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  1. havensk

    Show us how you roll in Engineered Garments

    The olive pintuck fabric looks great as pants. I'm really regretting not grabbing a pintuck loiter when I had the chance.
  2. havensk


    I need to do a family photo... What are the differences between the new yorkers and the climbing pants?
  3. havensk

    Looking for recommendations for western belts

    For the stuff I make, it wouldn't make sense as I'd have to charge like $500 for a belt and most of that would go towards buying the buckles, but if you search for sterling silver western buckles on ebay you'll see some pretty amazing stuff. I mean wow
  4. havensk

    Looking for recommendations for western belts

    Basically you are dead on. I don't even think Tandy produces them so much as purchases batches of them from China the same as all the other hardware suppliers (this is not a knock against the quality, I'm surprised at the detail you can get out of mass produced buckles like these), and then you...
  5. havensk

    Looking for recommendations for western belts

    That Silver Ostrich buckle is gorgeous. The hardest part is sourcing the buckles. I've found some gorgeous ones before that then somebody wants me to duplicate and I can't find the buckle anymore. I've been liking these ones with smaller buckles where the strap tapers at the ends.
  6. havensk

    The Official ts(s) Thread

    Awesome write up, thanks. I've eyed the cardigans a ton in the past. Stories like these have convinced me it's best to just hand wash and hang dry everything.
  7. havensk


    Are you saying the 105/107 are slimmer than the new yorkers? The new yorkers taper quite a bit past the knee, but with a nice loose top block. Maybe you could get the painter denim and taper them but I dunno about all that. +1 with everybody else though, my charcoal new yorkers are in heavy...
  8. havensk

    Looking for recommendations for western belts

    Not trying to be the "click my link" dude but I make western belts, check my signature link.
  9. havensk

    CANOE CLUB - Official Affiliate Thread

    yea so I have two pairs of 105s in 4XL and I went the same size with the new yorkers. Perfect fit for me.
  10. havensk

    CANOE CLUB - Official Affiliate Thread

    I mean I'm already a pretty big orslow-head, I just really like all their products and the construction details. For the new yorkers specifically: - roomy top block - button & drawstring waist - breezy fabric - good pocket size I've been wearing my pair so much since I got them.
  11. havensk

    CANOE CLUB - Official Affiliate Thread

    Def a true charcoal, also some of the best pants I've ever purchased.
  12. havensk

    The What Are You Wearing Today (WAYWT) Discussion Thread, Part II

    I picked up some Orslow new yorkers and have been playing around with them.
  13. havensk

    Show us how you roll in Engineered Garments

    falg that camber hoodie is perfect, which one is it?
  14. havensk


    Good to know, maybe I'll check for the material before ordering. Good looking out!
  15. havensk


    Anybody know if/when/where I can find a pair of New Yorker pants in charcoal in size 4? End has a pair but for almost $100 more than most other places I've seen stocking them.
  16. havensk

    Engineered Garments SS 21

    I have a Margaret Howell apron that I love, its not for wearing out but its just fun having a designer apron when I'm in the kitchen. I've seen the eg aprons before but like you said they are hard to track down.
  17. havensk

    Show us how you roll in Engineered Garments

    I agree with you on every point, however I have ended up painting or doing gardening or other stuff in EG and it holds up pretty damn well. Just a nice added benefit. I like bringing my CPO shirt camping because that back pocket is big enough for a trail map and the shoulder pocket is the...
  18. havensk

    Margaret Howell/MHL

    @GeorgeC same as NOMERCY said, they are probably my most worn pants. I've had a really deep navy pair for 2 years and they've faded super nicely. I had mine hemmed and I cuff them sometimes just depending on how long I want the hem to hit. Buy your TTS. Here's a recent photo of my pair
  19. havensk

    A Thread for Sunglasses (High End and Rarities Welcome)

    I just picked up a pair of these from Arpenteur. They are very beefy and well made. Solid acetate, handmade in France, with big metal hinges. I love this shape and had been looking at vintage frames in hopes of finding something so I'm glad these came out. They also come with a neck pouch, which...
  20. havensk


    So I'd like to pick up an upcycled chambray shirt since they're pretty easily available and on sale right now. Is the advice to size down this season? I usually buy size L in EG to get a 23" p2p measurement but these last couple seasons the shirts have been comically long too. Should I try a...

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