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  1. jrh

    Price of E. Green in England V. USA

    When I ordered from EG in London they shipped Royal Mail (ParcelForce) that was deliveredd through the US Postal Service. The duty (customs) was about $25.00 per pair and a handling charge of $5.00 by the USPS. Not paying duty on 20 pairs must have been nice.
  2. jrh

    Price of E. Green in England V. USA

    The two stores have the same owners. Mitchell's bought Richards. Ritchard's is on Greenwich Ave, downtown, and good for strolling. Mitchell's is a strip mall type setting. I have not been there in sometime, but the selecton was limitted. Aside for Paul Stuart that stopped selling EG over tens...
  3. jrh

    Price of E. Green in England V. USA

    Be sure to add on duty to import (8 to 10 %) plus handling fees for the shipper. US Postal adds on their fee. You may still save alittle. But you also get the style and option to adjust the look in skin and styling to a particular model as you choose. If you do that, the cost goes up some. I...
  4. jrh

    best cashmere sweater

    Malo sweat shirts Yummy
  5. jrh

    Double-sole shoes and comfort

    I have lots of double sole shoes and boots by Edward Green, Alden, and J M Weston. They are more comfortable then rubber soles in similar models. My triple sole Westons are wonderful (after some breakin period).
  6. jrh

    Custom cowboy boots

    Bradford: Perhaps you are thinking of Paul Bond Custom Boots.  I recently started discussing having boots made-up in shark from these folks.  Mr Bond is well into his eighties.  A fellow named Bob McClean is taking over the bussiness.  Bob trained under Dan and opened his own shop in Sonama...
  7. jrh

    Help with messenger bags...

    The IlBisonte D249 is a very nice bag. I have a similar Il Bisonte style bag. I have seen the D249 after a few years of regualar use and it ages wonderfully. The cost is 900.00 dollars. I am looking for a more knock about bag and the Timbuk2 caught my eye. The problem I suspect is when the...
  8. jrh

    Help with messenger bags...

    Does anyone have experinence with timbuk2 messenger bags. I have looked at them for some time as a casual change from better made expensive leather and twill bags. Check out their web page www.timbuk2.com and the program to custom make a bag. Your thoughts please.
  9. jrh

    Swaine adeney brigg leather products

    See ghurka.com and ilbisonte.com (I think those are the right web pages) or search the net. Both are top notch stuff and classic designs.
  10. jrh

    Interest in paul stuart items...

    In 1975 Paul Struart provided me my first grown-up suit. In the 1980s they provided most of my wardrobe. As I learned more about threads, I realized PS is more about their updated classics then quality. Not that they sell junk, but for the money you can do better. Sylewise, I think PS is very...
  11. jrh

    Lacoste polo

    I have washed and dried several Lacostes many times. I have experienced little shrinkage after warm wash and normal dry cycles.
  12. jrh

    Cowboy boots-are they back

    see www.dimlights.com http://www.geocities.com/yosemite/ge...538/page2.html for some good info on western boots
  13. jrh

    Edward green dover discounted?

    In my experience, ordering from the EG store in London was slightly less (including base price, customs, and shipping)for a specila order, then if you ordered from a store (off the rack) in the USA. But I have not ordered from the EG store for about 1-1/2 years. If the shoe you order is stock...
  14. jrh

    Edward green dover discounted?

    Richard's in Greenwich, CT or Mitchell's in Westport, CT have EGs. Better yet, if you know your size deal directly with the EG store in London. Bite the bullet, the Dover is a wonderful shoe. I have pair in stag suede and years ago had a pair in black country cafe. Nothing is nicer then getting...
  15. jrh

    Finding a 6 ½ moccasin

    I recently received a bespoke Russell moc boot in French Cafe (yummy). They are very comfortable and well handmade (you will notice they are made by hand). But beware, they were shipped with glue on the uppers, a few nicks in the leather, and scuffed. The owner was more then attentive in...
  16. jrh

    Belts which take multiple buckles

    Look into Traflager. Many good stores carry their belts and some are of the type you are looking for. Traflager is one in the same company as Ghurka. At look at www.ghurka.com will provide a customer service number for more info. Perhaps not the style buckle you have in mind, but nonetheless...
  17. jrh

    My ascot chang order

    100's oxford $100 to 125 120's sea island $160 to 200 140s sea island $225 to 260 Generally speaking for custom shirts
  18. jrh


    Marcus and Yacov, two Hasidic Jews, went to Pincus the tailor for new suits. "Pincus," Yacov said, "the last time we came to you for new suits, we told you we wanted black suits. The suits you made were not black. They were sort of dark gray maybe, but not black. We need new suits, and this time...
  19. jrh

    My ascot chang order

    I just visited AC in NYC yesterday. I have been a customer for serveral years. Usually I simply called for swatches and they arrived in the mail. Several orders were placed over the phone. I was amazed at the efficency at the AC shop. Within less then a minute my last order was pulled, swatches...
  20. jrh

    Aluminum luggage.

    I own a Zero Halliburton P5 attache.  Along-side  my very nice Ghurka and I'Bisonte leather shoulder bags and handled bussiness bags the ZH is just as nice, just different. ZH is very nice stuff.  Inside, my P5 is leather finished.  Yea, I get the stupid comments about the hand cuff and do...

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