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  1. MikeF

    Uniqlo B-002 in raw / dark wash?

    I am trying to figure out if Uniqlo still sells its "regular bootcut" jeans (the B-002 cut) in raw denim or a dark wash. They certainly did a few years ago, as evidenced by this thread: http://mynudies.com/showthread.php?5...B-002-day-one. However, all the Uniqlo website has now in the B-002 cut...
  2. MikeF

    thefashionspot.com invitation

    I need an invitation for thefashionspot.com. Yes, I know it's a women's site, and I also know that many of you read/post there. If you can invite me, would you please PM me?
  3. MikeF

    When do you retire your shirts?

    I have a number of dress shirts that are fraying at the collar points and at the corners of my cuffs. It doesn't bother me, but my wife has noticed. How much fraying will you tolerate before taking a shirt out of rotation? Am I crazy for wearing shirts with fraying edges everywhere?
  4. MikeF

    Navy suits with light blue shirts

    Navy suits with light blue shirts - is this combination too blue or too boring? Discuss.
  5. MikeF

    FS: Paul Smith, Armani, Zileri, Ungaro ties

    I have five ties for sale. None have tags, but they are all new - I have never worn them. All are nice. Armani Collezioni tie (striped), 70% silk / 30% wool - 3 1/2" at widest point - $35 including shipping within Canada and the U.S Armani Collezioni tie (pattern), 100% silk - 3 1/2" at widest...
  6. MikeF

    FS: seven-fold Barba tie

    I have a seven-fold Barba tie for sale. It has no tags, but it's new - I've never worn it. There's no fabric tag, but I'm almost certain it's 100% silk. It's 3.5" at its widest point. It's a very nice tie, but I have too darn many. New price: $45, including shipping within the U.S. and Canada...
  7. MikeF

    FS: Sartoriale sport coat, EU size 48/US size 38, wool/cashmere

    I purchased this Sartoriale sport coat from another SF member. It is a fall/winter weight blend of wool and cashmere. The workmanship is top notch: it is fully canvassed, with working buttonholes on the cuffs. It is in superb condition - effectively new. I am only selling it because I have too...
  8. MikeF

    Tailor in Hanoi - any recommendations?

    I am looking for a recommendation for a tailor in Hanoi. I do not plan to have a suit made (although I would consider doing so if I received a strong recommendation) - only pants and perhaps some shirts. Does anyone have a recommendation?
  9. MikeF

    Huge Borrelli bargain waiting for size 38 shopper in Boston

    I almost pulled the trigger on this one, but didn't. There is a NWT cashmere Borrelli sportcoat at Filene's Basement on Boylston in Boston available for just under $420 after promotional discounts. The regular price, according to the tag, is about $3,800. I would describe the fabric as a gold...
  10. MikeF

    Issue with new W.W. Chan suit

    I received my first ever W.W. Chan suit in the mail this week. It fits very well. The workmanship is excellent. It was made to exactly the specifications I requested. There is one issue. There is a small - perhaps 1.5" long - run in the VBC fabric. The run is at the edge of one of the rear...
  11. MikeF

    Timing of WW Chan delivery

    W.W. Chan just charged my credit card for a suit I ordered in mid-March and which they promised delivery of by early June. How far in advance of delivery does W.W. Chan typically charge one's credit card? - i.e., can I expect my suit before early June?
  12. MikeF

    Corneliani Linea Sartoria suit, size 40R

    I'd like to sell a Corneliani Linea Sartoria suit that no longer fits me. It's dark grey - see the photos - and size 40R. The jacket is 3 buttons, half-rolled to 2, with no vents. The pants are double-pleated with 1 3/8" cuffs. I wore the suit perhaps 10 times before I lost so much weight that...
  13. MikeF

    Red shirt

    Through inadvertence, I ordered a cherry red french cuff shirt with a cutaway collar. It looks as odd as it sounds. Any suggestions as to how I might get away with wearing it? I was thinking unbuttoned, with a charcoal suit.
  14. MikeF

    I want to buy my wife a watch

    I'd like to buy my wife a solid yellow gold wristwatch with a leather strap, in a tank style. I am not keen on quartz - I was thinking a vintage manual wind model. Does anyone know where I would have the most luck looking for this sort of thing? Most of the watches on eBay don't fit the bill...
  15. MikeF

    Enrico Isaia navy sport coat/blazer - EU size 50, US size 40R - Super 150s

    I have a gorgeous Enrico Isaia navy sport coat/blazer for sale in EU size 50 (roughly US size 40), drop 8. It is a double vented model with 3 buttons rolled to 2. It is made of incredible Super 150s (!) wool with a beautiful drape. There is tons of hand finishing. The sleeve buttonholes are...
  16. MikeF

    Tailor in Ottawa

    I need recommendations for a tailor in Ottawa. I don't need anything dramatic done - I'm just having a suit I purchased from LA Guy altered. Anyone?
  17. MikeF

    Wanted: Paper Denim & Cloth GTO-cut jeans, sz 31

    I'm looking for PDC GTO-cut jeans in size 31. If you have them, or have access to them, please send me a private message.
  18. MikeF

    Shoe covers

    I'm going to be spending some time this winter in snowy, slushy cities. I would like to keep my dress shoes protected. While I know some of you wouldn't dream of wearing Edward Greens in the rain, let alone the snow, I take the view that shoes are meant to be worn, no matter the weather. Has...
  19. MikeF

    Odd fit of pdc jeans

    An interesting thing happened to me this weekend: I bought my wife a pair of clearance-priced Paper Denim & Cloth jeans in size 28. (She normally takes a 27, but I figured that 28 was good enough for the price.) The style is 2-MOD RIGID; it's a totally dark, unwashed denim with bright yellow...
  20. MikeF

    Pricing/maker of zegna shoes

    Today, while grabbing a latte next door from work, I spotted a rather dapper-looking fellow wearing some nice black, matte finish, very low-profile leather cap-toe laceups. I admired them for a bit as I've been looking for cap-toes that aren't ridiculously stodgy - or expensive - for some time...

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