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  1. Veremund

    Shopping in Kiev, Ukraine?

    I’ll be in Kiev for a week in September. Anyone have any good menswear shopping tips?
  2. Veremund

    Anyone care to show off their classic rings, signet or otherwise?

    It seems to have been a touchy topic in the past, but are their any ring wearers amongst us who'd care to share their classic rings with the group? I was contemplating picking up a simple silver and onyx one like so.
  3. Veremund

    What to wear to a funeral when the family requests no mourning wear?

    Has anyone been in this situation before?
  4. Veremund

    Great Suits in Film

    Good article. http://www.esquire.co.uk/style/fashion/news/a5353/film-suits/
  5. Veremund

    What shops to visit in Porto and Lisbon, Portugal?

    I'll be spending the next week in Lisbon and Porto. Any recommendations for shops to hit up for menswear, accessories, shoes, etc.?
  6. Veremund

    Shibumi card holder...

    I'm in love. This thing is stunning. Someone please remind my girlfriend my birthday is in a few weeks. :D By the way, why doesn't Shibumi have its own SF thread?
  7. Veremund

    Breast pocket help for new peak lapel blazer please.

    I'm having a navy hopsack blazer with peak lapels and patch pockets made up. Did I make a mistake in having the breast pocket a patch pocket style too? Should I have just requested a normal breast pocket?
  8. Veremund

    Leather jackets in Classic Menswear?

    There are quite a few threads about leather jackets over in SW&D, but I haven't seen any over in this forum. Anyone like to contribute some classic leather jackets here?
  9. Veremund

    Interesting article on power and breaking dress codes.

  10. Veremund

    Any experience with Dolzer in Germany?

    Has anyone here got any experience with Dolzer? It's a German custom tailor chain with branches in Frankfurt, Munich, etc. I'm thinking of trying them out for some shirts.
  11. Veremund

    Recent NYTimes article

    The Rise of Well-Dressed Men: http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/02/27/the-rise-of-the-well-dressed-man/
  12. Veremund

    A pin to replace boutonniere loops? Does it exist?

    I have lots of suits and SC's, and was wondering if, instead of sewing boutonniere loops on all of them, there already exists a type of metal pin which could do the job. I hope I explain myself well, but I'm envisioning a kind of Greek letter Omega shaped pin, where squeezing the ends together...
  13. Veremund

    Why the cummerbund hate?

    I don't understand all the cummerbund hate I see around. This forum and mags such as GQ and Esquire are filled with guys saying they'd never get one, wear one, tolerate one, like one, etc. They're the easiest thing in the world to wear, one size fits all, they make your tummy less noticable by...
  14. Veremund

    Have you got SuitSupply Tuxedo Shoes?

    They look pretty sweet. Can anyone with firsthand experience comment on them, for example, their quality? http://eu.suitsupply.com/tuxedo-shoe-fw101/FW101,de,pd.html

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