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  1. jrh


    Marcus and Yacov, two Hasidic Jews, went to Pincus the tailor for new suits. "Pincus," Yacov said, "the last time we came to you for new suits, we told you we wanted black suits. The suits you made were not black. They were sort of dark gray maybe, but not black. We need new suits, and this time...
  2. jrh

    Lacoste polos

    I just purchased two Lacoste classic polos. I own many.  These two new pieces were purchased from a upper end store.  They are made in Peru..........  All my others are made in France.  They look the same. Anyone know if Lacoste is now making their classic polos in Peru...or have I been taken?
  3. jrh

    A good guy...the real deal

    I am moved to post this as not to often is top notch service realized these days. I was afforded the opportunity to acquire Vass shoes at a good price from the US representative Gabor Halmos. The shoes arrived promply. They did not fit me. I returned them and was promply refunded my money...
  4. jrh

    New vass budapest

    I received a Vass Budapest Derby in Cognac Scotch Grain today.  Mssr Harris and Halmos were most helpful in getting these shoes to me. At first they appeared visually way too long.  I wear a Edward Green 8(UK) F and Weston 8 E.  The Vass are size 42, which is I size I wear from other makers...
  5. jrh

    Ilriccio leather

    Who knows what and who has had experience with ilriccio leather. Either shoes or bags. ilriccio.com Please advise
  6. jrh

    Stefano branchini

    Several years ago I picked-up a pair of Stefano Branchini wing tip shoes in light antiqued tan.  Does anyone know much about this Italian shoe company?  The shoes are very nice with lots of hand work.  A bit funky, but very classy with squared toes.
  7. jrh

    Corrymoor socks

    Thought I'd pass on this down to earth stuff. Corrymoor is a farm in southwest England with Angora Goats. Â The farm produces Mohair socks from the wool. Â I just received my first order. Â Very nice stuff at reasonable prices. Â My socks are their heavier socks, although medium weight, for my...
  8. jrh

    Luciano barbera

    A quick search of the forum revealed only a passing word on Luciano Barbera.  I have a few pieces by Barbera.  Aside for his shirts, which strunk terribly, these pieces are all favorites of mine.   Much has been discussed of quality ties.  My few Barbera's easliy equal the qualities of the...
  9. jrh


    Can anyone provide details on the quality of Trickers shoes/boots.  I am familar with Edward Green, J M Weston, and Alden.  I am particulary looking at the Stow boot.   Pediwear has them instock.  Or I can go through Trickers to specify my exact styling for almost twice the cost.  Has...
  10. jrh

    John partridge englidh clothing

    Gentlemaen: Who knows what of John Partridge English Clothing. I have a couple of their traditional Shooting Coats, which are most excellent. Forget Barbour. I have not seen nor heard much of them in the USA.

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