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  1. ajpthng03

    How to get over a break-up?

    Damn Versace... its funny how girls act so universally, yet none of them make any sense. I mean it was only a week before she broke up with me that i was the best thing that ever happened to her. And i wasn't a dead beat boyfriend, i went so far out of my way to keep her happy and stay true to...
  2. ajpthng03

    How to get over a break-up?

    Alright... first off i am gonna say that this is party therapy for me trying to help you with your problems seeing as how i am in pretty much the exact same situation right now. My girlfriend of almost 2 years and i split up before spring break, and i am still feelin' it like it was yesterday...
  3. ajpthng03

    The new fashion

    Question 1: Whats up with the popped collars? Yea... i'll admit i have popped mine a few times, and it looks damn cool, but for the most part some people just look like they are trying too hard. Thoughts? Question 2: Whats with the double collar. I think it looks cool but there are a couple of...
  4. ajpthng03

    Men's hairstyles - what styles are we wearing?

    does propecia work?
  5. ajpthng03

    Cowboy prom idea: good or bad?

    I already posted one topic about prom, and i was advised to go for something a bit more edgy, so i thought about this and wasn't sure if it could be edgy in a good way, or just a bad idea. If anyone has seen the Tim McGraw video for She's my kind of Rain they will know what i am talking about...
  6. ajpthng03

    Senior prom

    Hey my senior prom is coming up and i was just trying to figure out what kind of tux i should go with. I want something classic, yet original. Last year i went with the basic two button, black tie, black vest, and wingtip collar shirt, which gave a very classy look. My date is wearing a black...

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