cafe racer without the sleeves. Looks like this http://www.wwe.com/superstars/smackd...01/2008photos/
  4. jml90

    Red wing 8130 (black 875)

    Anybody know where to find a pair of these or something similar? I've only seen the 8130 available on Jp. websites and I'm not sure if they send to the US. I'm a 13D in AEs and my Chippewa boots.
  5. jml90

    Jama boots?

    Anybody ever hear of this brand? I like some of the styles they have and they're cheaper than the Justin alternative. I'm thinking of buying a pair, but don't want to be disappointed. http://www.jamaoldwest.com/
  6. jml90

    WTB Navy blaZer (50/52 US)

    Alright I'm looking for a decent inexpensive navy jacket I'm a 50-52R/L. I'm open to any BB level or better jacket. Single breasted 2 or 3 buttons preferably double vents, but single or none won't kill the deal. I don't have a lot of money so the less expensive the better.
  7. jml90

    Interest check narrow siZe 13s AEs

    I have a pair of 13A AE McCallister in brown pebble grain bought them and seller said they were a D, but they're not, soles look to be realtively new, but not the originals. I also have Black 13B AE Danbury (A plain toe bal with quarter[?] brougeing) Also a pair of ET Wright's similar in design...
  8. jml90

    How much do you tip?

    I realiZe that it depends on the service, but I went out with a few of my friends the other night and the bill was over $100 for us and one of my friends insisted that we should only give a 10%-15% at the most because of the price of the bill. FWIW the service was really good and he looked young...
  9. jml90

    Pocket square storage

    Okay how do you do it? I've been just putting them in a drawer but then I have to sift through them to find the one I desire.
  10. jml90

    Why are blue shirts better than white?

    First of all sorry in advance for posting this on both foras, but any help would be greatly appreciated as this is for a greivance at the next schoolboard meeting. I'm trying to think of reasons that blue shirts are better than white shirts for everyday use so far I've come up with longevity and...
  11. jml90

    Cary Grant Sharp Dressed Man

    I know there was a Sean Connery one, but I think I like this one better.
  12. jml90

    Two NWT Polo bow ties

    2 NWT Polo bows, I have one red and one burgandy one regular and one batwing(?) respectivly $35 each or $62 for both shipped.
  13. jml90

    NWT Polo RL Tweed jacket 40R

    I have a herringbone tweed Polo RL Sport coat 3button leather wrapped buttons saddle bag pockets half lined NWT @$695 pics to come tomorrow. Make an offer if interested. $300 OBO? It's unlined except for light shoulder padding I need some money for vacation at the end of the month so let's get...
  14. jml90

    Conservative ties with white labels?

    I was watching Law and Order (as I frequently do) and while watching Jack McCoy walk his tie flapped up and I noticed a white label. Now, I always thought his ties where made by BB, (black/navy labels), Talnott, or Stuart (Both of which have gray labels. So anbody know who makes white?
  15. jml90

    Polish for AE chili? And bringing out red in Merlot

    What color polish for AE's chili should I use. I've been using "Mid tan" kiwi with really nice shine. But, if Kiwi gives me that good of a shine I would think Lincoln would do even better. So, mahogany? Light brown? Tan? Also, how can I bring out the red in my merlot shoes. Oxblood or red...
  16. jml90

    Critique My suit shop shirt

    Okay my first "custom" shirt My suit shop. I see some problems and perhaps getting the trim fit could fix some of them. I think I need to shorten the sleeves.
  17. jml90

    FS/T Allen Edmonds Wright 13b

    Allen Edmonds black bals Danbury model Wright perfed captoes cordovan color. Any interest and pics will be posted.
  18. jml90

    What is a Belgian loafer?

    I was just watching Law and Order and Dennis Farina said "This is going to be hell on the Belgian loafers". So, what are Belgian loafers?
  19. jml90

    Going to s 'semi formal'

    In a few weeks our school is having what they call a semi formal. I so far plan to wear navy 3pc suit with faint check ivory spread collar double cuff shirt. Now, I need options for tie pocket square and shoes. Her dress is a blueish green. The shoes I think I will wear are AE Byrons in Chilli...
  20. jml90

    What pocket square color do you wear most often?

    I seem to always find myself reaching for a blue one. How about you fellas?

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