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  1. Macallan

    Wallet-friendly British tailoring?

    Price range is important to know Only then can we give specific recommendations
  2. Macallan

    Ascot and Bowtie in London/Paris

    Paris for bow-ties - Hermes (main store) & Charvet London for both - Turnbull & Asser
  3. Macallan

    MTM shirtmakers in London

    Some of your list is bespoke & some mtm, while some places offer both, mtm & bespoke. You missed other shirt options, although they are above your price range. I tried two shirts from Stephan over 5 yrs ago, the stitching was off in places & was not worth the cost. I was better off getting rtw...
  4. Macallan

    Any other shoemakers to consider in the CJ/Carmina price point/quality?

    Cheaney would be in your price bracket, for their better quality shoes.
  5. Macallan

    Warm Trousers?

    Flannel trousers as mentioned, but don't forgot a warm jacket If you have not worn heavy trousers before, try out a pair first and lining does make a difference too. I don't think I could wear a fully lined flannel trousers even in very cold weather, although I an wear 14oz half-lined flannel...
  6. Macallan

    Edward Green Appreciation: Pictures, Info, and Where to Buy

     *awaits post 'my second pair of EG shoes* Welcome to a start of an expensive habit :)
  7. Macallan

    yes or no to this leathe blazer look ????

    You have it all wrong, you need to go out all out and get a leather suit :satisfied: If you are going to wear a shirt with a leather blazer/jacket/coat, keep it casual (e.g. buttoned collar) and dont wear a tie.
  8. Macallan

    Recommended cobbler to resole in London

    You can pay less, but it would be a lower quality resole What range of Barker's and Loakes are the shoes from, if their are from the lower ranges probably not worth re-soling. I once got two pairs of shoes resoled from a local cobbler and even though the shoes were worn as 'kick-abouts' I...
  9. Macallan

    Bicester village

    Start at Ralph Lauren, look for the Black label range; if you are lucky, you may find something in your size. It may cost more than £300, possibily upto £450. After that, go to any of the other stores. Bicester it is not busy during the week; however, with the it being half-term for schools...
  10. Macallan

    Tailor for summer wedding attire in London?

    As mentioned, i. budget, ii. why no jacket Another issue to consider is that tailors/shirtmakers get busy from Spring. Depending when in the summer the wedding is, you may need to book something soon. A two-piece suit in a casual shade would be a lot better than a waistcoat/trouser comno
  11. Macallan

    Semi-Affordable Suit Tailors in London

    Not a good idea Spend that money on mtm with someone location, or if you find something rtw that works for you get it tailored. If you really want a British 'brand' then many tailors do visit the United States and many offer mtm - personally, avoid this.
  12. Macallan

    Advice for My First Work Wardrobe

    1. depends on cloth, seems fine 2. one black, one brown 3. one charcoal or med/dark grey, one navy 4. you would need at least one white shirt , probably maybe even more, consider lilac as well - 2 white, 2 blue, 2 lilac 5. if you want TO NOTE: 1. You will need at least 5 ties 2. When buying...
  13. Macallan

    Three Shoes - Two shoe tree: Is that enough?

    Ideally, no; however, still ok, as long as you follow a set routine (pair 1, pair 2, pair 3; repeat)
  14. Macallan

    Recommendations for solid navy suiting

     As above. If your budget allows, go for Lesser 11oz cloth - I have two suits from this book for all-year-round-wear
  15. Macallan

    Heavy Weight Wool Trousers?

    Have you considered flannel, they feel warmer compared to worsted wool? From my own experience, there is not much difference between 14oz and 16oz cloth; however, i have tried 18oz - it would feel warmer, but how much warmer I do not know. Are you just looking at rtw options?
  16. Macallan

    Rules for blue on blue suit/tie

    I do like the grey suit/grey tie look, and the same applies to blue/navy. The pattern of the suit and tie are important than the colour. I would wear a plain blue or navy suit with a blue/navy patterned tie, matched with a plain shirt. If the shirt is patterned, e.g. striped, then it is...
  17. Macallan

    Anderson & Sheppard Online Shop Open

    When I had a look at their shop last year, a lot of garments were made in Italy; the quality was good but more expensive then similar quality elsewhere. Since then, they have added more items based on what I have seen online. If you are looking for cashmere sweaters, have a look at Turnbull &...
  18. Macallan

    Great alteration tailors in London - Pinnas and Needles

    When I was looking for alterations tailor open on weekends found H. M. TTailoring. They altered four jackets for me: 2 from sleeves 1 from shoulders On a casual jacket shorten sleeve end & re-attach cuff. They are also available on sundays but appointment only. However; I have not used them...
  19. Macallan

    I'm a 40L jacket and 36w pant. Can I buy anything off the rack?

    Look at suit separates rather than paired jacket and trousers suit combo - this is allows you to get the best available jacket and trousers, and also helps reduce alteration costs
  20. Macallan

    Rounded, Square, or Corner Shirt Cuffs?

    Single cuffs - prefer round but do have some square cuffs. Dislike mitre cuff Double cuffs - square only

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