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  1. Zegnamtl

    Battle of the Wallets

    Brand?? LV In Taiga, no visible VL crap all over it. Very well made.
  2. Zegnamtl

    Battle of the Wallets

    If it does not fit in here, I don't need it! I got tired of carrying way too much. Driver's permit, health card, corp Amex, personal CC, 2 debit cards (1 personal, one biz), business cards. A little spare room to add on a specific need basis.
  3. Zegnamtl

    Ok, I give up: Why is Kiton so expensive?

    Kiton still looks 100x better than most of what I see on WAYWN (fuck my eyes, I looked today for awhile) including many of the things from some of the superstars, bespoke or otherwise. +2 Slam them all you want guys, they found a perfect niche spot, they are doing it way better than anyone...
  4. Zegnamtl

    Recent Sartorialist Looks

    I've never seen a woman that attractive riding a bike. Come to Montreal, you see it every 5 minutes! But do it quick, the snow is coming and you won't see it again til next spring.
  5. Zegnamtl

    Going to Barcelona - recommendations?

    In a couple of weeks I'll be going to Barcelona for a few days. I've read through some of the Barcelona threads here, but would like to hear if anyone have up to date suggestions for shopping, eating and museums. Does someone here have experience with any of these: 'Top 10 restaurants in...
  6. Zegnamtl

    HOF: What Are You Wearing Right Now - Part II

    ..........Over the weekend: & Singapore Airline hostesses Nice!
  7. Zegnamtl

    Why don't people at SF like Hugo Boss?

    I would meet with clients wearing a loincloth before I wear Hugo Boss. Do you work in the garment trade? How many of your clients would even notice the difference? Don't get me wrong, I am not a fan, but.......
  8. Zegnamtl

    HOF: What Are You Wearing Right Now - Part II

    My wife has been on a four year campaign to get me to run for office. Several problems, though: 1. What does a state senator do? .......... - B Well, in the great white north, elected officials (senators are appointed for life in exchange for favors rendered, only MPs actually have to campaign)...
  9. Zegnamtl

    Why don't people at SF like Hugo Boss?

    Congrats, good buy at that price. Fact is, if the cut suits you well, they look good, the fabric is most often pretty shitty but dressed up well and looks good for its expected life span. At 335 bucks, who cares if you have to throw a shoulder strap over it while you hurry through the airport...
  10. Zegnamtl

    Gentleman, I present to you, the $125 pair of socks

    Unfortunately, they only had one left. I would have brought more if I could, I've never had a pair of 100% cashmere socks before. Good score! they are great socks, very comfortable......while they last! (I have some cashmere socks, they lasted more than 7 wearings, you weren't lucky).
  11. Zegnamtl

    EG at Sky

    FYI: ~~~~~~~ Hi Friends, We are having an Edward Green Trunk Show May 28-29, 2010, Friday and Saturday. One pair of Edward Green Shoes will be given away by raffle; your choice of a ready to ware pair. One entry per customer. You must be present to enter. Refreshments will be served. If you...
  12. Zegnamtl

    Can I wear a linen suit to a summer wedding's evening reception dinner?

    The first question is: where is the reception being held? You may find the answer to your question there.
  13. Zegnamtl

    Edward Green Trunk Shows...

    Hillary is on the road now, she was in Montreal at Uomo last Wednesday. I would think she has already been through NYC and DC by now.
  14. Zegnamtl

    Has Borrelli lowered his quality this season?

    ...... I heard that Mr. Borrelli got into a spot of trouble with the law. ..... Shocking!! That has never happened in Naples before!!
  15. Zegnamtl

    Arnold Brant Silverstone Named President of Samuelsohn

    ouch, this does not feel right at all!
  16. Zegnamtl

    "Touch-up" ironing -- yes, no, maybe?

    If you can't get a steamer, some clip hangers and hang the pants from the cuff over night, many of the wrinkles/creases will work themselves out. Less so with cotton, but works great on wool and reasonably well on linen.
  17. Zegnamtl

    HOF: What Are You Wearing Right Now - Part II

    ..... Very nice Doc.
  18. Zegnamtl

    HOF: What Are You Wearing Right Now - Part II

    ..... Very nice!
  19. Zegnamtl

    To Canadian Forumites - Any new spending plans this Fall?

    Dollar hit par today. Humm....Edward Green from Sky Valet are looking good right about now!
  20. Zegnamtl

    Single Vent Flaring Out

    Post a picture with the suit one showing the area in question.

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