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    Soft chunky shawl collar cardigans under $100?

    Anyone have recommendations for soft chunky shawl collar cardigans with a big collar under $100? Not sure if this is possible, seems like most that are under $100 have polyester/acrylic in them and are super scratchy...exception is an American Eagle one I picked up like 8 years ago that is...
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    Tailor made jacket around 1cm shorter than I asked. Should I ask them to remake?

    Got a jacket made. Asked the tailor to copy another jacket that I'd gotten made with them. I measured both jackets and the new one is around 1cm shorter than the older one. To be honest I do notice the length difference. Would it be bad form to ask them to remake? Paid US$500 for a whole...
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    Linen shirts in the fall/winter?

    I adore linen and how breathable and wrinkly it is. I’m thinking about getting a pale pink shirt made (button down collar). My mind says get an Oxford since I’ll be able to wear it all year round but my heart says get linen because I love linen and fuck it if no one wears it in the winter I’ll...
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    Second overcoat: navy or camel?

    Thinking about getting my second bespoke overcoat made and I'm not sure if it should be navy or camel. I've already decided on the style: single-breasted, mid-thigh, wool, soft shoulder (maybe with a bit of roping), diagonal jetted pocket, peak lapel with belly. I currently have a charcoal...
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    Harrington: Merc, Ben Nevis, Jump the Gun

    I'm looking for a new Harrington jacket. I like having a stiff collar that stands up, and a thicker fabric (I find the Ben Shermans too thin). Budget about $120. I've narrowed it down to Merc, Ben Nevis, and Jump the Gun...
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    Why does SuitSupply sell a tuxedo with satin lapels and a grosgrain trouser stripe?

    https://apac.suitsupply.com/en/eveningwear_package/lazio-black-tuxedo-suit/P1199I-S.html?cgid=Eveningwear_Package&prefn1=mainCategory&prefv1=Suits%7CJackets&pdp=true Why does SuitSupply sell a tuxedo with satin lapels and a grosgrain trouser stripe? Am I missing something here? I thought the...
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    1920s dinner party

    Have a company dinner coming up next month with a 1920s theme. Dinner at a nice hotel. Invite said suggested that it included but was not limited to a Gatsby outfit. First thought was to go in a charcoal suit and tie, with a flat cap (with the flat cap being what would hopefully "date" the...
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    How does wool/silk/cashmere drape and look, vs pure wool? For a suit.

    I'm about to try out a new tailor in HK. I have a choice between two fabrics which are visually similar, an unbranded "Super 150s" made from I think 85% wool, 10% silk, and 5% cashmere or something like that for $345, and a VBC super 110s for $430. The Super 150s felt smooth and crisp, but not...
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    Black quarter-brogues with a suit in an NYC biglaw firm?

    I want to start wearing black quarter-brogues captoe oxfords in calfskin to my work, in a large NYC law firm. Like these. I've looked around the office but I can't spot that many brogues, mostly black captoe oxfords (plain with no broguing)...but I'm also not trying too hard to look lol, I...
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    A third suit for the office, after navy and charcoal?

    I'm thinking about picking up a third suit for the office (mostly out of boredom). Can't decide what fabric I want. I'm a junior in law at a large firm in NYC so I should go as low key as possible. As much as I want windowpane/chalk stripes, it'd be a bad look for me. Dress code is dress...
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    Burgundy/oxblood oxfords in the office?

    I’m working in a decently conservative environment (corporate law). I’m pretty junior so I don’t want to piss any conservative higher-ups off with my dress. Dress code most days is suit with no tie. I see some brown (mid-to–dark brown) shoes in the office – otherwise it’s mostly black. I...
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    3-roll-2 suits - appropriate for the office?

    I was getting a new suit made today and was thinking about making it 3-roll-2. However, the tailor suggested that a plain two-button would be more 'formal' and versatile. For context, I am in my early 20s and I will be primarily wearing this suit in a conservative office environment (large...

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