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  1. Verniza

    SPIER & MACKAY - Official Affiliate Thread

    Thanks for the input guys. I was a bit concerned about my existing wardrobe and how these would fit in. Thanks MrFingers my man. I did pull the trigger on the linen instead of the VBC as it seemed more versatile with my existing stuff. Couldn't really imagine what trousers to pair with the...
  2. Verniza

    SPIER & MACKAY - Official Affiliate Thread

    Thanks! That would be much appreciated, looking forward. So torn between https://www.spierandmackay.com/product/vbc-sage-247-40131-22452 https://www.spierandmackay.com/product/green-linen---neapolitan-cut-js-2590-24522-ss21 That I think a live shot will probably help me decide.
  3. Verniza

    SPIER & MACKAY - Official Affiliate Thread

    Does anyone have any pictures of the green linen jacket? I saw some pictures previously in this thread but it looked more grey than green.
  4. Verniza

    SPIER & MACKAY - Official Affiliate Thread

    Missed the VBC flash sale, oh wells..
  5. Verniza

    The New Brooks Brothers

    Thanks for this! Am hoping since it was a made in the US under the GF line that it would be a canvassed coat. Regarding the length, I am pretty short, at 5'4 and I would like the coat to end at the middle of my knee joint. Regular coat lengths that span 40" BOC extends to my mid calves which...
  6. Verniza

    The New Brooks Brothers

    I was wondering if any of our experienced members here could advise on this product, https://www.brooksbrothers.com/Golden-Fleece%C2%AE-Wool-Cashmere-Topcoat/ML00670,default,pd.html?dwvar_ML00670_Color=NAVY&contentpos=20&cgid=men-golden-fleece-sale Question: 1) Are these made in the southwick...
  7. Verniza

    ** Quintessential Crockett & Jones Thread ** (reviews, quality, etc...)

    I've been recently on the hunt for a pair of penny's and have narrowed it down to either Marlow's by C&J (If I can still find them) or Harvard's. Can anyone shed what's the actual difference between build or last for either? As well as fitting. Am on UK8.5 for Carmina (Rain) and G&G DG70
  8. Verniza

    Allen Edmonds Appreciation Thread - reviews, pictures, sizing, etc...

    Anyone knows how the Patriot 606 last compares to G&G DG70 or AS 724/106, I'm a UK8.5/US9. Looking to get some beaters from the shoebank and consensus here seem to recommend sizing up.
  9. Verniza

    Solito Thread

     Looks really good as a first jacket. Singapore could really use a trunk show or 2.
  10. Verniza

    Antonio Meccariello Shoes

     Looking forward to seeing them :slayer: Haven't seen too many standard lines to accurately judge the finishing and waist treatment, am still on the fence right now :embar:
  11. Verniza

    Skoaktiebolaget – Enzo Bonafé, Saint Crispin’s, John Lobb, Löf & Tung

     Assuming those are Bonafe's I'm keen on knowing the last the extreme right one is on. The brown wingtip. The finishing on those pictured looks great.
  12. Verniza

    Antonio Meccariello Shoes

     Remember seeing the latest post that he would increase Aurum line to EUR1100 this year, EUR900 was his prelaunch price point all excluding test shoes or modification.
  13. Verniza

    Antonio Meccariello Shoes

  14. Verniza

    Enzo Bonafe Handmade Shoes.

    Hi guys, Is there a consolidated information on all the lasts offered by Enzo Bonafe? Aside from the lasts listed on Skoak there seems to be many other lasts such as the 2102B, 773 and even an unmodded 363.
  15. Verniza

    Antonio Meccariello Shoes

    New Year, new shoes. Would love some advice from people who are knowledgeable about Antonio's work. From what I gather, the Aurum is the higher grade compared to his RTW line especially in terms of leather used. Are there other noticeable differences between them and how do they stack up...
  16. Verniza

    Unfunded Liabilities: a/k/a The Cloth Thread

     Thank you for your input guys. Looks like it will all boil down to what I prioritize. Comfort in heat, durability, drape or a versatile cloth.
  17. Verniza

    Unfunded Liabilities: a/k/a The Cloth Thread

    Any thoughts on cloth comparison between the Minnis Fresco, H.Lesser Superfine tropical, Finmeresco and Crispaire? In the market for a travel suit that will stand strong in the navigation through the treacherous weather of South East Asia. Am leaning towards the Minnis Fresco, it's at decent...
  18. Verniza

    G & G and EG shoes on sale at Edwards of Manchester

     I think you misunderstand me. I'm never touching the brand, G&G again, nothing against the vendor.
  19. Verniza

    G & G and EG shoes on sale at Edwards of Manchester

     My MTO G&Gs from EoM took nearly 6 months and it got sent back for a refund due to bad QC from G&G. The discount was attractive to use for testing out the fit on the G&G lasts but don't think I'm ever patronizing G&Gs again. Bad QC, doesn't matter if it's dirt cheap.
  20. Verniza

    Ask A Question, Get An Answer... - Post All Quick Questions Here (Classic menswear)

    Hi guys, a friend of mine who works at Dunhill gave me a Dunhill suit from the previous season. Interestingly, when I checked the tags it was a Caruso tag that was Made in Japan. Does anyone have any information about made in Japan Caruso?

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