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  1. bourbonbasted

    Grenson Grey Suede Floyd Loafers 9.5 UK (10.5-11 US)

    bourbonbasted submitted a new resource: Grenson Grey Suede Floyd Loafers 9.5 UK (10.5-11 US) - Brand New in Box Read more about this resource...
  2. bourbonbasted

    Ceiling-Mounted Speakers - Recommendations?

    I know, I know, mounted ceiling speakers are a sub-optimal listening experience. However, I just moved into a new house that has three ~10x12' rooms with 12' ceilings that are wired for ceiling speakers (seller took the old speakers with them). Given the wiring is all done, I figured I'd just...
  3. bourbonbasted

    The State of Cashmere Today

    There have been a number of people, here and elsewhere, that have stated that the quality of cashmere has dropped considerably over the past two decades. While cashmere was once a true luxury product available from a number of Italian and Scottish mills in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, many of these...
  4. bourbonbasted

    It's all About the Statement Scarves, Bro

    This pains me on so many different levels. Fuck. An email sent over a fraternity email chain at Emory: Source
  5. bourbonbasted

    NWT PRL Made by Corneliani Preston Pants, Sand, 33

    Y'all know the drill. Made in Italy by Corneliani, these Polo Ralph Lauren pants are about as good as it gets in the RTW world. The color is a sandy beige. 100% virgin wool, lined to the knee. Flat front. These are brand new, never worn. They are marked 33, but they run slimmer. They could...
  6. bourbonbasted

    How can I lower my taste?

    Hey guys, So I'm in a bit of a quandary. It seems my tastes are too refined and tested for the "real world." I'm looking for some tips to curtail my selective habits and up my stock with those around me. It just really irks me when I don't get compliments from strangers. I've always tried to...
  7. bourbonbasted

    Final Wishes: CM Edition

    Multiple clients are riding me about deadlines and other shit. Today sucks. So much so that I'm tempted to wish I was dead. And then it hit me. Ain't no funeral like a SF funeral. So, brethren and fellow nerds, please respect my final wishes: I shall be buried wearing a FIH knot. If the...
  8. bourbonbasted

    Suggestions for a Reykjavik Drinking Expedition

    A few buddies and I are going to Reykjavik, Iceland for a long weekend (4 days) in June. As the title alludes, the main objective of the trip is drinking. However, we'd also like to get a cultural experience. Accordingly, I was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions on places to go, things...
  9. bourbonbasted

    Recommendations for new tortoise shell sunglasses

    My Persol 714s met their maker over the weekend. Snapped right at the nose bridge. Not overly upset, as I have owned them for the better part of 5 years and got my money's worth. However, I need a new go-to pair. Specifically, I'm looking for a pair of tortoise shells that are between 50 and...
  10. bourbonbasted

    RLPL Loden 100% Cashmere Shawl Neck Sweater Size L/M

    For sale is a brand new with tags, absolutely beautiful RLPL shawl neck sweater. It is loden in color with rich green, grey and brown undertones (the button detail pictures are closest to true color). It is 100% cashmere with genuine horn button detailing and made in Italy. The fabric has an...
  11. bourbonbasted

    Rugby Ralph Lauren: Rest In Peace

    RL announced this morning that it will discontinue the Rugby brand line after falling Q2 net income. SOURCE Kinda sad to hear...
  12. bourbonbasted

    Custom Shirts in Atlanta

    Starting a new job in a few weeks that requires a step up in formality. I have enough shirts to hold me over for a while, but honestly want to take the first step to replacing my current "office" shirts with custom ones. I've done some searching on Google and the forvm and have come up with the...
  13. bourbonbasted

    The Significant Others of MC

    We often take time here to talk about how our passion is received by the outside world. How many men instantly mark us as ghey, how many women find us "metro" (or something equally ridiculous), how people do not understand how we can spend so much time and money in the name of style, etc, etc...
  14. bourbonbasted

    The Ethos of Consumerism and Luxury Consumption

    Last night I was at a family dinner party and got into an interesting conversation with one of my father's friends. A successful man that has been a family friend for a long time, he and I have talked at length a number of times. However, somehow, we stumbled upon the arena of clothes, lifestyle...
  15. bourbonbasted

    Arnys Paris to Close its Doors

    As reported by FANTASTIC MAN, Arnys Paris will close up shop in December to make way for a Berluti flagship store. Sad stuff.
  16. bourbonbasted

    Vintage Watch Cleaning/Restoration Questions

    Hello gents, I have recently decided to clean and restore one of my grandfather's watches that has been collecting dust in my parents' house for a few years. Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about watches and even less about what is involved with cleaning and/or restoring them. I was...
  17. bourbonbasted

    Masquerade Party: Mask Advice

    Hello gents, I have been invited to a masquerade party and am looking for some mask advice. Since I won't be using this mask again (read: I'll probably lose it), I'm in the search for a nice cheap idea. Unfortunately, I have no idea what makes for an acceptable or even masculine mask, so I...
  18. bourbonbasted

    Drunk Girl Meets Suede Chukka

    So after a lovely Thanksgiving holiday I was out at a bar on Saturday night for a few drinks. In the middle of the evening there was a very, VERY drunk girl at the bar. Long story short, she ended up throwing up all over the place and had to be escorted out. My friends and I had a laugh and...
  19. bourbonbasted

    The Name's Ford, Tom Ford

    Looks like Tom Ford will be doing all of Bond's wardrobe in Skyfall. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/fash-track/daniel-craig-james-bond-tom-ford-skyfall-257716
  20. bourbonbasted

    Rest in Peace Normal Hilton; Dead at 92

    Ralph Lauren's first investor was truly a talented and stylish man. Reading his obituary you realize just how smart, dedicated and disciplined he was in his life. May we all strive to leave as lasting of a legacy. Rest in peace. http://www.ivy-style.com/norman-hilton-1919-2011.html

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