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  1. BXpress

    Who still wears a suit to work?

    Something i've also had to learn to get over. Nowadays i really don't care anymore about a slight off pitch on my right arm for example (2 of my jackets have that). My tailor refuses to correct it anyway. When people comment on my stuff at all, they mostly mention how they like the cleanly...
  2. BXpress

    Who still wears a suit to work?

    I've tried Kavalan Solist some 5 years ago and i couldn't stand it. The Sherry version was decent enough ( then again, all young Whiskies can be beefed up by overly active casks), but the the Bourbon cask version really showed the immaturity. Yamazaki 18 was excellent. But the Japanese Whisky...
  3. BXpress

    Who still wears a suit to work?

    I think people should enjoy whatever they enjoy. the hobby is decadent (and not really) enough as it is. But i will say that Bourbon does have the stereotype of "try one and you've tried them all". Which is true to an extent. It's all matured in fresh American oak, therefore like with all...
  4. BXpress

    Who still wears a suit to work?

    That's hilarious. I come from the Single Malt community and the general attitude there is non-judgemental. It's all about personal preference. Nobody would look down on you for drinking that inferior swill called Bourbon.
  5. BXpress

    Who still wears a suit to work?

    Before you go off on a crusade... nobody said that everyone should dress to SF standards. But there is a time and place for the couch look and then there is going out and looking half way decent.
  6. BXpress

    Who still wears a suit to work?

    I don't think i've ever seen this being done here. At least not in an obvious way. I get the smoking/non-smoking thing. I am a smoker myself. But who wants to be told that they should sit somewhere else because "sir you look like shit, please don't bother the other guests with your ugly...
  7. BXpress

    Who still wears a suit to work?

    I believe that any form of segregation would spark a little bit of controversy no? Much easier to humiliate someone in front of his wife/gf. People who don't tip should get the same treatment. It has been a joke some years ago, now it's an epidemic. However, places in Germany still have the...
  8. BXpress

    Who still wears a suit to work?

    lol forget about CM. I'd be happy if people started dressing better in any way. Or sometimes they just need to be told to their faces, in front of other people. Maybe then they would be shamed into putting on ...shoes
  9. BXpress

    Who still wears a suit to work?

    There are too many people in Berlin who think they should be entitled to wear whatever they want, when ever they want, no matter the occasion. To them, the slightest form of criticism of their sloppy ways makes you a snob-fascist. No where else have i seen that attitude more prevalent. Just...
  10. BXpress

    Who still wears a suit to work?

    The Stigma from the 90s. Buying a white car meant you're too poor for metallic colours.
  11. BXpress

    Who still wears a suit to work?

    These people made me hate all light blue ties.
  12. BXpress

    Who still wears a suit to work?

    I can confirm this. I live in Berlin since 92 and most people over here dress like they put on whatever they grabbed first from their closet...in the dark. People don't seem to have any style whatsoever, let alone CM. I think i once saw two young guys in well fitting odd jackets and non matching...
  13. BXpress

    Cesare Attolini Appreciation Thread

    Another Attolini tie for a great price. Recently i really started appreciating Jacquard.
  14. BXpress

    Need help, name of the tie "knot"

    I love how this is a picture on what not to do...lol
  15. BXpress

    Black Dress Shirts

    Ha, nowadays you can look different by just wearing a tie. Not with a black shirt of course, because it is the bane of all ties. See, there is not only white and light blue. Grey is also a great shirt colour for some variety, light green, pink, candy stripes, bengal stripes, checks, the list...
  16. BXpress

    Ideal male figure for Clothes

    I don't think they are anything special or daring nowadays. I mainly dislike them because with many people, i see it as a weak attempt to make oneself look "badass". I understand that for some people it's a true passion though and some can be very original and artful. A woman once asked me if...
  17. BXpress

    The Official Thrift / Discount Store Bragging Thread Part III (Sept. 2018--)

    Just came back from the flea market and found some nice double sided , 835 Silver cufflinks for 18 Euros. I gave her 20 and she gave me a collar bar for free. Unfortunately she didn't have the second pair of the Snap cuff links, but she gave me one for free and told me to come back next week...
  18. BXpress

    Who still wears a suit to work?

    If i understand your comment right then you are mistaken. We are the non-conformists in 2019.
  19. BXpress

    Who still wears a suit to work?

    That seems to be international. I was at the gym recently. Afterwards i talked to the owner. We were chatting about hobbies and all that. I showed him some pictures and he was totally amazed and as far as i could tell kinda shocked that i wear ties... i showed pictures of me in suits. Another...
  20. BXpress

    Who still wears a suit to work?

    How about Cardigan-shirt-tie combo? Tbh I wouldn't even wear that to my own work place. But to be fair, i work in production for a well known German car brand (brake disc department) so that means i wear work/safety clothes anyway. So my outfits go as far as home to locker room and back...

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