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  1. idfnl

    Ball Don't Lie - Laptop/skateboard/toolbox stickers available - $5 for a 5 pack

    Ball Don't Lie - Rasheed Wallace laptop stickers available Laptop / skateboard / toolbox sticker available - $5 for a 5 pack
  2. idfnl

    WHITE and BLUE STRIPED BUTTONS - 5mm thick! - choose from sizes 18L 16L - great quality - Made in IT

    FANTASTIC STRIPED BUTTONS - choose from sizes 18L 16L - great quality - Made in ITALY $3 per pack of 10, any size combination, $2.50 shipping for any number you buy, $5 international. GREAT QUALITY RESIN - ULTRA THICK 5MM SIZES: 18L (11.5 mm) buttons - 5 mm thickness 16L (10.4 mm) buttons...
  3. idfnl

    Never lose another button again - Fil Au Chinois - Fil de Lin Extra - LINEN THREAD in BLACK or WHITE

    Fil Au Chinois - Fil de Lin Extra NEVER LOSE ANOTHER BUTTON AGAIN. Best button sewing thread in the world. Waxed Linen Single Ply Sewing Thread in 50m Capsules - MADE IN FRANCE Black and white available in both no 80 (thicker) and no 100 (thinner) Fil Au Chinois is what Hermes uses for the...
  4. idfnl

    S.I.C. Tess. Top Lino 90 - Pure White Pocket Square/shirting Linen - 150cm wide roll - sold by the y

    S.I.C. Tess. Top Lino 90 Pure White Linen Fabric - 1.5 m wide roll Ultra high quality linen fabric for dress making, shirt making and pocket squares Made in Italy Available by the yard, width of the Top Lino 90 is 1 1/2 yards wide so each yard is 3' x 4.5' or 13.5 sq feet (versus 9 sq ft for...
  5. idfnl

    Yellow Buffalo Horn SUIT BUTTONS - 14 pc replacement set with 4 front and 10 cuff pcs - finest horn

    Set of 14 YELLOW BUFFALO HORN SUIT BUTTONS Upgrade your suit with the rarest suit buttons available Replacement set contains 4 front and 10 cuff buttons 4 front buttons are 32L (13/16" - 20mm) and 4mm thick 10 cuff buttons are 24L (5/8" - 15.5mm) and 4mm thick If you need a custom...
  6. idfnl

    Necktie and Bow Tie Interlining / Interfacing by the yard - Netherlands

    C Ter Kuile - made in The Netherlands - interfacing / interlining available in 3 weights / blends Heavier weight (12.99 per yard): Thicker lining is suitable for lighter silks like Macclesfield or crepe 65/65WAP-29 2R Blend adds weight and structure to tie 20% Wool - 60% Polyester - 20%...
  7. idfnl

    Very special rounded MOP mother of pearl SHIRT BUTTONS (3 colors) - Made in Italy - Gorgeous shape -

    Rounded MOP mother of pearl SHIRT BUTTONS - Made in Italy MOP (Mother of Pearl) shirt buttons commissioned from a top factory in Italy. Colors are optical white, light natural, and light brown Available sizes 18L, 16L and 14L Details and prices: 16L and 18L sizes will both be 3.5mm thick...
  8. idfnl

    Red lacquered CONCAVE MOP (mother of pearl) shirt BUTTONS - made in Italy - size 18 L / 16L x thick

    Stunning lacquered RED CONCAVE MOP (mother of pearl) shirt BUTTONS MADE IN ITALY Stunning RED! Mother of pearl is lacquered for deep amazing coloration Available in: Size 18L (11.4 mm) buttons x 4 mm thickness ($.99 each) Size 16L (10.3 mm) buttons x 4 mm thickness ($.99 each) Size 14L...
  9. idfnl

    5 sets of metal COLLAR STAYS with MAGNETS, pouches & storage box (10 total) - 6 sizes available

    Set of 5 COLLAR STAYS / TIPS WITH MAGNETS (10 pieces total) with STORAGE BOX - will serve 5 shirts BEAUTIFUL MATTE FINISH 6 sizes available - CHOOSE A SIZE! Includes N35 Neodymium magnets, excellent adhesion 6 AVAILABLE SIZES ARE (all are .7 mm thick): 1 3/4" (45mm) long x 7/16" (9mm) wide...
  10. idfnl

    Extra thick 4.5mm CONCAVE MOP shirt buttons - white18 L / 16L (4.5mm) or 14L (4mm thick)

    For sale: white CONCAVE MOP (mother of pearl) SHIRT BUTTONS Available in: Size 18L (11.4 mm) buttons x 4.5 mm thickness Size 16L (10.3 mm) buttons x 4.5 mm thickness Size 14L (9.5 mm) buttons x 4 mm thickness Larger quantities can get a price break. Great quality buttons in a beautiful shape.
  11. idfnl

    Wool Interlining Manufacturers

    Anyone know who manufacturers a high quality wool interlining? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. idfnl

    11 INDIVIDUAL SEWING PATTERNS in 1/4" Acrylic for BOW TIES - 11 Patterns + 2 Extensions - Superb Qua

    I've developed a complete set of 13 pieces of 1/4" thick acrylic BOW TIE SEWING PATTERNS Total of 11 Patterns + 2 Extensions - Superb Quality, no finer set available in the world Thick 1/4" acrylic is heavy, dense, scratch resistant and durable. Hand made in USA. I've gone to great lengths to...
  13. idfnl

    Buttons: 2 week pre-order for made in Italy rounded MOP mother of pearl shirt buttons

    Very special 2 week PRE-ORDER PRICES for a rounded MOP (Mother of Pearl) shirt button I've commissioned from a factory in Italy Offering these early at a 40% discount. All buttons are $0.57 each, minimum order quantity is 30, whatever combination you want. For 2 weeks, you can order these at...
  14. idfnl

    8" (19.5 cm) KITCHEN SCISSORS by ICAR - stainless steel - made in Italy - fantastic quality

    Brand new pair of ICAR 8" KITCHEN SCISSORS - MADE IN ITALY Very high quality AISI 420 stainless steel Left or right handed 8" long (19.5 cm) Disassembles, quick release fastener for cleaning Bone or nut cracker between handles and bone notch / herb stripper on blade
  15. idfnl

    UPDATED W NEW STOCK --> Black, White & Brown MOP Shirt Buttons - sizes 12/14/16/18/20L - 2mm thick a

    Sets of white, brown and black MOP (mother of pearl) shirt buttons for sale 20L (approx 12.4 mm) buttons for front 18L (approx 11.5 mm) buttons for front 16L (approx 10.3 mm) buttons for front/cuffs 14L (approx 8.9 mm) buttons for cuffs/collars/sleeve placket 12L (approx 8 mm) buttons for...
  16. idfnl

    Polished and Matte Finish Stainless Steel Collar Stays - 4 Sizes (2 1/4 to 3") - price per pair - l

    Collar stays for sale - POLISHED and MATTE finish now available PER PAIR: $1 5 PAIRS: $4.50 10 PAIRS: $9 20 PAIRS: $17 Larger quantity? Send a PM for a price. Shipping as cheap as a stamp, otherwise depends on weight but 5 pairs is $2, etc AISI 430 stainless steel with matte finish Nice...
  17. idfnl

    PRESALE: THICK (Altoid style) MOP BUTTONS - for shirts - black and white available, different sizes

    I am preparing a significant order of MOP shell shirt buttons. I'm trying to gauge the interest in the different sizes There will be different sizes available in all colors and 2 different thicknesses. 3MM 4MM (white only) The button sizes available will be 14L, 16L and 18L 14 is usually...
  18. idfnl

    Anyone interested in joining me in a bulk order of 13" Tailors' Shears (scissors) made in Italy?

    Hey all, These kinds of huge tailors' shears are not available anywhere anymore. They haven't been manufactured in 35 years. The original factory that has the original forms for them. They are willing to re-manufacture a run of these if there were enough orders. Is anyone interested? It's...
  19. idfnl

    Recommended Clothing Label Maker?

    Hey all, Does anyone have any experience with any clothing label manufacturers? I need a recommendation for woven clothing brand labels. Stuff like this: TIA
  20. idfnl

    Graphics Designer Recommendations for Web?

    Hey all, Helping a friend with a website. Anyone here a graphics designer? Or can anyone recommend a solid graphics designer for a website mockup?

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