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  1. easy_golfing

    NEW Inis Meain Gansey Sweater - Medium - Anthracite/Purple

    Hi, I am selling a brand new Inis Meain Gansey Sweater in medium. The specific color is Anthracite/Purple. I only tried it on once and is not my style. It comes with the original packing and tag attached. It is 90% wool and 10% cashmere. Please take a look at the pictures. I'm not very...
  2. easy_golfing

    BNIB Quoddy Kennebec Chukkas - US 10.5 D

    Hi, I am selling a BNIB pair of Quoddy Kennebec Chukkas in size 10.5 D (US sizing). They have not been worn and are not really my style, hence the reason I am selling them. They come in the original box, with original packing and the shoe bag. Please take a look at the pictures. Let me know if...
  3. easy_golfing

    Cable Knit Sweaters - lambswool and shetland

    I am looking for some decent quality cable knit wool sweaters. Right now, I've found: 1) http://www.drakes-london.com/knitwear/lambswool-crew-neck-cable-knit-sweater 2) http://www.oconnellsclothing.com/home.php?cat=987 Just wondering if anybody has any other recommendations? Also, how does...
  4. easy_golfing

    V-Neck undershirts

    I've been looking for V-neck undershirts in grey for a while, but have not been able to find any. I'll wear white if I can't find any good grey v-necks, but thought I'd check. I looked at Ribbed Tee but they seem a bit pricey for undershirts.
  5. easy_golfing

    Are "premium" socks worth it?

    Are socks from Marcoliani and other high end, well known makers worth their price? Many range anywhere from $15-$30 for wool and/or cotton ones where as you can get some other brands such as PRL for as little as $3 a piece. I know that the designs offered by some makers are quite better than...
  6. easy_golfing

    Matte vs glossy alligator for wallet

    Which would be better for a credit card wallet - matte or glossy? Also, how does alligator differ from croc?
  7. easy_golfing

    Portland Street Leather

    Has anybody ordered from Portland Street Leather? I'm interested in getting a wallet and want to check if anybody has any experiences with him? I tried Hughes Low but I'm not able to get a response from him and have read the same here. Some of his work: http://portlandstreet.tumblr.com/
  8. easy_golfing

    Interest Check: NIB 9 RL Marlow Wingtip

    I purchased a pair of 9 RL Marlow wingtips, but unfortunately they do not work for me as I have narrow feet and it doesn't seem like a good idea to keep these. They are brand new, just some scuffs that can be polished out. No creases, soles are brand new, come with extra laces, original box and...
  9. easy_golfing

    Bay Area podiatrists

    I am looking for a podiatrist in the south bay area to have some orthotics made. I don't want to be one of those stories that ended up paying $500 bucks for some custom insoles or shoes that are ineffective or something like that. It's kind of hard to fine reviews online and I don't want to...
  10. easy_golfing

    1 1/8'' horn buttons

    Where can I find some 1 1/8'' horn buttons? I'd like to replace the plastic ones on my pea coat with some nicer buttons, but haven't been able to find horn ones in the size I need. I've read about Tender Buttons, but unfortunately I am not in NYC. Thanks!
  11. easy_golfing

    Shoes for casual clothing

    Most of the time I wear jeans, khakis, and cords with a polo untucked. In winter I wear sweaters and then tuck my shirt in so the shirt is not visible below the sweater. I was wondering, what sort of shoes would go well with this type of dress? I was thinking along the lines of some suede...
  12. easy_golfing


    Read about orthaheel for flat feet on an old thread here. Thinking about ordering a pair to try out since its not too expensive, but just wondering if anybody has anything to say about these? http://www.orthaheelusa.com/
  13. easy_golfing

    PRL Academy Wool peacoat questions

    I received this pea coat a few days ago. Feels to be good quality and very heavy. But I noticed it is 80% wool and 20% nylon? Is this normal for pea coats to have some nylon? Also, the pockets seem to be sealed shut... Is it supposed to be like that or do I have a tailor open them up? I notice...
  14. easy_golfing

    Lombard stretching?

    I recently purchased some second Lombards. I really like them, but feel like they may be a bit too snug (the 2 last seems pretty narrow). The heel of the foot fits pretty well, although it rubs against the back when I walk. I'm wondering if these will stretch with some wearing/breaking in? and...
  15. easy_golfing

    Bay Area Winter wear

    I'm curious as to what you all in the Bay Area wear in the winter (not counting sport coats and suits). I'm talking in terms of shirts, pants, jackets/coats, scarves... I know overcoats are unnecessary in the climate here, but I'm having a hard time finding a coat that will be warm enough for...
  16. easy_golfing

    WTB: BB Gift card

    Looking for BB gift card with value up to $50. Please PM if available. Thanks
  17. easy_golfing

    1'' vs 1.25'' belt

    I'm trying to decide between a 1'' and 1.25'' burgundy belt. This will be used mostly for business casual (no suit, no tie) so I'm leaning towards 1.25''. But I'm afraid that 1.25'' may be too big?? My preferred width is 1 1/8'' but that isn't available. Any help is appreciated on deciding...
  18. easy_golfing

    Stowa Watch help

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody could help me compare the differences between these two watches. I did the side by side comparison, but I don't know too much about watches, so I didn't understand most of it... :nodding: The only difference I can see are the price and aesthetics...
  19. easy_golfing

    Brooks Supima Sweaters

    How are the BB Supima cotton sweaters? Can anybody comment on sizing? Would the sleeves on small be too short for somebody who wears sleeve length 33-34''? Thanks
  20. easy_golfing

    Where to get slim OCBD

    Where can you get reasonably priced, slim fitting OCBD's? I buy dress shirts at CT, but unfortunately they don't carry OCBD's (or not that I've seen). Where else can I get some in a similar price range ($40-60)? Looking for solid staples- white, blue, pink... Thanks

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