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  1. MPS

    Anyone have experience buying from The Rake?

    Sorry, story was in my last post above. Their customer service is definitely worse than Mr. Porter or Matches, let alone Kirby Alison’s Hanger Project (which is second to none).
  2. MPS

    Anyone have experience buying from The Rake?

    Their response to sending out the wrong item (of less than half the value of what I'd ordered) was to offer a 10% discount on "my next order", rather than offering a refund. They are saying that because they didn't receive a package from DHL it is their "policy" not to refund, despite me giving...
  3. MPS

    Anyone have experience buying from The Rake?

    I ordered a leather folio and a manicure set as presents prior to Christmas. The package arrive in time, but they had sent me a pair of woven leather shoes. These have been returned via DHL but they refuse to refund me. This is because DHL didn’t use the tracking number Rake provided and they...
  4. MPS

    What do you consider to be good food?

    Marc, Doesn't your regular tipple give you "piss-breath"? Just curious.
  5. MPS

    What do you consider to be good food?

    Marc, You were born in the wrong century: you really should have been an 18th century physician - that way you could have made money out of drinking piss.
  6. MPS

    TM Lewin socks

    The socks I have from Lewin are not as good as M&S.
  7. MPS

    Need to gain weight

    "Shooman", Is that a photo of Anne Wigmore? I always thought it was of you before you went bald.
  8. MPS

    Hunts gather for last tally-ho

    That's not going to happen at the next election. Who else do we have to choose?
  9. MPS

    Is black suit an acceptable business attire?

    Bresch, The word "value" is defined in a dictionary: look it up. MPS
  10. MPS

    Vass Shoes Sample Sale!!

    It's a pain in the arse to order from Kow Hoo at a distance: I got them to make me a pair like this once, but they were very reluctant to do so. The last-maker is ancient, but he's very good indeed, and the shoe will fit perfectly. The quality is good, but not excellent (think Crockett and...
  11. MPS

    What type of cuff for a 3-piece pinstripe?

    Cuffs on a pinstripe suit? Only if the coat sleeves are cuffed.
  12. MPS

    the whole cast is perfect

    The Royal Tenenbaums is one of my favourite movies. The clothes are amusing, but frankly they look crap. Most of the coats are more than 2 inches too short.
  13. MPS

    Mimmo Siviglia

    Kai has also posted photos of his bespoke Raphael 3 piece, which looks absolutely top notch.
  14. MPS

    Bespoke Shirts...what are my options?

    (johnnynorman3 @ Jan. 24 2005,16:05) Still, construction arguably encompasses fit as well, since going by AK's old posts, creating a shirt with the proper taper, etc. necessitates good thread tension, etc. That would have been my point...to me good construction also includes good fit. Poor...
  15. MPS

    Bespoke Shirts...what are my options?

    There is a difference between being a well made and fitting properly. In fact, I despair of anyone who fails to be impressed by them.
  16. MPS

    A cuff....on the coat sleeve?

    Turnback cuff. As worn by Ian Fleming & Hugo Drax.
  17. MPS

    Grenson v. Edward Green

    Chris, That's not to say I wouldn't happily pay $150 for Grenson masterpieces. I will send you a cheque for $150 plus postage if you get in some black Stowes in my size................
  18. MPS

    Grenson v. Edward Green

    I'd sooner pay $450 for Green than $150 for Grenson.
  19. MPS

    Bernhard Roetzel book

    Roetzel's book is not like Flusser's in the the former is actually useful.
  20. MPS

    can you tailor a suit down two sizes?

    They CAN be re-cut (I've seen it done), but it's a big job and it would only be worth it if they're Savile Row or equivalent.

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