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  1. spectre

    When to leave out a pocket square?

    I'm sure there are several outfits which look better without a pocket square. Off hand I am thinking maybe a heavy and strongly patterned tweed jacket or suit...perhaps when you are already wearing two patterns and even a simple white linen square is too much. Any others you can think of?
  2. spectre

    WAYWN Tailored casual ?

    Maybe this is a dumb idea and I'll soon know by the reaction or lack of it. It seems to me that there are extremes - not always but quite consistently - in both classic menswear and street wear and denim which leave a gap for what I might call "tailored casual" CM features, quite rightly, a...
  3. spectre

    Casualising the suit

    If made up words like casualisation offend you or you find the concept of suits and desert boots heresy, maybe this is not for you. The inspiration for this thread comes partly from the recent discussion about Nick P and Eidos Napoli and partly from a new informality in Australia (Melbourne...
  4. spectre

    Stile Latino lapel roll?

    Does anyone have any experience with the lapel roll of a standard Stile Latino suit coat? I believe the top button does not roll straight to the middle one, a la Attolini - but does it at least do a three roll 2.5 or is it more of a hard three? Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. spectre

    shirts with sportcoats and no tie BD or regular collar?

    I see both and they seem fine. Does anyone have firm preferences? Open neck BD shirts are more informal but I also think an open wide spread collar can look sort of rakishly Italian, even though it's formal, and even with jeans and sneakers if done carefully. As a side not I was intrigued to...
  6. spectre

    Is there any way of stretching shirt collars?

    There was some sort of contraption on here a while back. Does anyone know any other way please?
  7. spectre

    Do the AA/Esky images influence you at all?

    They always have had some subliminal, even overt, affect on me, although not so much the bolder patterns and extreme summer wear.
  8. spectre

    Are you reaching for sportcoats more than suits?

    I seem to be although I don't really want to; it must be a subconscious desire to blend in or at least not stand out so much at work (I'm a journalist and they invariably dress like crap). Suits I love but they are becoming a bit restricting in my mind. Sportcoats offer such wonderful variation...
  9. spectre

    Whatever happened to Whoopee?

    He was a high class contributor for years up until six months ago when he vanished. Anyone know where he went? He mentioned he worked for a hedge fund at some point so... Newer members should go back and look up some of his posts, many were stellar.
  10. spectre

    Ties - are you wearing them less?

    How are ties holding up in the modern world - and in the SF world? Has anyone decided to wear them less - or are you wearing them more for that matter? Do you wear them now only for specific occasions, are you wearing them less for work in favour of maybe a jacket and just a pocket square? Or...
  11. spectre

    How to avoid looking "too perfect"?

    I care about the way I look - but according to my wife I look a little bit too put together. I know what she means but I'm unsure how to wear my clothes with more "disrespect." I have a friend who wears the same stuff - MTM Italian suits etc and he treats his things like crap - tosses them in a...
  12. spectre

    Best item you've invested in

    Following on from the 'biggest waste of money' thread, what is your best spent money? For me it's a navy winter weight Corneliani cashmere blazer which I bought eight years ago and have worn a couple of times a week ever since. It's in better condition than when I got it, lapels have rolled...
  13. spectre

    Lightest weight dress pants?

    With a week of 40 celcius (108F+) temperatures ahead of us in Melbourne the thought of lightweight slacks which still look fairly formal occured to me. Does anyone know which might be the best and where to get them? Linen would need to have a mix in it for me because, unlike in Italy, severely...
  14. spectre

    Shirts: Average bespoke or high end RTW?

    What do you prefer - a $150 bespoke shirt which will most likely fit well but will have perhaps questionable fabrics and workmanship or a $150 high-end brand (from say Shop the Finest for eg) such as Barba off the rack which will probably not fit (as well) but will have very good fabrics and...
  15. spectre

    Is Jantzen's standard button down okay?

    In reality does Jantzen's standard button down collar look ok? Is it substantial enough in terms of dimensions? (I prefer a larger than normal collar - like Borrelli or Barba). Thanks in advance.
  16. spectre

    Have you curtailed your buying?

    Has the economic slump affected your shopping? I have pretty much everything I need although that hasn't stopped me in the past - but I find I am tending to pick up smaller things like ties and sweaters at the moment, several from the excellent B&S forum. If I were to consider a suit I would...
  17. spectre

    What do you do when this happens?

    This has always annoyed me - you're wearing a suit and it rains heavily. Even if you have an overcoat on and an umbrella the pants from the knee down lose their crease and look rumpled. Do you: 1. Have just the pants dry-cleaned (bad idea) 2. Have the whole suit dry cleaned (aso bad idea IMO)...
  18. spectre

    Source for heavy cream flannels?

    I would like to start wearing heavyish cream flannel pants with navy and brown cashmere jackets in the colder months but have no idea where I could find any. Polo used to do them years ago, but don't know about now. Can anyone help?
  19. spectre

    Fuzzy cashmere

    Perhaps someone can help me with this. I have about seven pure cashmere jackets, four navy in various weights. Two are smooth Loro Piana but one I had MTM by Corneliani is midweight of a cloth - Columbo from memory - which is sort of fuzzy (no pilling) when you look closely at it. Does this mean...
  20. spectre

    For Australians: Savile Row on Foxtel

    The Lifestyle Channel will begin broadcasting the series on Savile Row here from Sunday 26th at 6.30pm. Not sure if it's been mentioned before.

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