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  1. mikeeygee

    When is the Next Brooks Brothers Sale?

    Pretty disappointed that the Egyptian cotton lux shirts went from $84 to $92.5 yesterday.
  2. mikeeygee

    ***The Official eBay / B&S / eShop Someone-Should-Kop Thread***

    Wondering if anyone has ever run across these shoes / this maker before. It's listed as "Vibrant Leathers" under the seller name "compu-tech-inc" Link...
  3. mikeeygee

    Allen Edmonds Appreciation Thread - reviews, pictures, sizing, etc...

    Hey, So I posted this a while ago, but since I'm relatively new it had to go through the mods, and for whatever reason got posted back to the time I wrote it rather than the time it was actually posted, so it ended up buried a few pages back. Just wanted to bump it to see if anyone knew what I...
  4. mikeeygee

    Allen Edmonds Appreciation Thread - reviews, pictures, sizing, etc...

    Gents, I've been wearing a pair of Vernons for almost a year, polishing around every 4-6 wears. Up until this past weekend, they've been great and have always held their shine well. However, after I went through my usual routine of brushing, applying the tubed allen edmonds chili polish...
  5. mikeeygee

    Naked and famous denim

    Hey all, I just picked up a pair of skinny guy ele 2's from *********, and have worn them once for a couple hours. I just noticed that there's a bright white thread on the crotch/left inseam, but nowhere else. I wondered if anyone else has ever had this issue, if it goes away with wear, and if...

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