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  1. Harrydog

    Ace Marks Shoes

    Hi All, Any experience or advice with this product. Ace Marks Shoes The sizing guide on line is giving bizarre results - pegging me at a US 11/ UK 10.5 when I pretty consistently wear a US 10.5. (I'll leave for a different thread the totally illogical full size/half size dilemma in the US to...
  2. Harrydog

    Isaia sample sale

    Hi all, Does anyone know when the June Isaia sample sale is taking place. As I recall, they tend to do a December and June sale. Thanks in advance,
  3. Harrydog

    Alara Shirt Fit Question

    Hey all, I like the collar aesthetic on the Alara shirts, but the measurements they post are bizarre. A size 16 Classic fit lists a chest of 40" and a waist of 34". That can't be the actual shirt measurements. I am thinking they are referencing suit sizes or actual body measurements. My...
  4. Harrydog

    The high end shoe market

    There are a number of shoe enthusiasts here at SF - just peruse the various maker appreciation threads to get a sense of the passion for shoes that some of our members have. I am struck, however, by how narrow the high end market must be here in the US. For example, Skyvalet in DC is running a...
  5. Harrydog

    Edward Green Appreciation: Pictures, Info, and Where to Buy

    I thought it might be nice to run a thread for Edward Green enthusiasts. I am particularly interested in where people go to buy EG shoes. Now, to be sure, there is no doubt a thriving MTO culture, but if you know your size and are just starting to build your collection , RTW is a more...
  6. Harrydog

    Help Sourcing a Picture

    Hey, Co-worker gave me grief today for wearing a black/white PoW suit with dark brown suede single buckle Monkstraps (EG for RLPL). Good look I think. I seem to recall a picture of the Prince of Wales from the 30's similarly attired. Any picture links of a respected source that shows this...
  7. Harrydog

    Russian Calf by C & J

    Just got these in special order from C & J - the Albany made up in Russian Calf. I am very happy with the outcome. Intially, I was a little displeased with the metal eyelets, ( they were put on at C & J's recommendation) but I have come to think that they suit the rustic look of the leather...
  8. Harrydog

    BB Saxxon Wool

    Hey, What's the take on the Saxxon wool? Neat background film at BB on the story behind the Saxxon story. Shhep introduced into Spain by the Moors. The breed was refined by the Spanish monarchy by the 16th century. Some animals were sent as gifts to Habsburgs in Austria and ended up developing...
  9. Harrydog

    Grenson or EG: On going debate with an E-Bay vendor

    Hey, I am having a debate with a vendor over the following item: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...:X:RTQ:US:1123 At one point his description says it is made by Grenson; at another that it is made by Edward Green. I own the shoes and wrote to him that his listing was...
  10. Harrydog

    Zegna and Ferragamo Shoes

    Hey, Does anyone know who makes the Zegna and Ferragamo shoes that are at the 500.00 price point? They are made in Italy and i am curious as to the makers. Thanks
  11. Harrydog

    EG Top Drawer worth the price?

    I am thinking of placing an order for the Shannon in a calf/suede combo, perhaps with the Beaulieu wingtip. Turn around on a regular MTO is 12 weeks. Top Drawer is 9 months The Top Drawer is 50% more expensive. Can some owners of Top Drawer chip in on whether you think the step up is worth...
  12. Harrydog

    Maker for J Press

    Hey, Does anyone know who makes the 1,100 dollar price point suits at J. Press? Any details on construction? Full canvas? Three-quarter canvas? They are in the midst of a 30% off sale. Thanks.
  13. Harrydog

    Isaia Aquaspider

    Hey, Despite a search I didn;t find much in the way of a review of this fabric. Lots of mention; no real assessment of the fabric merits. I know it is supposed to be wrinkle and stain resistant, but how is the hand and the drape. Is it worth getting at Isaia price points (even on sale)? thanks.
  14. Harrydog

    John Lobb Question

    Hi, Anyone know what Lobb Prestige is going for in the London store? I was in the NY store today and the Wroxham, a prestige model, was going for 1,730.00...just crazy! I would think it would be cheaper to order from London.
  15. Harrydog

    Shoe care question

    Hey, What do folks do for shoes with natural sole edges? Brown edge dressing is too dark. Is there a clear edge dressing? If so, I have never seen it. I would like a way to protect and restore the finished look of a natural colored sole edge. Clear varnish perhaps?
  16. Harrydog

    Sizing Question Lobb 8605 Last

    Hey, Am looking at a Lobb on line, 8605 last, and could use some sizing advice. I wear a UK 9.5 in most of my English shoes ( EG - 82/888, C&J 337, Peals etc) Have gone with a UK 9 in Lobb 7000/8000 however - the one 9.5 I have in 7000 has required a tongue pad for a good fit. What should I...
  17. Harrydog

    Working Button Hole Frustration

    I was on the Shop the Finest site looking at some Borrelli suits. Why do they all come with working button holes? Sleeve length is very important and I would imagine most people would need to adjust sleeve length on RTW purchases...I know I have one arm is little longer than the other. Am I...
  18. Harrydog

    Trip to Leffot

    I know this should just get thrown in the shoe porn thread, but I wanted it to highlight Leffot, a real treasure for shoe lovers. I went this past Saturday, empowered by my wife to select a birthday present. Came away with the following. Steven was great to work with. Has a very...
  19. Harrydog

    On Line Discounters

    Hey all, I know of and have used the following on line vendors for NWT discount merchandise. Any I have missed that you have had a good experience with? 1) Sierra Trading Post (all kinds of stuff!) 2) Bluefly 3) Virtual Clothes Horse 4) ehaberdasher 5) Grapevine Hill 6) shop the finest.com...
  20. Harrydog

    Seersucker Debate

    I am a teacher at a private day school in the northeast. We had graduation today. Faculty are expected to be in suits or jacket/slacks and tie. A colleague wore a Haspel seersucker suit, white button down, and a nice Drakes pastel plaid tie. No problem. Footwear? He wore dark brown suede...

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